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Pleasant English Romantic Comedy
macnifico10 August 2004
The leading actors (Jack Davenport, whose next picture was "Pirates of the Caribbean") and Neve McIntosh are very good as the "Opposites Attract" couple. Although the plot is formulaic, the charm of the leads make it a very pleasant romantic comedy. She is a Gypsy with a young daughter, he is a snobbish Englishman with a young daughter. They met in a very improbable way, and you can fill in the rest. But even if the formula is adhered to, the beauty of the English (Scottish?) countryside, and the obvious chemistry between the leads lift this charming little picture above the formulas and into its own territory. Highly recommended to the fans of this genre.
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Opposites Attract
Caz196420 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Little known film which as far as i know hasn't been on TV.Im sure this film would be popular if it was more widely known.Jack Davenport plays a property Devoloper called Leon, who has recently lost his wife and is bringing up his young daughter by himself.The film starts off with Leon having to attend a coroners inquest because of the accidental death of one of his workers.Which is where he meets the dead mans widow,a young gypsy woman named Natalie played by Nev Mackintosh.Natalie also has a young daughter.After the inquest verdict he decides to find her so that he can make a compensation settlement with her and he needs her to sign some papers.This isn't easy as his journey is full of chaos and mayhem.He eventually catches up with her and to his astonishment she is not interested in the money,and because he has travelled miles into the countryside he ends up lost,so they end up travelling together so he can get back onto the main roads.The two then come across more unexpected mishaps and find themselves in a spot of bother with the law and all sorts of other problems.Towards the end of the film the circumstances they are in leads them to part,each hoping to be reunited together again.I wont spoil the ending,but this is a must see if you like modern romance films,as it has lots of humour and the two lead characters are both very charming, it also deals with how opposites can attract.Jack Davenport is a very attractive man and is also very funny with it,his not normally a comedy actor but he does do a good job here,it would be nice to see him do more.I don't know how accurate this film is about the Romany Gypsy way of life,but it is interesting anyway.The scenery is beautiful and looks like it could be Wales,although it never says where they are in the film,and with the leading lady being Scottish this may confuse some viewers.But anyway this is a good light comedy and nice to watch for a romantic night in.
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