Mulan II (Video 2004) Poster

(2004 Video)

Ming-Na Wen: Mulan



  • Mushu : It seems like only last month, you and me were fightin' off the Huns and saving China!

    Fa Mulan : It WAS last month.

  • Fa Mulan : What is it with men and asking directions?

    Captain Li Shang : What is it with women and maps?

  • Captain Li Shang : [rubbing the back of his head and peeking his head in Mulan's room]  Mulan? Seems your grandma invited someone to help us celebrate the engagement.

    Fa Mulan : [making a face]  Really?... Who?

    Captain Li Shang : [both looking outside at a whole crowd of people in Mulan's front yard]  China.

    Crowd : Congratulations!

    [cheers and applause] 

  • Captain Li Shang : [to the Emperor]  This mission does not call for force, but finesse. I know just the men.

    Fa Mulan : China's most honored and noble soldiers.

    [Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po tumble clumsily out from the matchmaker's house in the next shot] 

  • Captain Li Shang : [storming over to Mulan]  Mulan!

    Fa Mulan : Why hello, General. Out on night maneuvers?

    Captain Li Shang : General Hardhead?

    [makes a silly yet glaring face] 

    Captain Li Shang : Brushing my teeth?

    Fa Mulan : Is - something wrong?

    Captain Li Shang : [scolding Mulan]  I heard you, Mulan. Every word.

    [covers his mouth] 

    Fa Mulan : Every word of what?

    Captain Li Shang : Don't play coy; I saw you outside my tent!

    Fa Mulan : What? I haven't left my post!

    Captain Li Shang : And I suppose you weren't gossiping about me with the princesses?

    Fa Mulan : Shang, did that dip in the river get you water-logged? And - why are you talking with your hand over your mouth?

    Captain Li Shang : I wouldn't want to peel your PAINT!

    [storms away while Mulan looks on, shocked] 

    Yao : [watching Shang leave]  Changing of the guard.

    Captain Li Shang : And next time, DON'T LEAVE YOUR POST!

    Fa Mulan : Hmph!

    Yao : What's with him?

    Fa Mulan : [growls in frustration] 

    Yao : What's with her? Who'm I talkin' to?

  • Captain Li Shang : [after being asked about having children]  As many as possible!

    Fa Mulan : Oh, maybe one or two!

  • Fa Mulan : [after being asked if their wedding is going to be big]  Absolutely!

    Captain Li Shang : Oh ho, no! Blue!

    Fa Mulan : Pink!

    Captain Li Shang : Mild.

    Fa Mulan : Spicy!

    Captain Li Shang : Yes!

    Fa Mulan : No!

  • Fa Mulan : Mushu! What're you doing here?

    Mushu : Hey, wherever you go, I go, girl!

    Fa Mulan : [laughs] 

  • Fa Mulan : [to Mushu]  You're my most trusted friend!

    [hugs him] 

    Mushu : [starting to cry]  Oh, that did it!

  • Captain Li Shang : Now *this* is a battlefield.

    Fa Mulan : What's our strategy, General?

    Captain Li Shang : Divide and conquer.

    [both laugh] 

  • Fa Mulan : [singing]  Like a cloud, you are soft. Like bamboo, you bend in the wind. Creeping slow, you're at peace because you know... it's okay to be afraid.

  • Fa Mulan : But I have another duty... to my heart.

  • Fa Mulan : Your Majesty, an arranged marriage?

  • Fa Mulan : [singing]  You have begun!

    Children : [singing]  Lesson number lesson number lesson number lesson number le-sson num-ber one!

  • Captain Li Shang : No, I'm the one who should be sorry. A good leader is opened up to new ideas. Forgive me?

    Fa Mulan : [Mulan takes his hand and smiles]  Ah, there's nothing to forgive.

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