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Season 1

22 Apr. 2001
The Doorbell Rang
A eccentric millionairess believes she is being followed, bugged, and generally harassed by the FBI and offers Wolfe $100,000 to get them off her back.
6 May 2001
Champagne for One: Part 1
When Archie stands in for an acquaintance at a charity dance for unwed mothers, one of the mothers-to-be suddenly collapses and dies on the dance floor, an apparent suicide.
6 May 2001
Champagne for One: Part 2
Archie stands in for a friend at a charity dance for unwed mothers and a mother-to-be dies on the dance floor in an apparent suicide.
13 May 2001
Prisoner's Base: Part 1
A beautiful heiress attempts to seek refuge in Nero Wolfe's house without revealing her identity or reasons for hiding. When she is turned away and found murdered shortly thereafter, Archie Goodwin takes off on his own to find the killer.
20 May 2001
Prisoner's Base: Part 2
Moved by Archie Goodwin's zeal in trying to find the killer of heiress Priscilla Eads, Nero Wolfe takes on Archie as a client to aid him in his quest. Tension mounts when another woman who knew the heiress is found murdered.
3 Jun. 2001
Eeny, Meeny, Murder, Moe
When fastidious Nero Wolfe abandons a stained tie after eating his lunch in his study, it is used to strangle a prospective client shortly thereafter.
17 Jun. 2001
Disguise for Murder
During a flower exhibition at Wolfe's brownstone, a tipsy young woman who confides to Archie that she's recognized a murderer at the show is murdered on premises shortly thereafter.
24 Jun. 2001
Door to Death
In desperate need of a gardener for his beloved plant room, Wolfe undertakes a rare car trip to Westchester to recruit an orchidist and finds a body in the greenhouse.
1 Jul. 2001
Christmas Party
Nero Wolfe is stunned when Archie Goodwin reveals evidence of his impending engagement. However, Archie is no less shocked when accompanying his so-called fiancée to a Christmas party by the murder of their host.
8 Jul. 2001
Over My Dead Body: Part 1
A woman from Montenegro claims that Wolfe's long-lost adopted daughter is in New York, and is accused of theft at a prestigious fencing club. Her troubles increase when a club member is found stabbed to death and she is the prime suspect.
15 Jul. 2001
Over My Dead Body: Part 2
As Wolfe tries to unravel the mystery of a young woman who could be his long-lost adopted daughter, she draws him and Archie Goodwin further and further into a web of deceit, political intrigue and murder.

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