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The first "Adult" T.V. soap.
BlackJack_B29 June 2001
This program is a big cult favorite of mine, along with The Robyn Bird show; programs that are darn near impossible to find anywhere, and wish I could have tapes of. Still I have memories of this program.

LF&PC was the first soap opera I ever saw that had scenes of nudity, simulated sex, and profanity. This was an early pioneer of the Cable industry, I have no clue what network had this show. They showed it uncut on regular T.V. in the mid-80's.

Unlike most soaps which go on and on for years, this one had a run of 44 one-hour shows all set up. It was very much like any soap opera, but with the adult content. The only person I can verify in the cast is Alexandra Amini, who was in "T And T" with Mr. T. Otherwise, I have no clue who else was in the cast, but it was a very attractive one nonetheless. I'd like to know who played "George" who played the "token lunatic" character.

I would love to see this series again, for the first time I was more interested in seeing the "skin" (I was a 14 year-old boy). This time I'd like to see it for the story. I hope that I can talk to The Prime Network in Canada and ask if they'd consider airing it.
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A fondly remembered obscure series
David Edward Martin29 May 2004
I used to watch this on scrambled channel 44, "ON-TV" in Chicago Illinois. ON-TV had a block called "Adults Only" around midnight when they would run a couple soft core flicks and erotic shorts. But first they ran an episode of "Loving Fiends and Perfect Couples." So I'd watch it for the skin and eventually I got hooked on the plots.

I was really drawn in by the plot involving "David" the architect. He had recently lost his job and was living with his wife and another woman. And he was trying to get both women together in a menage a troi. Well, at the time I had recently lost my job and I was living with my wife and another woman and trying to get both of them together in a menage a troi.... Throw in the fact I was a former Architecture major and you might be able to see why I was so fascinated with the plotline. It seemed like a glamourized simulation of my life!

I recall Mimi Kuzyk's character was David's ex-wife. Now remarried, she was trying to inject some eroticism into their sex life by role playing. I still remember her in a skimpy French maid's outfit....and then NOT in a skimpy French maid's outfit....
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