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Season 1

5 Aug. 2001
The New Accelerator
Scientific discovery can be such a rush. Wrapped around the ongoing plot device of interviews with an elderly HG Wells as he recounts fantastical tales he swears are true. Starting with a lab experiment that could revolutionize the world.
5 Aug. 2001
Brownlow's Newspaper
A different sort of time travel tale--What would you do if you knew the future? Would you change that future? Remember Newtons's Third Law and Murphy's.
6 Aug. 2001
The Crystal Egg
A luminous meteorite sparks Wells interest after being brought to his attention by an antiquities dealer and purchased by Ellen using money intended for their night out at the music hall. An investigation brings them to a terrible discovery of its origins and capabilities.
6 Aug. 2001
The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes
After an unauthorized experiment at the college goes awry, young lab assistant Davidson begins seeing visions of a ship at sea and a deserted island. With Jane involved, Wells investigates what went wrong, and another curious case unfolds.
7 Aug. 2001
The Truth About Pyecraft
"The Truth About Pyecraft" focuses on two men: one who wants to lose weight and one who wants to reverse his hair loss. They take their angst to a magic shop where they're given potions to fix their esteem and repair their vanity. In "The Stolen Bacillus," a terrorist steals a flask of bacillus and pours it into the city reservoir.
7 Aug. 2001
The Stolen Bacillus
Professor Gibberne fears the worst when a potentially deadly bacillus is stolen from his lab. Wells and Jane investigate, but how is their new house guest involved?

 Season 1 

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