Rock in Reykjavik (1982) Poster

Full Cast & Crew

Directed by 

Friðrik Þór Friðriksson


Hilmar Örn Agnarsson Hilmar Örn Agnarsson
Júlíus Agnarsson Júlíus Agnarsson
Eyþór Arnaldsson Eyþór Arnaldsson
Sigtryggur Baldursson Sigtryggur Baldursson
Heimir Barðason Heimir Barðason
Einar Örn Benediktsson Einar Örn Benediktsson
Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson ... (as Bergsteinn Björgólfsson)
Hörður Bragason Hörður Bragason
Ásgeir Bragason Ásgeir Bragason
Kristján Edelstein Kristján Edelstein
Gunnar Ellertsson Gunnar Ellertsson
Friðrik Erlingsson Friðrik Erlingsson
Rúnar Erlingsson Rúnar Erlingsson
Jón Arnar Freysson Jón Arnar Freysson
Þór Freysson Þór Freysson
Helgi Friðþjónsson Helgi Friðþjónsson
Berglind G. Garðarsdóttir Berglind G. Garðarsdóttir
Kormákur Geirharðsson Kormákur Geirharðsson
Magnus Gudmundsson Magnus Gudmundsson
Pálmi Gunnarsson Pálmi Gunnarsson
Óðinn Guðbrandsson Óðinn Guðbrandsson
Stefán K. Guðjónsson Stefán K. Guðjónsson
Valgeir Guðjónsson Valgeir Guðjónsson
Þorleifur Guðjónsson Þorleifur Guðjónsson
Ragnhildur Gísladóttir Ragnhildur Gísladóttir
Björgvin Franz Gíslason Björgvin Franz Gíslason
Þorvar Hafsteinsson Þorvar Hafsteinsson
Elínborg Halldórsdóttir Elínborg Halldórsdóttir
Herdís Hallvarðsdóttir Herdís Hallvarðsdóttir
Eiríkur Hauksson Eiríkur Hauksson
Árni Henriksen Árni Henriksen
Pétur Hjaltested Pétur Hjaltested
Örn Hjálmarsson Örn Hjálmarsson
Linda Björk Hreiðarsdóttir Linda Björk Hreiðarsdóttir
Tryggvi J. Hubner Tryggvi J. Hubner
Sigurður Ingólfsson Sigurður Ingólfsson
Eyjólfur Jóhannsson Eyjólfur Jóhannsson
Ásgeir Jónsson Ásgeir Jónsson
Davíð Karlsson Davíð Karlsson
Kristján E. Karlsson Kristján E. Karlsson
Sigurður Karlsson Sigurður Karlsson
Halldór Kristinsson Halldór Kristinsson
Pétur Kristjánsson Pétur Kristjánsson
Árni Kristjánsson Árni Kristjánsson
Þórarinn Kristjánsson Þórarinn Kristjánsson
Thorsteinn Magnusson Thorsteinn Magnusson
Jakob Magnússon Jakob Magnússon
Birgir Mogensen Birgir Mogensen
Bergþór Morthens Bergþór Morthens
Bubbi Morthens Bubbi Morthens ... (as Ásbjörn Morthens)
Daniel Pollock Daniel Pollock
Michael D. Pollock Michael D. Pollock
Inga Rún Pálmadóttir Inga Rún Pálmadóttir
Jóhann Ridar Jóhann Ridar
Björn Roth Björn Roth
Nikulás Róbertsson Nikulás Róbertsson
Oddur F. Sigurbjarnarson Oddur F. Sigurbjarnarson
Baldvin H. Sigurðsson Baldvin H. Sigurðsson
Gunnþór Sigurðsson Gunnþór Sigurðsson
Ragnar Sigurðsson Ragnar Sigurðsson
Ámundi Sigurðsson Ámundi Sigurðsson
Magnús Stefánsson Magnús Stefánsson
Steinþór Stefánsson Steinþór Stefánsson
Ómar Stefánsson Ómar Stefánsson
Kristinn Steingrímsson Kristinn Steingrímsson
Sævar Sverrisson Sævar Sverrisson
Tryggvi Þór Tryggvason Tryggvi Þór Tryggvason
Tómas Tómasson Tómas Tómasson
Jónbjörn Valgeirsson Jónbjörn Valgeirsson
Jóhann Vilhjálmsson Jóhann Vilhjálmsson
Sigurður Ágústsson Sigurður Ágústsson
Þórður Árnason Þórður Árnason
Finnborgi Ásgeirsson Finnborgi Ásgeirsson
Bragi Ólafsson Bragi Ólafsson
Egill Ólafsson
Jón Ólafsson Jón Ólafsson
Ásgeir Óskarsson Ásgeir Óskarsson
Guðlaugur Óttarsson Guðlaugur Óttarsson
Bjarni Þórir Þórðarsson Bjarni Þórir Þórðarsson ... Himself

Cinematography by 

Ari Kristinsson ... main cinematographer

Film Editing by 

Peter Auspin
Richard Crowe
Sigurður Grímsson
Steinunn Harðardóttir
Ari Kristinsson
Kristín Pálsdóttir
Sigurður Snæberg
Sigurður Jón Ólafsson

Production Management 

Þorgeir Gunnarsson ... production manager

Sound Department 

Jón Karl Helgason ... sound

Visual Effects by 

Eggert Baldvinsson ... digital restoration: film to DCP
Jón Már Gunnarsson ... digital restoration: film to DCP

Camera and Electrical Department 

Peter Auspin ... additional cinematographer
Ágúst Bjarnason ... assistant cinematographer
Richard Crowe ... additional cinematographer
Friðrik Þór Friðriksson ... additional cinematographer
Sigurður Grímsson ... additional cinematographer
Jón Karl Helgason ... additional cinematographer
Árni Páll Jóhannsson ... additional cinematographer / still photographer
Baldur Hrafnkell Jónsson ... additional cinematographer
Ari Kristinsson ... lighting technician
Magnus Magnusson ... additional cinematographer
Marta Matthíasdóttir ... still photographer
Sigurður Snæberg ... additional cinematographer

Editorial Department 

Steinunn Harðardóttir ... assistant editor

Music Department 

Júlíus Agnarsson ... music recordist
Tómas Tómasson ... music recordist
Þórður Árnason ... music recordist

Other crew 

Helgi Gestsson ... advisor
Tómas Þorvaldsson ... advisor

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