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eerie and brief film from the master of the avant garde
framptonhollis30 December 2016
As I make my way through some of Brakhage's work, it seems that many filmmakers of the modern era must have been influenced in some way, in particular, the acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky. I'm not going to state this possible inspiration as a fact, but merely as a connection (although, based on the type of filmmaker he is, I do believe that Aronofsky must have at least heard of one of Brakhage's films). Only a few days ago, I watched "Requiem for a Dream" for the first time, and some of the cinematic techniques and camera movements towards the intense ending the film were strikingly similar to those used in this very short. As somebody who know loves that film, it is possible that I came up with this comparison simply because it has remained drifting in my mind due to its emotionally intense nature, but it is also very possible that this theory is legitimate.

Now, onto my actual review...

There genuinely isn't all too much to say about this film, despite it being very interesting. The images are very ghost like and their movements get faster and faster as the film goes on. I've noticed a definite pattern in these Stan Brakhage movies, the images always get more intense-and it always provokes a surprising amount of emotion despite the film containing no plot, characters, or story whatsoever.
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Different is not always good Warning: Spoilers
"Two: Creeley/McClure" is a 3-minute short film that American filmmaker Stan Brakhage made over 50 years ago. If you take a look at it and know a bit about his usual approach to filmmaking and style, you will quickly realize that he was trying something different here. This one is a lot more about light and darkness, about light effects especially, so you could see the master experiment. But I personally still found the outcome underwhelming. I am generally not a big fan of his, but this little movie here shows me that he also attempted to deliver in new areas and stayed unsuccessfully. The story (if there was one?) stayed totally obscure. I have to give it a thumbs down and recommend you to watch something else instead.
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