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This is *NOT* a spiderman rip-off! (Spoiler warning)
willywants21 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Before I begin my analysis, I would like to point out this is not a spiderman rip-off as it was released before spiderman trailers even came to the screen.That said, on with the review:

PLOT:A shy, obsessive comic book fan gets injected with an experimental serum of a lab that is studying how to give humans the abilities of spiders. At first he develops minor abilities such as increased strength, which allows him to fight local criminals and bullies, thus living out his dream of being a superhero, and impressing his attractive next-door neighbor. Things start to get more odd when he is able to shoot webs out of his abdomen. Then he loses control over the force with which he applies his increasingly deadly abilities, as well as his judgment to discern between criminals and jokesters. His dream becomes a nightmare when he starts growing large spider body parts, he's in constant pain, and he develops a nearly insatiable hunger. A detective with a traumatized wife begins investigating when bodies covered in cobwebs and spider venom start piling up.

DIRECTING: 7.5/10- The directing and editing for this type of film are top-notch. The production values and cinematography are top of the line and create a almost dream-like world. It's nothing super-stylish, but it is still fits the bill nicely.

WRITING: 5.5/10- The script comes across okay, but there are still a few cheesy lines here and there and the characters aren't all that realistic......

ACTING: 6/10- Dan Ackroyd comes across best, all the other cast members are fine and Devon Gummersall who plays Quenton is good as the ever mutating spider-monster.

GORE: 6/10- This film isn't gore driven, but it has some nice moments here and there. Victims get there blood drained, leaving mummy-like bodies, a guy gets flung across a hall and has his neck snapped, and more. The gore isn't graphic, and squeamish or faint of heart viewers won't have to turn away too much.

MONSTERS: We get the "Quentin arachnid" in many forms. He starts out like a deformed person i.e. the elephant man, and rapidly becomes a "Predator"-like monster with spider legs, etc. it's a damn cool monster, as cool as I could ask for from a made-for-cable film.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: 8.5/10- Special effects mastero Stan Winston delivers terrific creature effects and one but-ugly monster! Great work on the final stage of the transformation, too.

SOUNDTRACK:5/10- We get some groovy Jazz tunes, but nothing memorable.

FINAL VERDICT: "Earth vs. the spider" is a fun monster film/above average made-for-cable flick. Decent acting, solid production values, great monster, fun movie. I really enjoyed it and theres a funny in-joke at the very end.

My rating for "Earth vs. the spiders"--7/10.
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Spidey gone completely wrong
lucifer_198124 April 2004
I should say i caught this little piece of gem the other day on tv and this tv movie was quite impressive.To begin with we have this kid who loses his job as a security officer at a research lab as he screws up a bust up by a bunch of crooks .To top it the kid injects himself with some potion say xxx which has something to do with spiders .So this kid will he become a super hero or some thing very sinister? thats for u to watch mucho. And well we have Dan akroyd as the investigating officer,and he gives a good performance.The movie builds upon the premise which we all dreamt when we were kids "to be a super hero with that special powers in order to save the world, save the girl and save the day". Quite a little neat movie i give it 4 otta 5.Have a good day.
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echoes of greatness...
joshlemli23 June 2005
This may not be the best film ever, but the writing and direction manages to be fresh around every bend. You'd expect lots of dumb noise-swell scares, cheesy one-liners, etc, but you'll find none of that here. Good old fashioned horror is alive and well here, and although this movie isn't the most involved or beautiful film you'll ever see, give it a chance.

The direction and cinematography is surprisingly good, and the transformation of the spider is done just right -- you don't see too much too soon, but just enough to keep it creepy and interesting. I really can't say enough about how this film avoided the pitfalls into which most big-budget movies stumble. Horror movies in particular, having made a big comeback in the last few years, suffer from cheap jump-out-at-you thrills, poor plot, and weak plot twists. This movie keeps it good and simple.

My favorite part is that you can sympathize with all the characters, which is especially awesome with the "villian." Oh, and the spider looks FRIKKIN AWESOME. But just as a forewarning, the ending is a little disappointing.
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Jason Kolman27 December 2001
What is the fetish with movies like this? Is gaining a super-power always a pre-cursor to becoming evil? Maybe that's why I liked Darkman so much. With the abilities that Peyton got, he used them for good, even if it was in a vigilante way. I really wanted to enjoy this movie, and was encouraged by the fact that initially, Quentin used his powers for good.

Of course, it took all of 45 minutes for him to go bad and go on a killing spree. Did somebody think that was original? Aside from the fact that it was a blatant knock off of Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly" remake, though much less gory.

The acting was of the "not bad" variety, but Dan Aykroyd is wasted in a role that tries to have depth, but fails (chalk it up to comic book writing? I dunno).

I did get a huge kick out of the store owner using the Hasbro "Darth Maul Lightsaber" (of which I have on right next to me here) as his last line of defense. A total hoot! Classic!

I would be remiss if I didn't say the movie does a decent make-up. Pretty creepy.

Sadly, the ending falls flat and comes way to abruptly, and is also cliche, and confusing to boot. Did he want to kill her, or not? I leave that for you to decide.

** out of four.
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The Arachnid Avenger!
Elliott Patrick30 October 2001
As a fan of superhero comics, hard-boiled pulp stories and old school monster movies, this film was a lot of fun. Yes, there are immediate comparisons to David Cronenberg's remake of "The Fly," but I think there are a lot of other cool influences here as well. The movie has an interesting "retro" feel. The thugs are like 50's era baddies, the female lead always looks like she's dolled up to go swing dancing and the music has a kinda hep-cat jazz flavor. And it works. The main character "Quentin" is in that mold of hero/villains, like Sam Raimi's "Darkman." You like seeing him get even, but then it starts to go too far and he just can't help himself. The way he learns and deals with his transformations is also really well done. Another solid entry in the Creature Features film series. There's even a cool homage to the original "Earth vs. The Spider." See if you can spot it.
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A comic book brought to life!
peanuts mom23 October 2001
This movie was everything I hoped it would be! The director and writers created a wonderful comic book feel that made this movie all the more enjoyable. Devon G. did an excellent job as Quinten - we felt every emotion he felt. His character was well written. We understood his struggle as he tried to accomplish his dream of being a hero and how that dream slowly destroyed him. I loved the comic book store owner as well. There were some great scenes that took place there. I thought this was a well put together movie - the writing, casting, directing, music and of course - THE SPIDER!
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Lame 2/10
The_Wood20 January 2002
Wow, this movie is just awful. First off, the spider isn't really vs. the world, the spider goes against Dan Aykroyd (giving a lazy performance). Secondly, the film has lousy special effects, and even worse voice acting.

The disappointing thing is, the film actually had me hooked for the first little bit. I like the concept of a man who thinks he is going to become a super hero, but ultimately ends up becoming a super villain. It's just too bad the villain is lame, and the hero is....well Dan Aykroyd.

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Not a remake of the 1958 cult classic.
Sylvester16 May 2003
For some reason film reviewers have created and now perpetuate the myth that this is a remake of the 1958 Bert Gordon film. Apart from the title, the Arkoff connection and the odd "in" reference (the leading character's surname is Kemmer - see cast list for the 1958 film), this dreadful tv movie has nothing whatsoever to do with the cult classic original. A cross between "Spiderman" and "The Fly", this uninspired and boring time-waster has a weak script, poor sets and a barely adequate cast. The make-up is reasonable but, despite the gap of nearly half a century, the special effects are nowhere near as good as those of the 1958 version - and Bert Gordon's films were not known for their lavish special effects budgets. Don't fail to miss it!
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You`ve Got To Admire The Cheek
Theo Robertson29 June 2003
A geek gets bitten by a modified spider and develops superhuman powers . Hey wasn`t there a recent blockbuster based on the same premise ? Yes there was and you can`t help thinking that the producers of EARTH VS THE SPIDER are going out of their way to deconstruct everything flawed about Peter Parker . " People like nice guys " says Stephanie the hot chick neighbour of anti -hero Quentin , no they don`t Stephanie and being a nurse you should know this better than anyone . People - Especially hot chick nurses - like anti-heroes , they like people who clean up the streets of sex offenders and other slime , I mean crime is at an all time high and what`s Peter Parker doing about it ? He`s chasing after a man in a green costume ! He`s far to concerned about his cholesterol levels and newspaper deadlines to care about Joe Public

As you can guess EARTH VS THE SPIDER owes more to Stan Lee than it does to the B movie that shares its name . Of course it has none of the massive budget of the recent Sam Raimi blockbuster , in fact the production values of this film are rather weak with cobwebs that look like used chewing gum and mixed standards of make up , but for entertainment value I probably enjoyed this more than the not too dissimilar THE FLY

I didn`t like THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED , but I liked EARTH VS THE SPIDER and I loved SHE CREATURE and I hope someone makes a few more " Creature Features "
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It was pretty good...
Lando_Hass3 June 2002
Earth vs. the Spider was a pretty good film that gives the audience what they want.This film delivers good acting,very good make-up effects,and a well though out plot.There is a flaw that Earth vs. the Spider suffers from,and that flaw is that the special effects arent really all that great,and that the movie seemed to short.I really think that the make-up effects were terrific,and that the acting could have been better,but the movie is still great considering that it was made for TV only.I would recommend renting it before buying it,because this movie may not be appealing to some people.8 out of 10.
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You can't always have what you want.
Michael O'Keefe29 June 2004
Small-budget and lame. Quentin Kemmer(Devon Gummersall)plays a wimpy comic book fanatic who works as a security guard at a biotech lab doing research with giving humans the natural traits of spiders. At home Quentin would dream of being like his comic book hero The Arachnid Avenger and concern himself with wanting to ask out Stephanie(Amelia Heinle) his neighbor living in the apartment next door. After the lab is broken into, Quentin decides to inject himself with experimental spider serum. That way he may take on newfound powers and impress Stephanie enough to notice him. He finds himself foiling a store robbery and even fighting off Stephanie's muggers. And even solving a crime for an impotent cop(Dan Aykroyd). But all is not going that good...the once mild mannered nerd is becoming more and more spider-like and less human. Also in the cast are: Theresa Russell, Christopher Cousins and John Cho.
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Where's the Earth? Where's the Spider?
pksky123 December 2006
We've seen a lot of good movies from Dan Akroyd. One might hope that if he made a bad one, you would be able to spot it. It is usually easy to spot bad movies, but only because the plots are easy to spot. But unfortunately in this movie, they are advertising things that don't even exist in the movie. There is no giant spider and the planet is in no way involved with the thing we do get.

I happen to recall that there was a giant spider movie somewhere recently that was also pretty bad, but had some nice special effects. This movie also cites special effects as something to look for, but we don't get any until the last 15 minutes or so and they are nothing special. The latest King Kong was no great story, but the special effects were truly benchmark stuff, absolutely awesome.

The movie makers are generally pretty careful about listing the ingredients on their films, but not this time.
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A Surprisingly Good B-Movie, With a Transformation of a Man into a Spider, Which Slightly Recalls "The Fly"
Claudio Carvalho24 February 2005
Quentin Kemmer (Devon Gummersall) is a shy and coward security guard and a passionate collector of comic books, who lives in a junkie building and has a crush on his next-door neighbor, the nurse Stephanie Lewis (Amelia Heinle). However, he is too shy to declare his love for or invite her for a date. He works in a laboratory, which is studying and trying to develop a secret genetic weapon using the power and skills of the spiders. When the laboratory is robbed and his partner and great friend is killed with other persons by the criminals, Quentin feels under pressure with the situation and decides to inject himself the experimental vaccine. In the beginning, his strength and abilities increase and he feels like an arachnid superhero from his magazines. However, a couple of days later, he begins to transform himself into a giant spider-man hybrid, capable of throwing webs through his abdomen, developing claws in his mouth and prevailing the instincts and a non-stop hunger of the spiders over his will. Meanwhile, Quentin eliminates many persons, and Detective Jack Grillo (Dan Aykroyd) investigates the series of mysterious deaths in the neighborhood. "Spider Vs. Earth" is a surprisingly good B-movie that recalls the horror and sci-fi stories of the 50's. The plot is good, with the exception of the unnecessary participation of Theresa Russell, in the role of an adultery and drunken wife. The slow transformation of Quentin into a spider slightly recalls the dramatic situation of "The Fly". My true and honest opinion is that the IMDb User Rating is totally unfair with this film. I bought the VHS and I do not regret. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Maldição da Aranha" ("The Curse of the Spider")
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Horrificly poor
pikabot12 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Me and my friend rented this movie in hopes that it would provide an hour's entertainment. And from the premise, this movie could have been good. Emphasis on could have been.

Basic premise: Comic-book geek, working as a night-shift security guard at some sort of biotech lab sees his partner gunned down in front of him and impulsively injects himself with super-spider juice. he comes down with a fever, and when he recovers, he's got superpowers! yay, right? Wrong. his transformation into a spider continues progressing, and his behavior becomes more and more bestial. he considers himself a threat to everyone around him, and eventually winds up killing people. I don't know how it ended because I turned it off about 3/4 of the way into it.

Frankly, it's amazing we lasted that long. We survived mostly by making fun of it relentlessly, but is really not much fun with this film as it lacks the outright ridiculousness of similarly poor movies such as Boa Vs. Python.

The camera-work is poor, the acting is terrible, and the plot such a clichéd mess that even the old Captain America cartoons have trouble competing in terms of sheer lameness.

if MST3K were still around, I'm sure they could make this comedic genius. Me, I just don't have the patience to sit through it.
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Aykroyd is great in this film!
Movie Nuttball3 August 2005
Earth vs. the Spider is a good film that has a good cast which includes Dan Aykroyd, Devon Gummersall, Amelia Heinle, Theresa Russell, Christopher Cousins, Mario Roccuzzo, John Cho, Randall Huber, Zia Harris, Lloyd Lowe Jr., Michael Keenan, Ted Rooney, Dan Martin, and and Rob Hill. The acting by all of these actors is very good. Aylroyd is really excellent in this film. I thought that he performed good. The thrills is really good and some of it is surprising. The movie is filmed very good. The music is good. The film is quite interesting and the movie really keeps you going until the end. This is a very good and thrilling film. If you like Dan Aykroyd, Devon Gummersall, Amelia Heinle, Theresa Russell, Christopher Cousins, Mario Roccuzzo, John Cho, Randall Huber, Zia Harris, the rest of the cast in the film, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Action, Dramas, and interesting films then I strongly recommend you to see this film today!
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The Fly meets Spiderman
Livewire24217 June 2005
In the genre of b-rate, made-for-TV, monster movies, this is as good as they come. The dialog and directing are surprisingly good. There is a definite David Lynch influence as Quentin begins his transformation, but it's all so flawlessly executed that the whole thing is quite enjoyable to watch.

Dan Aykroyd and Theresa Russell added star power to the credits, but only Aykroyd's presence really benefited the film. Though still looking 35, Theresa Russell turned in what was probably her worst performance to date.

One of the last films produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff before his death. He was responsible for bringing us some really great (if somewhat cheesy) horror and action titles in the 1970s: the Dr. Phibes and Slaughter movies, Futureworld, the original version of The Amityville Horror, and the 1977 remake of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Anyone who enjoyed those old movies should certainly get a kick out of this one.
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Weird and wild B-flick gaining cult status?
rixrex8 August 2004
I had to outbid several bidders on e-bay to get the VHS of this, as it seems to be getting a cult following or something. So it came and I watched, and it was completely interesting and never had a boring moment. It's kind of a low-rent SPIDERMAN, without the generally positive outlook of Spidey, kind of what might happen should the spider abilities include a hideous transformation and thirst for live prey. There are some suspicious coincidences between the 2 flicks. This one's dated 2001, and Spiderman is 2002, but who knows what the buzz was around Hollywood prior to the releases. So in this one, remake of the 50's version in title only, we have a hero/villain combination with pathos, and Dan Ackroyd in a good bit as a character actor, something he's been doing well since Driving Miss Daisy, as he's gotten too heavy to be a leading man any longer. If you like B-flicks, this is worth the time and you won't be disappointed. It's typical B-flick build and has the slow reveal of the hideous man/spider monster, which is well worth the wait, in the usual grand Stan Winston fashion (or his assistants perhaps). If you cannot stand B-flicks of this genre, then don't bother, you'll hate it and be mad at yourself for spending the time.
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Not too badly done, but still a bit amateurish
smokehill retrievers19 October 2001
This film can't avoid looking like a cheap knockoff of the trwo recent "Fly" movies, but insectoid creatures almost have to have a lot of similarities, so I tried not to hold that against this movie. I thought the acting all the way around was pretty poor, but perhaps the comic-book superhero genre demands this treatment since it's some pretty primitive literature, by and large. The writing was pretty reminiscent of comic books, so maybe this will play well to the pre-adolescent and early adolescent crowd. I wouldn't watch it again. I just can't see giving this much more than a 5, in all honesty. I try real hard to like anything with Dan Aykroyd in it, but this was a tough, tough sell.
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More like Dan Aykroyd vs. an ugly kid in a spider suit
Phillemos17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. Where to begin. First of all, when you call your movie "Earth vs. the Spider," you set people up for a giant spider stomp-a-thon. This movie is nothing of the sort. I don't see any evidence that people in New Zealand or Bolivia are shaking in their shoes because some goofy kid is on a homicidal rampage after injecting himself with spider serum. I don't even see anyone else in the city panicking. The movie is also painfully slow. I had already just about fallen asleep watching "Shapeshifter" with my friends, but at least that movie had a hot lead actress. This movie has a fat Dan Aykroyd playing a police detective investigating the spider-boy's trail of killings (including a serial killer Aykroyd hadn't been able to catch). I wavered on whether Aykroyd worked in this role, because it's a little different than his usual performance. Overall I thought he wasn't bad, but if he wants to play an active police detective in future movies he definitely needs to hit the gym. But the movie is just too slow for my taste, and the misleading title kind of ruins it for me. I think a 2 is even a little generous for this flick.
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homage to the Fly and Spider-man
voidasunder17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i saw this on the sci-fi channel and it was a decent little movie. its basically what if the movies Spider-man and the Fly had a baby, and the baby grows up to be the Punisher. its also a warning to all the comic book fan boys out there not to inject themselves with irradiated spider juice. it never works out like you hope.

our main character is a shy, geek, boy who works at a low level security job for a bio-genetic research company. he likes a girl, but is too shy to ask her out, he reads comic books, and he wishes to be a super hero. he gets his chance, but things don't turn out like he planned. at heart he still want to be a hero and you can see that even when hes at his worst.

the story moves along nicely, even though it get s a little predictable. its fun to just watch how the story unfolds. it does remind one of the 1950s sci-fi horror movies, but with acting that isn't as over the top.
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WHAT IF...the legendary Samuel Z. Arkoff wanted to release a low-budget rip-off of "Spider-Man The Movie" six months before the latter?
Carycomic13 February 2006
You'd have this movie. It's about a security guard named Quentin who's an avid comic-book fan (which makes me empathize with him, so far). And, one night, masked gunmen (presumably eco-terrorists) raid the genetic research company where he works. His partner, Nick is struggling with one of them, after hitting the silent alarm. And when Quentin tries to help him, he is restrained by one of the so-called "real cops" who respond. As a result, Nick is killed, along with the cop's partner.

Quentin is ridiculed for letting that happen, and fired for being "negligent" in his duties (he was patrolling a different part of the building when the raid occurred). That's when he remembers that the shot-up lab is where they were injecting some mysterious red chemical into what look like pygmy tarantulas.

As his favorite comic book hero is the Arachnid Avenger (a thinly-disguised version of Marvel's Spidey, during his six-armed phase), he becomes a vigilante. The first enemy he defeats? A serial killer called the Mid-town Murderer, who makes the fatal mistake of targeting Stephanie, Quentin's pretty pre-med neighbor.

Enter "Detective Grillo," played--with very surprising realism--by Dan Akroyd. The Mid-town Murders were his case, and having someone else kill the perpetrator does not improve his current unpopularity among his fellow cops. Or, his unfaithful wife (played by Theresa Russell). Unfortunately, as Quentin's mutations increase, so does his appetite. And, he begins FEEDING on his (still less-than-sympathetic) targets!!!

*This includes Mrs. Grillo's lover, Officer Williams. The same policeman who accused Quentin of not being a real cop. I could be wrong. But, it looked as if he was fondling that webbed-up Goth girl, while supposedly untangling her.*

Unfortunately, after such a slow build-up, the show-down between Det. Grillo and Quentin is a little too rushed for my taste. We don't get shown if Grillo and his wife reconcile (assuming she merely fainted, instead of dying of fright, at the first sight of fully-mutated Quentin). Nor, do we see if Stephanie and Thor (Quentin's pet beagle) stay at, or move away from, the apartment building.

All we see is a ceramic model of Arachnoid Quentin exhibited by his Amerasian friend, the comic-book dealer (supposedly as a tribute). And, as if that anti-climax weren't bad enough, there's the misleading title itself. THIS IS NOT A REMAKE OF THE B/W 1958 MOVIE!

In fact, the only connection between the two is a TV clip of the latter. So, for those two reasons, I only give this a four-out-of-ten, rather than a halfway-decent five.
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"If you f*ck with him I promise he will hardcore f*ck with you." Cheap remake in name only.
Paul Andrews20 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Earth vs. the Spider is set in New York where nice guy Quentin Gemmer (Devon Gummersall) works as a security guard in a science research lab called 'Biochemco', he is an avid comic book reader his favourite strip being the 'Arachnid Avenger' & he has a huge crush on one of his neighbours a student nurse named Stephanie Lewis (Amelia Heinle), I think I would too to be honest. One night while at work some masked men break in & in an ensuing gunfight his partner Nick (Mario Roccuzzo) is shot dead, at the same time he is accidentally injected with an experimental serum... Quentin starts to change, he starts to think he has superpowers like his comic book hero & after he manages to kill the notorious 'Midtown Murderer' (Randall Huber) & discovers he can shoot spider webs from a hole in his chest he is convinced of it (as you would). But Quentin soon begins to realise that his new found powers come at a high price as he continues to change & mutate beyond all recognition as he soon discovers he has other more unwanted spider characteristics, Detective Inspector Jack Grillo (Dan Aykroyd) is in charge of cleaning the mess Quentin leaves behind...

Directed by Scott Ziehl Earth vs. the Spider was the first of five made for TV films produced by 'Creature Features' & isn't that impressive. The only connection this film shares with the original Earth vs the Spider (1958) is it's title. The script by Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman, Max Enscoe & Annie de Young can easily be split into to distinct sections. The first half of Earth vs. the Spider is basically a low-rent low-budget Spider-Man (2002), although I'm fully aware this was made before the Hollywood blockbuster it's just the two share remarkable similarities like shooting spider webs from bodily parts, superhuman powers, crime fighting after suffering an injustice, having a crush on a good looking bird but not being able to do anything about it because of what's happening to him & trying to keep his powers a secret &, of course, all the comic book references throughout. Then Earth vs. the Spider changes films to plagiarise & has a go at The Fly (1986), which was definitely made before this, as Quentin starts to transform & mutate into an insect & developing it's unwanted characteristics, again it bears striking similarities like the tragic relationship between himself & Stephanie which predictably ends in tears, unfortunately director Ziehl isn't a Cronenberg & you just don't care for the character's or what's happening to them, the only thing that really kept me watching Earth vs. the Spider was to see what Quentin would look like as a human spider mutant thing. I can't believe four people worked on the screenplay as it's rather disjointed, somewhat slow & predictable.

Director Ziehl doesn't really add much to the film in the way he shoots things, there's no real style or imagination about it & is pretty forgettable overall. The film has a strange feel as some of the props used indicate a 40's or 50's period film like the old fashioned camera & Quentin's ancient looking TV set while the cars, clothes & scientific equipment would lead one to believe it's set in modern times, maybe Ziehl couldn't make his mind up. There isn't really any blood or gore to speak of although the special make-up effects on the spider creature are fairly impressive.

Technically Earth vs. the Spider is bland & forgettable as most of these made-for-TV films are, having said that it's still well made with decent production values, music & photography. The acting is OK but nothing spectacular, Heinle is a very nice looking young lady & Aykroyd just looks embarrassed.

I will stop short of call Earth vs. the Spider a bad film but at the same time I can't call it a particularly good one either as it steals it's best ideas from other much better films, as I was watching this I got the feeling I'd seen it before. The sort of film that can pass an hour and a half painlessly enough but you will probably have forgotten about it within a week, average at best. In my humble opinion Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature (2001) is by far the best 'Creature Feature' so track that down instead.
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I'm confused
rps-220 November 2002
It's hard to rate this film because I don't know what it's supposed to be: a horror picture, a comedy, a comedy-horror, a sci-fi flick, a sci-fi spoof or maybe just a bad movie. It's entertaining enough with decent effects. If these guys are being serious, it's a dreadful movie. If they're trying for a satire of drive in pictures, it's not bad. Is Dan Ackroyd doing good cop schtik or bad serious acting? Really is a dog's (a spider's?) breakfast.
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