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Season 6

14 Jan. 2007
Lu investigates the mysterious death of Pollack with Jordan as the prime suspect. To find and save Jordan, Woody, Bug, Nigel and Macy must investigate their way to the truth, combating the law, politicians and each other.
21 Jan. 2007
A special prosecutor appears to audit the department, Jordan skirts the law trying to catch a pedophile, and Woody is horrified when pieces of a woman are found scattered along the highway, and no one seems to care.
28 Jan. 2007
33 Bullets
The death of a young boy at police hands sends the city into chaos after a rushed hearing, and puts someone at risk as various team members go out to gather more evidence or make their way back to the morgue on foot.
11 Feb. 2007
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
A boxer's death within hours of him winning the bout leaves Jordan and Woody scrambling for motive, and Bug's case of a 20 year old skeleton proves difficult both to identify and to work with Lily.
18 Feb. 2007
Mr. Little and Mr. Big
Woody deals with a murdered teenager and a narco cop who has no problem bending rules in his quest for busts, meanwhile Lily and Jordan have a disappearing corpse.
25 Feb. 2007
Night of the Living Dead
In a triple shooting a defense attorney was shot and presumed dead, however he is actually still alive. Macy has to do his autopsy, but keeps putting it off because of their prior relationship. The morgue struggles under Ivers' new restrictions.
7 Mar. 2007
A serial killer using the alias "The Hangman" taunts Nigel on Nigels own blog, and challenges Nigel, and the rest of the team, to find him before he kills again.
14 Mar. 2007
After defying William Ivers and performing an autopsy on an immigrant, a deadly viral outbreak is revealed as the Medical Examiner's team races to find the source of the virus before all of Boston is infected.
21 Mar. 2007
Seven Feet Under
Dr. Switzer is asked to determine the cause of death for a mummy, but the results are surprising; Jordan and Garret work the case of a young girl buried in another's grave; and Jordan begins to have even more neurological difficulties.
28 Mar. 2007
Fall from Grace
Woody and Jordan team up to investigate a pregnant woman's murder and her missing fetus. Dr. Macy gives a tour of the morgue to some juveniles that need to be scared straight.
4 Apr. 2007
Woody and Jordan team up to locate a hijacked school bus that is full of children. Elsewhere, the lifeless body of Santa shows up at the morgue; and Jordan's secret is finally revealed as her peers become concerned for her health.
11 Apr. 2007
Sleeping Beauty
Dr. Macy accompanies Jordan to the hospital where she is to undergo brain surgery. Woody sets out to keep his mind busy by investigating a murder with an eyewitness who is about to testify in court.
18 Apr. 2007
Post Hoc...
Everyone's babysitting Jordan in rotation, but when Bug goes missing it further strains the M.E.'s office and a new detective who just wants to prove his case.
25 Apr. 2007
In Sickness & in Health
Jordan returns to work early and energized, convinced she's a changed person. Kate and Woody work a case where a groom was gunned down at his wedding, and Bug, Jordan and Elliot try to find who killed a good Samaritan. Meanwhile, Bug is still reeling from what happened to him.
3 May 2007
Dead Again
A woman thought dead for ten years shows up only a few hours dead, and Ivers asks for a favor; elsewhere, Lily and Jeffrey's therapist dies in front of them.
9 May 2007
A man who's been poisoned asks Woody and Jordan to find his missing daughter; Kate and Nigel work to solve the mystery of magicians who killed each other.
16 May 2007
The team is stranded in the mountains after their plane crashes.

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