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While not for every taste, this often very funny collegiate gross-out comedy goes a long way toward restoring the luster of the National Lampoon film franchise.
Entertainment Weekly
Studded with Lampoon/John Hughes anachronisms.
The gags on which it rests its laughs have been lifted from every other raucous comedy, campus-oriented or not.
The laugh-out-loud jokery is in short supply, and Reynolds and Reid's kicky charm only goes so far. Bluto Blutarsky, we miss you.
Those 24-and-unders who are looking for their own "Caddyshack" to adopt as a generational signpost may have to keep looking.
Chicago Sun-Times
Laughter for me was such a physical impossibility during National Lampoon's Van Wilder that had I not been pledged to sit through the film, I would have lifted myself up by my bootstraps and fled.
Has to go down as a failed comedy. It's just not enough of a comedy.
Film Threat
Much too aggressively juvenile crass.
Washington Post
The movie is really just an elaborate excuse to show repeated close-ups of an elephantine dog scrotum.
New York Post
This is the sort of low-grade dreck that usually goes straight to video -- with a lousy script, inept direction, pathetic acting, poorly dubbed dialogue and murky cinematography, complete with visible boom mikes.

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