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Animal House Star Stephen Furst Dies at 62

Animal House Star Stephen Furst Dies at 62
The Hollywood acting community is in mourning once again after another beloved performer has passed away. Actor Stephen Furst, perhaps best known as playing Flounder in the comedy classic Animal House, has passed away at the age of 62, from complications due to diabetes. Here's what his sons Nathan and Griffith Furst had to say in a statement on the actor's Facebook page.

"Actor and comedian Stephen Furst died on June 16, 2017 due to complications from diabetes. Steve has a long list of earthly accomplishments. He was known to the world as an brilliant and prolific actor and filmmaker, but to his family and many dear friends he was also a beloved husband, father and kind friend whose memory will always be a blessing. To truly honor him, do not cry for the loss of Stephen Furst. But rather, enjoy memories of all the times he made you snicker, laugh, or even snort to your own embarrassment.
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'Impastor' Stars Michael Rosenbaum & Sara Rue Talk 'Smallville,' 'Batman v. Superman' & 'Can't Hardly Wait'

  • TooFab
Lex Luthor had never been to Comic-Con before this year. That's right, Michael Rosenbaum -- who played the Superman villain on "Smallville" from 2001-2011 -- made his first appearance at the geek convention in 2015, almost 15 years after the teen drama premiered on The WB. "Lex Loser," the actor joked when toofab's Brian Particelli caught up with him and costar Sara Rue in San Diego over the weekend, where the two were promoting their new TV Land comedy "Impastor." And with Jesse Eisenberg stepping into Luthor's shoes for the highly-anticipated "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," we had to ask -- is Michael excited to see a new take on his former role? "I’ll always check things out," he said, excitedly. "I don’t hold grudges like ‘Oh, it isn’t me!’ Eisenberg will be great. Why’s it always the Jews with Lex Luthor? Rosenbaum, Eisenberg, what’s going on here?
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Few Make-up & Hair Stylists Feature Award Recipients Win Oscars for Makeup and Hairstyling

By Anjelica Oswald

Managing Editor

Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Guardians of the Galaxy all received awards from the Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild during its awards ceremony Feb. 14. Both Guardians and Grand Budapest are nominated for the Oscar for best makeup and hairstyling (along with Foxcatcher).

Guardians’ Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou was awarded for contemporary makeup and David White won for special makeup effects. Grand Budapest’s Frances Hannon and Julie Dartnell won for best period and/or character makeup, as well as best period and/or character hairstyling. Birdman’s Jerry Popolis and Kat Drazen won for contemporary hairstyling.

Aside from feature films, the Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards also recognizes make-up artists and hair stylists for television and new media, as well as television miniseries and made-for-tv movies. The guild first gave out awards in 2000 and continued through 2004 until they stopped for 10 years. The awards were again given out last year.
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There’s Only One Way We Might Be Interested in the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel

No, I’m not thinking Doubtfire vs. Madea. Technically that would involve a man fighting a woman, as Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire is Robin Williams playing a male character who dresses as an old lady while Mabel “Madea” Simmons is just Tyler Perry playing an old lady. It doesn’t sound like a fair battle. Obviously Madea would kick the fake nanny’s ass. But the synopsis I have in mind is similar for this Mrs. Doubtfire sequel that Fox 2000 has just announced with original director Chris Columbus and Williams both on board. It has to be an Expendables type movie, which means it’s not just Doubtfire 2 but an ensemble piece in which Williams as Daniel Hillard as Doubtfire is joined by Dustin Hoffman as Michael Dorsey as Tootsie, Martin Lawrence as Malcolm Turner as “Big Momma,” David Cross as Tobias Funke as Mrs. Featherbottom, Miguel A. Nunez Jr. as Jamal Jeffries as Juwanna Mann, Harland Williams
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Wamg Goes Back In The Day With Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum and the gang are taking a trip down memory lane in the all new side-splitting comedy Back In The Day and because I like you, you’re coming along for the ride. Recently, I sat down with Michael Rosenbaum, to talk about his experiences tackling his first feature as both the writer and director. Not only that, but he stars in the film as well. Michael is a buddy of mine, but we never talk shop so this was a real treat for me.

Back In The Day is the first feature film written and directed by Rosenbaum. He also stars in the film alongside Morena Baccarin Harland Williams, Sarah Colonna, Nick Swardson and Isaiah Mustafa. The film was acquired by Screen Media Films in early October, and will be making it’s way to theaters on January 17, 2014. Can’t wait that long? Well, you are in luck!
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Wanna Meet Ron Perlman and John Barrowman at Fan Days? Buy Tickets Online Now!

  • ScifiMafia
Coming up in the first weekend of October, the 4th -6th, is the return of Fan Days, presented by Dallas Comic Con! The guest line-up covers the whole gamut of popular sci-fi/fantasy genre, featuring Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, Torchwood and Arrow’s John Barrowman, Harry Potter’s Tom Felton, Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, Defiance’s Grant Bowler and Stephanie Leonidas, Star WarsAnthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Tom Kane, Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber, Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito and Charles Baker, Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum, Green ranger Jason David Frank, comic legend Neal Adams, legendary artist Simon Bisley, horror artist icon Bernie Wrightson, 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles, FaceOff artist Rj Haddy, and so many more!

Make sure you can get in to see your fave stars, artists, and creators and buy your tickets online by Monday, September 30, 2013 to guarantee pre-registration for your admission tickets.
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Five actors who made uglier onscreen women than Adam Sandler

  • IFC
Five actors who made uglier onscreen women than Adam Sandler
I don't think Adam Sandler will take offense if I say he makes a very, very ugly woman in "Jack and Jill." Hell, that's one of the main jokes of the movie -- it's even the joke on the movie's poster -- Sandler doesn't look much like a woman, but nobody in the film seems to notice (one character even finds him attractive, more on that in a moment).

Still, Sandler's not the first dude to look like a lady for laughs, nor is he the ugliest. He's definitely walking in the high-heeled footsteps of some fine (but not necessarily fine looking) actors. Here's five guys whom made even gnarlier looking woman onscreen than the former Happy Gilmore.

Jack Lemmon in "Some Like It Hot" (1959)

Directed by Billy Wilder

Although Sandler's playing a woman in "Jack and Jill" as opposed to a man crossdressing as a woman, his film definitely
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The Notable Films of 2011: Part Seven

I Am Number Four

Opens: February 18th 2011

Cast: Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron, Kevin Durand, Teresa Palmer

Director: D.J. Caruso

Summary: Nine infant aliens flee their home planet to hide out on Earth. The species that destroyed their planet however has followed them and sets out to hunt them down. As the infants grow into teenagers with special powers, three of them are killed. A fourth has fallen in love and now has something to stand up and fight for.

Analysis: In premise and look, this sounds like a big budget and more action-oriented reboot of late sci-fi teen drama "Roswell". Though based on a young adult novel series, it was another title in this category that was the impetus for this adaptation - Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. Any novels with a focus on teen romance and an other worldly touch are presently being bought up right and
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Dude Looks Like A Lady | Strike That, Reverse It

  • Pajiba
Below is the first image of Glenn Close from the set of her new film Albert Nobbs. Close looks incredible (and scary. . .hide your rabbits) as a 19th century Irish woman who cross-dresses in order to get ahead in Dublin society.

The film, directed by Rodrigo García (Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her, Nine Lives) is an adaptation of the 1982 play "The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs" in which Close got her professional start in the titular role. I'll be interested to see if the plot will be updated at all to accommodate the 28-year age difference in its lead. Also appearing in the film are Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, your naughty dreams), who are both rather androgynous actors themselves. If they had asked me which pillow-lipped/crazy-eyed Irishman I would prefer to see, I would have picked that other one,
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Posters and Synopses for Step Up 4Ever 3D, Brother’S Justice, Hybrid, and Something Borrowed

Continuing our intense coverage of the American Film Market this week, we’ve got posters and synopses for Step Up 4Ever 3D, Brother’s Justice, Hybrid, and Something Borrowed. In what has to be one of the hardest titles to type in the history of film, Step Up 4Ever 3D lacks a director and hasn’t even started production yet but Summit Entertiainment has released a promo poster and brief synopsis. Underrated actor Dax Shepard (Parenthood) makes his feature screenwriting and directorial debut with the comedy Brother’s Justice, starring Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, and Jon Favreau. We’ve also got the Kate Hudson-starred Something Borrowed, directed by Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door), and One Missed Call director Eric Valette’s Hybrid which is about a murderous, serial killer car (seriously). Hit the jump for the posters and fairly thorough synopses.

Here’s the synopsis for Step Up
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TV News: Michael Rosenbaum and Syfy Team Up for Comedy Series Saved by Zeroes

In what can only be described as Johnny Drama the series, Saved by Zeroes, is this new single camera comedy from former Smallville star, Michael Rosenbaum and it is being developed by Syfy. The show is slated on being a half hour time frame and will co-star Rosenbaum with Jonathan Silverman.

The show’s premise will revolve around two friends, former actors on a science fiction show that has since developed a cult following, they have hit rock bottom and must work together to get their lives back on track.

“This is such a personal idea of Michael’s stemming from his experience on ‘Smallville,’ ” he said. There is a lot of character depth to it. Through drugs and drinking, (the characters played b Rosenbaum and Silverman) didn’t save money and, years later, the only thing they have left are the conventions, all they’ve got are their loyal,
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Ryan Reynolds Targeted for Cross-Dressing Comedy

Some of the best comedies are about guys dressing up as girls. But for every "Some Like It Hot" and "Tootsie" there are a lot of dumb, unfunny drag movies like "Sorority Boys" and "Juwanna Mann." It's therefore easy to assume that any new cross-dressing comedy is going to not only be unfunny but potentially also offensively backwards in terms of gender jokes.

So what hope can I have for a "dude-in-drag romantic comedy" pitch that, according to Variety, just sold to Working Title for around $1 million after a heated bidding war? Despite the apparent popularity of the premise, my expectations are actually quite low. Even if the production company does manage to cast rising star Ryan Reynolds in the temporary transvestite role as planned.

Here's the impossible "Mrs. Doubtfire"-like plot: a man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend disguises himself as a woman and befriends his ex.
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Discuss: How Important is Age Accuracy?

Let's face it -- Hollywood's view of age is skewed, at best. The industry might try to avoid fine lines and wrinkles like the plague, botoxing and facelifting all over the place, but it also likes to slip older actors and actresses into young roles ... not to mention making younger stars look older and more mature, and basically playing with age as the industry sees fit. And it's not only behind the scenes. From old-school 90210 to the big screen, age gets wiggled.

For example, Online Education lists a bunch of films where older actors ignore their age to play college students -- some being in their 20's and a close jump to college life, and others being ridiculously over-aged for their work, like a 39-year-old Harland Williams popping up as a college student in Sorority Boys. But age also becomes a factor in book adaptations.

As Elisabeth noted last week,
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Actress Sperber Loses Her Cancer Fight

  • WENN
Actress Wendie Jo Sperber has lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 46. Sperber shot to fame on TV opposite Tom Hanks in hit 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies and also won critical acclaim for her roles in Private Benjamin and, more recently, Will & Grace. She also starred in movies like Back To The Future and Sorority Boys. Away from Hollywood, Sperber founded the weSpark Cancer Support Center in 2001. Her Bosom Buddies co-star Hanks says, "The memory of Wendie Jo is that of a walking inspiration. She met the challenges of her illness with love, cheer, joy, altruism through weSpark, and an unstoppable supply of goodness. We are going to miss her as surely as we are all better for knowing her." She is survived by her teenage children Preston and Pearl.

Hamada, Hung, Fenton put out H2F Ent. shingle

Walter Hamada, Jonathan Hung and Chris Fenton, formerly of MBST Entertainment, have departed the company and set up a new management/production company, H2F Entertainment. Among them, the trio rep 43 writers, 10 directors and 10 actors, including writers Greg Coolidge (Sorority Boys), Chris Morgan (Cellular), Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson (Four Christmases), Michael Weiss (Around the World in 80 Days), Ed Horowitz (Exit Wounds), the Wheat brothers (Pitch Black) and Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer (Diesel Debutante); writer-directors Ryan Shiraki (Home of Phobia), Rob McKittrick (Son of the Mask), Peter Cohen (Whipped), Tony Vitale (Kiss Me Guido) and John Patterson (The Sopranos); and actors Lucas Black, Ryan Pinkston, Brooke D'Orsay, Russell Wong, Sam Huntington and Josh Coxx. The company also reps Pacesetter Pictures International and Dreamwave Prods. The Beverly Hills-based H2F also is attached to produce The Ryan Pinkston Thing for MTV Networks, HSI's Waiting and Inner Circle, to be directed by Paul Street and starring Hayden Christensen and Robert Duvall. Hamada was a vp production at Columbia Pictures before joining MBST more than four years ago. Hung started his industry career at Chris Lee Prods. before moving on to management. He spent 2 1/2 years at MBST. Fenton previously worked as an agent at WMA for seven years before moving to MBST.

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