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Pretty Good
SonicStuart22 June 2004
Totally Spies was a bit like a Charlie's Angels animated series. Except this is with teenage girls. The show Totally Spies features three girlfriends that fight crime and wear the latest fashion. Sam, Clover and Alex (Oldest to youngest in that order), are just trying to fit in as normal teenagers at Beverly high. Until they get turned into secret WOOHP agents! To make their life's any harder, Mandy (school foe), is always on their back never-the-less along with homework and boys! This show was on ABC Family for Season 1 in November 2001 - June 2002 and then after Season 1 was over ABC Family dropped the show and then July 2003, Cartoon Network picked up the show and renewed the show for a Season 2 and some more seasons! This is show is pretty cool and kind of funny.

User Rating: 7/10

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Totally Awesome!
vikka199625 April 2010
I love this show! I remember when I was only 5 or 6 years old when I saw it, and I soooo wanted to be Clover! (the girl in the red w/ blonde hair). Now, Cartoon Network is bringing the show back! I'm totally stoked, even though I'm 14, I STILL enjoy watching this show! I definitely relate to Clover, wanting to shop, making sure my makeup is picture perfect when I go out, etc. It makes me laugh, and that's a good thing. ONE LAST THING; I saw one user called it a "wannabe anime". This show is FAR from that, in fact, they don't even play it in Japan in which Anime completely rules! It's only in the United States and France, it's a French show. I really wish people would use their brain and not open their mouths if they don't know what their talking about. Apparently some people think every cartoon show with peppy girls and long eyelashes is anime. They need a life (;
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OK at first, then you'll see the flaws
sometextmissing18 May 2006
The first time I watched this, I was like "cool! a new show!" then I began seeing the flaws. The plot is almost always the same: bad guy is out for revenge, or out to take over the world. And the show goes like this: 1. They have a school/teen problem, which usually involves Mandy 2. they get woohp-ed 3. they get the mission and gadgets 4. they meet the bad guy, do kung fu stuff, save the day, blah blah blah.. 5. they go back to their teen/school problem. Also some of the show elements are unrealistic. And it's irritating how Clover and Alex care so much about boys! They also talk so superficially. And that freak Mandy with her nose up high and her voice that sounds so nasally!
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Great shoiw for Kids
tazzer8829 January 2002
I love Totally Spies. it's such an awesome show. even though it's aimed towards girls it's a great show for all kids. I consider Totally Spies to be cross between the James Bond movies and Clueless, squished into a half an hour. some people would look at it and think it's an anime but it isn't; it's purely American (though it's made by Marathon, based in France).
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Cute show.
LostSamurai5 November 2001
Even for a "wannabe anime", it's not bad. Almost something of a cross between Men in Black and Clueless, it's basically another show about cute high school age girls in tight outfits saving the world from terrorists and other assorted second rate megalomaniacs. Fans of Sailor Moon (note the similarities between Usagi/Clover), Magic Knight Rayearth, and other shojo anime might enjoy this. Hope Disney will consider keeping this one around when they take over Fox Family Channel within the next few weeks/months.
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Favorite show as a little kid
cookiesncream_9412 July 2010
I love totally spies like no other.

As a kid (I was about 8 or 9 when I watched it), it was my favorite show. It has everything a kid could want-action (doesn't every kid wish they were a spy), adventure, and cool clothes :) I especially liked how the characters changed clothes so often unlike other cartoon where the characters never ever change their clothes.

Some of the negative reviews complain about the annoying voices and superficiality of characters like clover but it's just a cartoon guys. Its meant to be over-the-top and unrealistic. That's what makes the show so enjoyable to watch. I personally think the voice actors, especially of Sam, Clover, and Alex, fit their roles perfectly and add so much fun to the characters.

I also loved loved loved the the three main characters. They're all so different and have their flaws but together they are hilarious and unstoppable.

Kids and tweens will most likely love the combination of pretty crime-fighting spies and high school drama. You don't have cartoons like this anymore.
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friendsforever242916 May 2007
i find this show really amazing and excellent.

It is mainly based on the life of three girlfriends who are spies in WOOHP .

They are suddenly called for missions out of the blue to be more precise , and of course they win.

I love the plot line and the story of this series.

My favorite character...well i can't really say since i think of them are worth my liking. Clover is a wannabe and totally fashionable but what i like most about her is that she is always frank and confident in whatever she says. Then we have Sam who is the savior of all and the modest one who generally comes up with all the plans.

In fact i like her since she is clever , modest and loves green as much as i do.

Alex is so adorable! she is gullible and the type of next door girl person. And last but not the least jerry is a fatherly figure who is always present to help the girls.

Overall this show is great !
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The best cartoon on TV
killerjim45 May 2006
Totally Spies is absolutely the best cartoon I've seen in years. I'm not counting anime, because anime shows are in a league of their own.

The show is about three high school girls who are actually spies for a government organization called WOOHP - The World Orgaization Of Human Protection. Sam is the smart and sexy redhead (and my favorite character), Clover is the conceited and cute blonde and Alex is the airheaded and, uh, elegant brunette (and token African-American). Their boss is Jerry, a bald British guy. Jerry supplies them with girly gadgets, such as compowders/x-powders (compact computers), lipstick lasers, windtunnel 9000 tornado-blast hairdryers and the like. They take on evil toymakers, cookiemakers and various megalomaniacs. At school they contend with a rich, snobby girl named Mandy. Clover and Mandy always fight over boys.

There are many stand-out episodes. I liked "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands", which has some witty dialogue. One boy band member says, "We're just doing the boy band thing to jump start our acting careers." I swear that's a reference to actor Mark Wahlburg, who used to be the lead singer of the boy band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. I'm not a fan of real life boy bands, but I love this episode. Then there's "Alex Quits", in which Alex does quit when she becomes jealous of new spy recruit Britney. The villain is a guy named Willard, who wants to slow down the world to a snail's pace. I love his voice.

Speaking of voices, actress Jennifer Hale voices both Sam and Mandy. She also voiced Jessie in Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures.

There are three DVDs with four episodes each. I wish there were season 1,2 and 3 boxed sets. I love season 4 so far. Now we need a theatrical movie.
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Questionable Message But Certainly Fun!
rasheedthomas-683065 April 2017
I believe girls will be able to relate to this because there are girls who go boy crazy all the time. While this approach is risky and sometimes parents may or may not accept it, I think this cartoon did well in being within the age limits and it's added action is enough to make boys like it too. I'm not going to lie, I had a little crush on Alex when I was growing up! Maybe that's why I kept watching this show. Overall, good cartoon!
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Nothing new or mind-blowing but cute and fun
TheLittleSongbird9 April 2012
I can understand why some may dislike this show, but although it is far from a perfect show I personally like it. Yes there are characters that are shallow and stereotypical especially Mandy and the premise is not the most original of all premises complete with some predictable story lines. But I do like the animation, which is clear and beautiful, the music is catchy, the action moves are cool and the writing is on the whole clever and funny even with the odd cringe-worthy moment. As for the characters, although Mandy especially will annoy people, including me admittedly, Jerry is likable and the villains are suitably devious. The voice work is solid, having vastly improved as the show progressed.

Overall, not the very definition of awesome, but worth watching and while the criticisms are understandable and to an extent I agree with them Totally Spies does deserve a chance. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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The perfect show for those waiting for Toonami to get more GOOD anime!!!
willow_chick8815 May 2002
"Totally Spies" doesn't have a unique premise. Girls in skintight or scantily clad trying to save the world? I've seen it before on "Sailor Moon" and other shows, but considering that none of those shows has any air time anymore I enjoy the shows. The gadgets are really cool(half the time I want them). The criminals are devious enough. The characters are shallow , but fun. All in all the show is a prime show to watch if you're a fan of spy stuff, gadgets, or if you're just waiting for those people at the Toonami office to realize that that Batman show is NOT anime and that not everyone enjoys DBZ! 4 out of 5 for a cartoon. 2 out of 5 compared with the rest of television!
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The absolute best!
jkxdnfvm11 July 2006
Oh my gosh this series is my favorite! Unlike other cartoons where the characters don't change which is gross, they actually change and have good fashion sense for cartoons. At first, it looks stupid. But it's actually really entertaining. If you like girl power, fashion, etc, then I suggests this series. The voices fit very well too. Just watch one and you'll be addicted. I'm not lying. Summary: 3 Beverly hills girls are in a spy organization. Sometimes they're normal teens who battle school, boys, and there nemesis (at school) Mandy. but then they can be spies anytime when needed. the show is packed with healthy humor, good fashion, packed action, and so much more!
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AWESOME Charlie Angels-like show!
ja_kitty_7113 October 2007
I was shocked,surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard on the Internet; I have watched this show, and frankly I find it awesome! To me it is like the live-action series Charlie Angels, another favorite show of mine. Only the girls are teenagers and espionage spies; they could actually see their boss Jerry.

It is very hard to choose which of the three of the spies is my favorite. So I would have to said it would be Alex the youngest out of the three. She is so cute and adorable! and also the type of next door girl person. I also love the anime-like animation - I love anime. So overall this show is awesome!
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Clover and Co. may have beaten Kim Possible to the punch, but their show is SO not the better one.
Victor Field16 February 2003
British fans of "Alias" and/or Jennifer Garner (the two aren't always the same thing) wondering why Channel 4 scheduled it for such a bizarre time - censored and shown first at 5:30 on Saturdays and then at 6:30 on Sundays? I ask you! - can find a possible answer in "Totally Spies!" Also shown terrestrially by Channel 4 (who also had a finger or two in the show itself, according to the credits), both shows are about students who lead a double life as spies; this one is a cartoon and aimed more at younger viewers, but whoever buys in their foreign shows probably saw the premise of "Alias" without bothering to actually watch it, said "Aha! Teen show!" and acted accordingly. Clearly the lesson from the Great Angel Farrago hasn't been learned.

But enough about "Alias," this is about "Totally Spies!" - which actually predates both the former and "Kim Possible," but is pretty dire in comparison to either. The adventures of Clover, Sam and Alex clearly want to have a "Charlie's Angels" (movie version) vibe, but miss by miles because unlike the movie (and indeed KP) they're just too irritating and stupid for words. And it really isn't funny either; it all looks and feels too pre-fab to work. Even the theme song sounds like an Atomic Kitten/Spice Girls reject ("Here we go, here we go, here we go..." should spy cartoons remind you of football chants?).

Jennifer Garner has legs for miles; this show doesn't.
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Totally Spies like Totally sucks (may contain spoilers not really)
SpankMeHard1618 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Okay before I begin I just want to say I hated this series and this review is going to list the reasons why I hate it so much and why it should be banned and burned and why you should avoid it!

First let's start with the stars of our show Sam, Clover and Alex! all of these girls are extremely shallow, superficial and stereotypical.

"After this mission let's all down to the café' and and get low fat soy latte' and pick up some guys" is one of the many dumb phases you'll here in this show. One of the many things you'll notice in this show is the lack of brilliancy in Totally Spies.

The voices are annoying to especially the girls school enemy Mandy the voice is like nails on a chalk boards also the lingo is really really old "Totally" or "What-ev-er" it gets dull fast!

If see the show enough times you'll notice the show is heavily into bondage. Bondage you say? yes in every episode they find some ingenious way to get themselves tied up and left in some peril.

the creators should just make the recurring enemy some leather clad gimp because you'll see it Bondage in every episode! "Oh no, girls I accidentally knocked over something and now they found us I hope they don't tie us up next to some sharp objects well await our peril or forget to take our gadgets."

Seriously you could watch the original Batman and get the same formula. What formula might that be?

Problem----->Get mission------->Meet Villain---->Damsels in Distress--->Escape------->Catch bad guy--->Reloution----->Problem solved-->Credits roll--> A piece of you dies

it's lame and its every episode trust me you should just watch something else like paint dry trust me it's much more fun

The last thing I want to bring up is the holes like: how the girls manage to leave school during the day and go missing for a day or two without anyone being worried or how can you worry about dates or your social schedule in the middle of a dangerous mission or how the hell are these "Terrorists" (if you can them that) manage to get these ridiculous WMDs for really weird and somewhat stupid beliefs

well anyhow later

-Love Yours, TechnoColoredNinja
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Spy pieces
Velaska_official2 April 2017
The enthralling animated cartoon is counted on the children of any age. Spy pieces always interesting in fact. Characters of personages are perfectly neat. Clover is a coquette, likes to walk about shops and dreaming reason by a designer. Sam is a diligent student spending all the time on studies. Alex is a sportswoman, adoring animals. But not looking on distinction of characters, girls like to spend time together, both on tasks and out of them. It is desirable to mark the variety of plots. All very enthralling, intriguing and done with a mind.
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One of the best 90's show around!!
meganphipps18 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVE THIS 90'S TV SHOW. Totally Spies is one of my favourite childhood programmes, you when you get older and then you randomly remember some of those old children programmes you used to watch well this is one of my mine. Every time it came on telly I would always watch it. One of my favourite characters has to be Sam because not only is smart but she also looks amazing and I think she always had the best fight scenes. One of my favourite moments from this TV programme has to be when one of the bad guys had a weapon that turned 21st century clothes into 80's clothes. If you like to watch 90's TV shows if you just like spy related shows then this TV show is just for you.
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Totally Awesome
nowthenbluey13 September 2014
Great! Not many 'major impressions' made. 5 stars ***** Watch it again and again. My favorite character is Sam! Though the picture has bars at the side- the show is a little old it still has a good picture. :)Each episode has an exciting story line two it. I think this show is great because the spies are so over the top as well as this Jerry can be a little over the top!!! :)I wish that they had made more episodes. Better than most other kids TV. Maybe they should produce more episodes! It's always funny when the spies (Sammy, Clover and Alex) are busy after boys. There was one episode when the spies had been given a car, the spies being coordinated around boys and 'hitting the mall'! So thanks 5 stars *****
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Kind of generic, but entertaining indeed!
Animany9424 May 2018
I used to love this show and it still brings back memories, but things change and I wouldn't call this show bad, because it isn't. It's just personal issues.

The setting is something we've seen many times before: young people trying to blend in with the average youngsters and simultaniously maintaining a secret life. They all three have their own personality, but in this case they are all three more or less obsessed with the latest fashion and boys.

Those are my biggest problems, 'cause that kind of superficiality and consumerism personally turn me off, but now I have got that out of my system we'll take a look at what I LIKE about the show.

Well, our three main characters go through relatable teenage girl issues, and that is good to bring those things up. Their chemistry is entertaining and their boss, Jerry, is really cool.

I also like the episode or episodes where their school menace Mandy becomes a part of the team. It was hilarious.

The missions they go on also bring up a lot of entertainment and nice looking locations with lots of humour.

Go check it out. It is worth a watch.
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Totally "Charlie's Angels" for kiddies. SPOILER WARNING!!!
chribren29 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Totally Spies" is a French-American/Canadian Action-Comedy-Cartoon produced by the French company Marathon Production. This anime-influenced cartoon series debuted on TV year 2001.

This series can also be called as a "Charlie Angel's" rip-off mainly aimed to children.

Again I give you a SPOILER WARNING!!! Just to make sure readers don't read some spoilers by accident.

Welcome to Beverly Hills, and meet Sam, Clover and Alex.

These girls might look like just your typical movie-schoolgirls, as much of their everyday life mostly are used on stuff like fashion, boys and getting plagued by their annoying rival Mandy. But in seconds they turn into super spies by getting "woohped" by their boss agent Jerry, the leader of WOOHP, a secret organization for agents and spies. They all get to know some "world problem", and get some spectacular gadgets which look like ordinary things like a pen, bubblegum, mascara, hair dryer, etc. And there they go to investigate this "problem" in any place on the Earth, get eventually caught by either the villain or the henchmen, and get loose in order to stop the villain. And this happens in every single episode, unless there is some part-2-and-3-episodes.


And this series happened to be a worldwide success...

This was one the series I often watched when I had Jetix on my cable-TV, this together with other series like "Pokemon", "Digimon" and "W.I.T.C.H." And then I say as good as too often, as I happened to watch several of the same episodes again and again. And please don't ask my why, but it simply happened when I still waited for new episodes to come up.

However "Totally Spies" seemed to try to mimic the famous anime genre (Japanese animation) by using some of the typical "anime effects", but somehow fails to do it. The girls in the series might look cute, but sometimes get somewhat annoying; Alex tend to say some random joke which isn't funny at once; Clover tend to get too obsessed with fashion and boys sometimes...I can go on in all eternity if I wanted, but I don't think so. Yes, I have watched too much "Totally Spies" for years ago, but decided to drop the fifth season and so on, because I have better things to watch than this.

If anybody is interested, season 6 have already debuted in France and Netherlands summer 2013. So I think the fans of this series can have something to look forward to. ;-)
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