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Season 1

1 Oct. 2001
The Shock of the New (Pilot)
A mutant empath on the run from mysterious government agents is rescued by a team of fellow "New Mutants" - the group known as Mutant X.
8 Oct. 2001
I Scream the Body Electric
Brennan is captured and falls under Eckhart's control, and forced to work against the New Mutants.
15 Oct. 2001
Russian Roulette
Mutant X comes to the aid of a teenager New Mutant pursued by Russians - she holds the secret to a new weapon that targets mutants.
22 Oct. 2001
Fool for Love
Shalimar becomes close to another feral when it's "lust at first sight," but matters become complicated when her new boyfriend tries to find a cure for his condition.
29 Oct. 2001
A New Mutant is kidnapped from his family and Mutant X set out to recover him and find out what Eckhart's interest in him is.
10 Nov. 2001
Meaning of Death
When a plague that only affects mutants is raging. Adam and Eckhart agree to work together to find a cure. And helping Adam is a mutant who is impervious to harm who thinks of it more as a curse rather than a blessing.
12 Nov. 2001
Lit Fuse
Eckhart seeks a mutant who can absorb energy, one who Brennan becomes romantically involved with.
24 Nov. 2001
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Jesse falls in love with a computer hacker, who Eckhart wants to "procure" to use to corrupt the public computer news channels against New Mutants and to the GSA's benefit.
26 Nov. 2001
Crime of the New Century
A boy who's developing new mutant abilities has been kidnapped. The team tries to find him, for his mother. They later learn she was the one who had her son kidnapped. She said it was too protect him from his father. Shortly after they bring him back, his father takes him and brings him to Eckhart.
14 Jan. 2002
Dark Star Rising
The team encounters some people trying to break into a Genomex lab and discover that they're ferals. They learn that they're military and that they're entire unit was experimented on which led to their becoming ferals. And most of them died. They're now going after who did this to them.
21 Jan. 2002
Whiter Shade of Pale
A New Mutant with the power of invisibility is working against both Eckhart and Adam, despite the fact she was involved with Adam in the past.
28 Jan. 2002
Double Vision
An old friend of Brennan's lures him and Emma into a trap - Emma ends up split into two separate entities, one good and one evil.
4 Feb. 2002
Blood Ties
Jesse is roped into a deadly undercover mission by his estranged father, who is working against Eckhart.
11 Feb. 2002
Altered Ego
A young New Mutant from Adam's past shows up, seeking revenge for her father's death.
18 Feb. 2002
Lazarus Syndrome
The team encounters a mutant who kills other mutants by draining their energy. And can also come back to life after being killed. He eventually captures Emma.
25 Feb. 2002
Emma reunites with an old friend who possesses telecyber powers. The reunion turns dangerous, however, when Michelle tries to turn Emma over to the GSA.
15 Apr. 2002
Presumed Guilty
Adam is framed for murder by a New Mutant with the ability to steal people's memories.
27 Apr. 2002
Ex Marks the Spot
Shalimar's former boyfriend shows up and is trying to recover a Faberge Egg that holds a microchip of extraordinary power.
4 May 2002
Nothing to Fear
A mutant with telepathic abilities who can make people experience mentally anything he wants manages to get into the minds of Mutant X. Now he is making them experience their worse fears. He is working for Eckhart cause he blames them for his wife's death because that's what Eckhart told him. It isn't long before he also gets Eckhart in his mind web cause he blames him too. But Adam thinks he's, found a way to appease the man.
11 May 2002
Deadly Desire
The team tries to stop Eckhart from acquiring a rare element. But a thief gets it. The woman who has the ability to make men fall in love with her sets her sights on Brennan. She makes him fall for her and he leaves the team to be with her. Adam suspects she has the abilities of a scorpion who in addition to making men fell for her, kills them after she's done with them. Adam has to find a way to break her control over him.
18 May 2002
A Breed Apart
Mutant X encounters a new faction of New Mutants - the Strand, led by the powerful first mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke.
6 Jul. 2002
Dancing on the Razor
Mutant X and Genomex are both captured on film using their powers, and they both have to deal with the reporter who plans to go public with the information.

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