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Forget "Millionaire"
TheShadow229 December 2001
If you love the way "Millionaire" is played on ABC, you will forget all about it after watching "Weakest Link."

Weakest Link first aired on NBC in mid 2000, it's in it's second season. It stars Anne Robinson (voted the meanest host on television by BBC)

The game starts with 8 players. The first round is 2 and a half minutes and decreases 10 seconds each round after. The objective is to get 8 questions CORRECTLY AND IN A ROW to get your $125,000. You can bank earlier if you want (but money value is much less if you bank too early)

At the end of the round the real fun begins. You vote off the person you "think" is the Weakest Link. Once votes are revealed, Anne insults the players. It's so funny, you'll laugh with the audiance in the background!

"Link" is on Sunday and Monday nights on NBC and Friday nights on the PAX network.
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Not my idea of fun
DHD999 June 2001
Well, I can understand why this show is so popular. I confess I've gotten exasperated with stupid game-show contestants myself. But I just don't feel that insulting, belittling, and demoralizing people is funny. I also don't like the way this show glorifies society's approval of the practice.

Still, lately, it's becoming more apparent that Ms. Robinson is doing it with tongue in cheek.
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The Biggest Threat!!!
Joy_Ride_7429 November 2004
The name of this game should be called 'The Biggest Threat' because that's who they seem to vote off once it comes down to the final 3-4 people. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled out in rage because the dummies gang up on the smart person to vote them off. Part of the fun is the voting, but it's really not fair to someone who is considered the STRONGEST LINK to be kicked off. I think they should have set it up where they follow the statistics rather then have the contestants be dishonest and greedy. Also, it's nerve wrecking when the idiots reach $25,000 to $50,000 and don't say the word BANK!!! They also had way too many celebrities playing for charity. I saw more celebrities than I did regular, everyday people. Ann Robinson was a tremendous hostess, and I often wondered if some of her brash comments (said in a joking fashion) were really sincere.
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Better than the UK version
djamesc19 February 2002
Being a Brit I had the 'pleasure' of watching this before the americans... expect it was rubbish. It was more a pensioners thing, it was awful, dull and boring with the meek british contestents (polite you could say) just taking it and it was rubbish.

the american version is being shown here now and it is hilarious! They fight back and Anne is obviously having the time of her life. Even though I notice that the American version has a team of about 12 writers makig up her nasty comments. but who cares? It is made even more exciting by the 1 million pounds prize money, here it is a measley ten grand.

I must say though the previous person got it wrong on how it works. Through the rounds there is a possible 750 thousand up for grabs (125 thousand per round) and the final round whatever they win they get double therefore making up a potential win of 1 million.

This is a show that works best with americans. Enjoy
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Great Show
klofin16 December 2003
I have to say that this show is much better than Inquisition was, and the payout is much better. Anne is wonderful as the hostess, and her sharp tongue keeps contestants on their toes. I like the format of the show in that you never know what type of question is going to be asked. Greed was a show that tried to capitalize on Weakest Link's success, but just didn't have the powerful MC that makes Link the hit it is today.
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Best game show ever!
homer28926 November 2001
In my opinion "The Weakest Link" is one of the best and meanest game shows ever. The game goes like this, the show starts off with 8 contestants. Round by round one person gets voted off as the weakest link. After the voting procedure Anne Robinson makes rude comments about how dumb the people are. If you don't like the questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire then you won't like the Weakest Link.
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Best Game Show Ever Made
dvdtrb1 April 2009
The Weakest Link, In My Opinion, is the best game show on TV and ever made. I wish the United States would do another remake of the show. With Anne Robinson As the Host of course. I always wanted to be a contestant on the show. I really hope there is another remake made. It's an awesome show. It's on GSN every Saturday, The Anne Robinson Version. I wish GSN would show the Anne Robinson version more than once a week. Unlike The George Gray version which is on every weekday. I wish it could have had a longer run when it was still airing on NBC. I have the old number where you would call to be a contestant. It's probably been disconnected for a long time now. George Gray is a good host of The Weakest Link but will never be as good as Anne Robinson. In voting I hate it and it pisses me off when a person gets voted off because of their appearance, occupation or age and not because of their performance. Like I remember seeing an episode, the contestant was a very good player and the Strongest Link, got his questions right and banked a lot of money but he was voted off and off first because he was a lawyer, Like one of the contestant's she asked why she voted for him and she said Because he's a lawyer and I'm an artist, Another person she asked said, Oh I hate lawyers. Another episode I saw was a college student episode, Saw it years ago, The contestant was a strong player and the Strongest Link, got her questions right but she got voted off because of the shirt she was wearing which had a Butterfly on it. Another episode I saw The contestant was The Strongest Link, he got his questions right but he was voted off by another contestant because she said she was getting kinda weirded Don't remember very well what she said, standing next to a dead president, Because earlier he said he looked like Abe Lincoln, Which he kinda did. He got 3 votes. Still a good show. I also hate it when the not so strong players gang up and vote off the strong player because they're afraid of going up against the strong player, Like I read in an earlier comment. It's different from most game shows. Now it's getting taken off May 30th, 2009. That Stinks.
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Unmissable! But the highlight of it has got to be none other than Anne Robinson!
chrisbishop500022 December 2006
I think of "The Weakest Link" as not just any quiz-show, but a quiz-show that is different, innovative, appealing, dramatic, outrageously funny, a-quiz-program-not-suitable-for-children, exciting and the sort of presenter who you wouldn't want to be friends with, who ALWAYS speaks her minds, who humiliates anyone who might be unattractive, too fat, too tall, too short, having a deep voice (for a woman) or a high voice (for a man), the how they dress, what they do as a job, whether they are boring, stupid, unintelligent, whether they are gay - the Queen of Mean, Anne Robinson. I know she's cruel and abusive and critical and rather a man-eater but I just love her! She has me laughing like mental every time I see her on this show or on a Saturday night interview e.t.c and the Special 1000th Screening of "The Weakest Link", which was televised on BBC 2 five days ago, on Monday, and that was definitely something you can't afford to miss and if you missed it you were missing out! It's a pity but that's life, I suppose! My god was it a good episode and here are the top high points: 1. At the start, there was an enormous birthday for "The Weakest Link" and guess who popped out of it... it was Anne Robinson!!! Amazing comedy! 2. Basil Brush appeared in it 3. When Anne asked Basil a question he didn't understand it so he said "I didn't hear you properly" to which she replied, "well LISTEN properly!" and she repeated Basil's question. Then Basil said, "I thought I heard a banging noise, then-" "Don't interrupt!" snapped Anne. 4. Basil dropped his board (for voting off) in fright every time Anne Robinson spoke to him. 5. Basil couldn't talk properly declaring who he wanted out of the game because, having such tiny hands, he held the board with his mouth. 6. Anne Robinson making fun of Miss Evans' deep voice (no offence, Miss Evans) 7. The episode's conclusion when our little darling Anne Robinson was interviewed during the end credits looking somewhat intimidated rather than proud and ruthless saying things like "I don't like being nasty but it's in my contract. They said, 'we can always get Brucie'", "There nine of them and one of me and I just feel so lonely." - absolutely hilarious, well done Anne!

See! She's not just cruel! She's a truckload of comedy! Not that she's the size of one! In height, she's a mini 5 foot 1! Furthermore, her figure is bite-sized! She's such a little lady but has a BIG personality and it improves her former seriousness! But her rudeness, I'm sure, will NEVER go away! And if it did, it wouldn't be like the Anne Robinson we know and love! I know it's good to be nice, but it can be so tedious and overly sentimental on television sometimes. I hope that if ever, by any chance, in the future, Anne chooses to quit "The Weakest Link" then the show should go as well. It was be mental trauma for me to not see Anne there - it's HER show, nobody else's! But I don't think she will want to quit for at least ten years or so, because this QUIZ SHOW rather than a chat show, gives her the chance to be as mean, as offensive, as pitiless as she wants - I bet it's paradise for her. This may sound a little too soft on the Queen of Mean but I think she has a right to have this opportunity to let her speech and behaviour come naturally. She's incredibly lucky! There are things about people I hate and their looks, voice, the way they do things but I am not allowed to say what I think or I get told off badly. However, even her cruelties and verbal abuse are overwhelmingly funny. Her sense of humour is simply marvellous! You go, Anne!
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Sorry folks, but this show sucks.
dootuss5 October 2002
I know that most of the people who commented on this version of "The Weakest Link" think it's a great game show, but I disagree. I think the version sucks, and there's one good reason for it...

Anne Robinson!! That's why this version sucks. She's insulting to the contestants, and frankly, she isn't funny at all. She bores me to death on this version. It's just painful to watch. If you're like me, watch the 30 minute version with George Gray (which is a million time BETTER!!!)

This version sucks, and I hate it.
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Strongest Link goes to Robinson.
OllieSuave-00713 February 2017
This is an intense game show that tests the knowledge of a group of contestants, while also testing their survival skills as the land man, or woman, standing is able to win any money at the end of the contest. It's a nail-biting battle as the contestants vote each other off until the final two face off against each other at the end of the program.

As with a number of game or reality shows, there is always one or two contestants that comes off as arrogant or cocky, and you will love to see them voted off the show. That is unfortunately seen quite a bit in this series, which takes away the pleasure from the fun. But, what makes up for it is hostess Anne Robinson's downright brutal remarks, sarcastic dialog and witty comebacks. She is definitely the strongest link and highlight of the show.

It's a good program where you could gain some trivia knowledge from the questions asked and be entertained by one of the brutally honest and sarcastically funny game show host.

Grade A-
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This Show Was Atrocious.
blackarachnia214 December 2004
I must admit that this show was one of my more shameful sources of pleasure. Seeing people being humiliated by a little British "lady" but even I wouldn't go on this show. Who thinks of bringing these British shows to the US and Canadian airwaves? The host builds herself on humiliating people and then she wonders why she gets canceled after only a year. Yelling at people, calling them names, and then telling them that they are the weakest link.

I can only say this. Anyone who can stand Ann's voice or has the cajoles to go on this show I wish them all the best. But be aware that the host is a bitch.
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Fun game show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh14 July 2006
First off, I must say that this is a fun game show. Also, I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. However, I do know the show very well. Every time I've watched it, I had a lot of fun playing along and watch. This made me long to be a contestant. The thing I liked most about it are the questions. Despite the fact that I don't know that many answers, I still have fun playing along. I hope the Game Show Network keeps it on so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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The special was fantastic!
zandra9878 June 2002
I mean HHH looked so great and he was funny. He won too! Bigshow was funny-while he lasted. The show was great and I can't wait to see the next Special.

Weakest Link is the best-especially when WWE superstars get involved!
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