A Walk to Remember (2002) Poster

Al Thompson: Eric



  • Eric : Talk to me man.

    Landon : About what?

    Eric : About you, about Jamie.

    Landon : What's there to talk about? She's the best person I've ever known.

  • Eric : It's all good cause were gonna get club Landon and Club Eric jumping up in here. Oh, what do we got here ?

    [Landon turns the CD player on] 

    Eric : Whoa, okay, okay, so your not really feeling my hip-hop, but what the hell is this?

    Landon : Jamie lent it to me.

    Eric : Now she's got you listening to her people music?

    Landon : Okay... her people?

    Eric : Yeah. Her... uh, bible-hugging, crucifix-wearing, honk-if-you-love-Jesus-people.

    Landon : She's not like that.

  • Jamie : [Speaking to someone else]  This is a star frame and it will help you locate stars and planets with your naked eye. Mercury and Jupiter can be seen just over the west south west of the horizon after sunset.

    Dean : Bet you can see angels up there flying around.

    Jamie : In fact, there are some things that they call miraculous. Einstein said the more he studied the universe, the more he believed in a higher power.

    Dean : Well, if there is a higher power, then why is it he can't get you a new sweater?

    [His friends laugh] 

    Jamie : He's too busy looking for your brain.

    Eric : Ohhhhh, dayaaaaam!


  • Eric : Well, you know you got Belinda thinking that little lip action between you and Jamie was real.

    [landon looks nervous while he still works] 

    Eric : Whats with you, man? It's like you don't even have time for your real friends anymore.

    Landon : I dont know man, I'm just tired of doing the same old shit everyday.

    Eric : This girl is changing you and you don't even know it.

    Landon : Hah. Did Belinda say that too?

    Eric : No, I did.

  • Eric : [reading lines passionately for Landon]  Nothing's coincidence, baby. You know you're the only one who can make me sing.

    [jokingly pretending to hump Mrs. Garber] 

    Eric : Oh yeah Miss Garber, oh, you gonna put Eric in all your plays!

    [as Miss Garber] 

    Eric : Oh Eric, I'm gonna put you in all my plays!

  • Eric : Hey man, tell them maybe do, like, West Side Story, you know, get that nice big booty lookin' girl from Selena, ya know, "Maria, Maria!"

  • Eric : It is true; I've seen the man bust a move and it just ain't pretty.

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