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An Absolute Abomination In Video Gaming
yeyeandzook17 April 2016
If there's anything more sick than a disgusting video game, it's a disgusting video game featuring a corrupted character who used to be nice and decent. Don't think I hate mature games. I do appreciate a few games with such mature stuff. I just don't like the idea of transforming a cute children's character into an obscene psychotic. In fact, doing so is about as sick as the way some programmers created a nefarious version of Elmo on the internet.

So Rare decided to make something that would appeal to demented players. If they want to, they could just create a new critter from scratch. But they made this really bizarre decision they probably should regret or be ashamed of. While Conker's Bad Fur Day garnered some praise from game reviewers as well as some accolades, it was a commercial flop. The way the game flopped was perhaps so bad that Nintendo ended association with Rare. Rare was never the same promising company after that. I guess it would make better sense had they release that family-friendly Twelve Tales: Conker 64. Games catered to all audiences will always market better. Abominations like this one are destined to be forgotten.
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This Game Killed Conker
Jenny Walter28 August 2015
He was a character who probably showed potential during his debut. I even thought he was destined for super stardom. But following a fatal mistake applied to him by Rare, we may never know.

Some games are aimed at kids, while others are aimed at mature gamers. But in Conker's case, he first two games are targeted at children before the game makers made the unorthodox decision in going to the other direction for the next two.

Apparently, Conker didn't score well in those mature games, judging by the disappointing sales of Conker's Bad Fur Day. And because Rare did not give the character a sequel or even fixed his personality, the bushy-tailed rodent was just about forgotten. Perhaps Conker would have sold way better had he stayed being in kids' games.

By contrast, other Rare characters like Banjo and Kazooie were never altered. Because of that, those two continue to make games with good sales, therefore keeping their popularity up. I guess this goes to show that it's best never to alter characters, especially if their previous games have a good or at least fair reception. Also, games appear to sell better when marketed to kids or all ages.

Games aimed at mature audiences can be marketable too, that is if the characters are designed for that nature from the start.

In light of the events that occurred, Banjo and Kazooie will remain being Rare's most famous characters, and Conker will likely end up in the video game wasteland.
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Young Conker Fans Might Have Been Greatly Disappointed
ramon-rodriguez3111 August 2015
Young gamers probably adored that squirrel when he debuted in Diddy Kong Racing, and appearing in his first solo game in Conker's Pocket Tales. When it was announced that Conker would appear again in what could have been Conker 64, the young gamers were perhaps looking forward to it. But when Rare suddenly came up with the bizarre decision of changing Conker 64 into the unspeakably crude Conker's Bad Fur Day, those gaming kids were probably quite disappointed either because of the replacement game's obscenities, or their parents discouraged them from playing or even looking at it. To make matter's worse, Rare never again bothered to make a Conker game that's family friendly, thus alienating the young gamers who make up much of the character's fan base.

Why did Rare turned a nice child's character into such a demented fellow indulged in vices? A convincing answer has yet to be given. But what Rare did to poor Conky is like turning a sweet kid into a hideous and vicious monster. If they need a character for audiences who enjoy such crudities, it's best to make another one.

One may claim that crude game is one of the greatest Nintendo games. I guess that maybe true, although I don't see the game's name on the list of great Nintendo games in Wikipedia.
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A Really Sick Way In Altering A Children's Character
flyingyellowrascal7 August 2015
Sometime 14 years ago, Rare decided to make an N64 game aim at audiences who enjoy seeing pervertedness. But instead of making a game from scratch, they altered one that's supposed to be for little gamers. And in doing so, they altered the personality of the featured character (Conker) who previously appeared in two games that are child-friendly. I wonder if that was a good idea?

Yes the new altered game gained a so-called cult following. But what good is a cult following when the game had lousy sales, and the character's popularity didn't improve a bit? By contrast, an earlier game featuring Conker (Diddy Kong Racing) which was child-friendly was among best selling N64 games.

Unless Rare wants Conker to stay being an almost forgotten character, perhaps it would be best to revert him to being the nice decent critter he once was. To give a children's character such a grotesque makeover is an abomination. People who make really nice characters would never do that.
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Conker's Hopes For Stardom Come To An End. Maybe For Good.
henryhuggledragster3 September 2015
When the game Diddy Kong Racing was released for the Nintendo 64, it was a big hit as it sold millions of copies. Following the game's release, characters there like Banjo, Kazooie, and Conker would go on to appear in separate games. While Banjo and Kazooie would experienced big sales over the years, Conker would fade away.

What's wrong with Conker? After the character appeared in two decent games, Rare made a really strange move in presenting Conker in a game involving dirty humor. While the dirty game would get some positive reviews, it was a bomb in the market.

Some sources state that Rare's decision to corrupt Conker was a response to the way certain game fanatics ridiculed them for making games that are cutesy or childish. I don't think the ridiculing they got should matter to them because family-friendly games continue to be very marketable. Characters like Mario and Sonic have enjoyed seemingly endless fame because they are aimed at all ages.

Also, I don't think presenting Conker in mature games would be beneficial to the character. I mean a remake of this game was release for the Xbox. Unfortunately, the remake wasn't a best seller, and didn't even achieve platinum hit status.

Well unless Rare cleans Conker up, it'll be the end of the road for that squirrel. Cute but corrupted. Disgustingness and pervertedness are destined to be shunned.
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I Wish They Bring The Nice Conker Back
putsyheartlazio1 September 2015
When a creator creates a media for children, that's how everything related to it is going to be all the way. This was not the case for Rare as they corrupted a nice cute character who was initially applied in children's games. How can they do this? No one would do something that deranged. The little gamers who adored that squirrel through his first and second games may have lost their love for him because of the ugly change Rare put upon him and this game.

Sure the squirrel still looks the same. But deep down, he a very different fellow with a twisted mind. Rare thought this strange change would help the game commercially but it didn't. The commercial fiasco also indicates that Conker's star power may never improve.

I wish they bring the nice Conker back. Perhaps that would sell better and even help regain Conker's lost popularity. Why is this a good idea? Banjo and Kazooie have always been presented with such decency. Because of that, those two have three games that are best sellers.
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This Thing Gave Conker A Negative Image
juliusandclancyplayedbydrags30 September 2015
After creating some promising games, Rare became part of Nintendo. As those two worked together, things were going well. Yes, things were going well, especially following the releases of Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie. But when Conker's Bad Fur was released, things suddenly got sour between Rare and Nintendo. The sourness was so bad, that Nintendo ended their association with Rare.

Why did things between the two companies got so sour all of sudden? Conker's Bad Fur Day is a bizarre game that features excrement, dirty language, and other obscenities. What kind of a game features those things? And because the game is therefore not family-friendly, it performed underwhelmingly in the market. Nintendo probably took a lost on that game. Nintendo perhaps even wished the game was family-friendly because this was to be a family-friendly game.

Had Rare stick to decent games, maybe they would have stayed with Nintendo. Rare would continue making good sales.
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Filthy and forgotten. If that's how those developers want him to be, then let him stay that way.
fakeguyastimmyturner7 September 2015
What kind of game developers would turn a nice decent character into a deranged freak? That's the case of the poor squirrel who was once adored by young audiences prior to being corrupted. The developers made that bizarre decision just to fare well with critics. But was the "new" character a commercial success and did it improve his popularity? No.

If you want your game to make great sales, it should be aimed at audiences at all ages. A media featuring a deranged character as well as various obscene themes is certain to flop at the market 80% of the time. Never mind what detractors say on what you do for a long time. If what you been doing is selling fairly, then it's best to maintain that trend.

Poor Conky. Kids certainly missed the clean cute critter you once were. I can only hope those developers reconsider.
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The Dirtiest Video Game In History
Miles Porter10 August 2015
After two promising decent games in Diddy Kong Racing and Conker's Pocket Tales, Conker was to appear again in Twelve Tales: Conker 64 which is also decent. But before the third game could ever be released, the game developers were already getting vicious taunts from hecklers regarding them and the game. Apparently, the game developers listened to the hecklers, and therefore fell into what later turned into a trap. They changed the really nice Twelve Tales: Conker 64 into the utterly dirty Conker's Bad Fur Day. I have seen a number dirty games in the past but none are as dirty this one.

Why was listening to the hecklers such a trap? When the dirty game was released, sure it was given some thumbs up. But all those positive responses would be meaningless as the number of buyers are less than inadequate. True, there are a handful of likers who embrace it in such an obsessed manner but that doesn't imply that the game is popular which it may never be. Nintendo might have taken a lost, considering how much it costs to make the game's cartridges.

But what if Twelve Tales: Conker 64 was released instead of its disgusting replacement? Needless to say that one might have been a super hit because it's suitable for all ages. Perhaps that explains the successes of nice games like Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie. Also, Conker might have stood on top of Nintendo's mountain alongside Mario and Donkey Kong. Sadly, that never happened.
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Conker Will Never Make A Best Seller Game This Way
What makes a book a best seller? In some criterion, a book is a best seller if it sold a certain number of copies within a certain period. But in the case of video games, a game is considered a best seller if it sold 1,000,000+ copies. This is why if you look at Wikipedia for the best selling games of a particular console, they only list those that sold at least a million.

True, Conker did made a best seller game in Diddy Kong Racing where he made his debut. Sadly, this will be his only game that made such sales, considering how things gone over the next few years.

When studios create characters aimed at children, almost always that's how those characters are going to be for the rest of their careers. But in Conker's case, the unthinkable happened, and it probably shouldn't happened at all. Following two outings by Conker, the game makers corrupted the nice sweet squirrel by turning him into a fool drinking dizzying beverages. As a result, the game with the corrupted character sold way below expectations.

Perhaps this goes to show that Conker was better off being the way he was before he got corrupted. Too bad those game makers didn't see it coming. I hope they learned their lesson. A character directed at all audiences always sells better.

If Conker stays in this corrupted state, he'll be pretty much forgotten. Young gamers for years to come will never know that this once promising character even existed.
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One Of The Ugliest Things I've Seen In Video Games
gregoryofthepillar4 August 2015
As a child I began playing video games regularly when I was in first grade. I then got familiar with famous video game characters like Mario and Sonic. Although I knew many characters in my day, I never knew Conker. In fact I only heard of him only about two months ago. Why is such a cute character that's been around for more than a decade still in the shadows?

Conker first debut in Diddy Kong Racing. Like most Nintendo characters, he was initially designed to be family-friendly. His next game, Conker's Pocket Tales, would be his last outing being suited for all ages. Then came an announcement of another family-friendly game of his which would be released on the Nintendo 64. While that N64 game was only days away from hitting markets, critics already gave their reviews. Game developer Rare took the criticism personally and decided to give the squirrel a bizarre makeover. If there's anything I hate, it's turning a nice friendly critter to a deranged sicko. If Rare needed someone to be aimed at the adult market, they could have created another character rather than corrupting one that's targeted at children.

Yes, Conker's Bad Fur Day, which was aimed at mature audiences, got a lot thumbs up from reviewers. But all those praises would only matter a little when the game performed miserably in the market. Perhaps that other game Rare changed for this one might have sold better.

I wish Rare would bring back the nice family-friendly Conker. If Rare continues to present this deranged version of him, Conker will forever remain being an obscure character. He'll never even achieve half the star power of great characters like Mario and Sonic.
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Using A Character Aimed At All Ages Makes More Sense
ottolarrybuck25 October 2015
When people make songs, films, or games, they need to be certain that what they're making would be marketable. If it doesn't sell good enough, then all that money and hard work used would be wasted. Conker's Bad Fur Day, however, is an exception as it was made entirely for a sentimental purpose. Rare created this icky game as a response to the detractors who say the games they make are to kiddish. I don't think those remarks should matter. Anyway, because of the game they made, Rare and Nintendo probably paid a heavy price because the icky game was expensive to make, and the copies sold are inadequate. Perhaps the sales could have been far different had they not changed the game from its original nice and decent form.

Perhaps presenting Conker in a grotesque way was a bad idea. A remake of the game was released in 2005. However, the game couldn't attain platinum hit status, let alone best seller status. This probably shows gamers don't like dirty games.

All these go to show that a media should be made in way that it's likely to get customers. To make a product entirely on the basis of sentiment is one of the dullest of ideas.
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The Best Nintendo game EVER!!!!
Javi-256 April 2001
I never knew that Nintendo will let Rare create Conker's Bad Fur day. It is the most vulgar, sexual, violent, and most funniest game ever made. It has 10-10 graphics, and sweet voices. This game can beat c.ds of Playstation 2 (believe me, I have the Playstation 2). I'll give this game a 1,000 out of 1,000.
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Stop using your shitty machine-learning bots to alter score
davidspisovatel14 May 2017
I can't believe IMDb is allowing this. If you look up in chronological order, you see that almost every review in past 3 years is spamming the game with negative 'reviews' that makes no sense and repeating words like "sick", "disgusting" and "dirty" over and over again. This is a pretty funny game made for >adults< based on a game for kids, not some your low-budget B-grade American porno.
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Funnier than most movie comedies out today
cheeseboy8029 April 2001
This is the most disgusting game ever made for an Nintendo system and funnier than most movies out today especially the dumb teen flicks that people already seen dozens of times already. This is original and the jokes are original, not dull and boring. The Matrix level is a classic.

I give this game 10 out of 10
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oldman00729 July 2003
when I first brought this game I thought it would be stupid,BUT IT WAS NOT.The voices by Chris and Louise are done perfectly.If anyone is reading this right now get the game,it may sound strange at first,the game,but as you play it more it gets better.My favorite part is the multi player mode.
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So it comes to this
Komplex Intelligence11 April 2001
After they made Banjo-kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 I remember them saying they were going to make another game with one of the characters from Diddy kong racing, with a squirell named Conker. Now basically I had heard nothing of the content of the new game until I saw the rating on the box and the picture of Conker with a beer. And people that did know told me to steer clear of this one. Immediately I convinced my parents to rent the game, Conkers BFD. I was thinking, "How far would Nintendo and Rare go to make a mature audience game". Sure enough this was the funniest crudest game I have played since Clayfighter 63 1/3. Nowhere else can I play a game where you get drunk and p**s on people or fight an opera singing boss made entirely out of S**t. Unlike Banjo-Kazooie, not only does it have strong language, bathroom humor, and even a bit of sexual themes, but you also don't spend endless searches for items and stuff to get what you need to defeat the boss. Instead it consists of context sensitive zones that just gives you what you need.

Also lots of scenes from different movies in the game that will make most adults laugh as well. I highly recommend you play this game. Great graphics for a game that doesn't use the expansion pack and cut scenes as well with good voice overs (hence the british accents). And the best multiplayer Rare has given in a while. Even if some of the gross humor might come as silly and ignorant you will like it nonetheless. Overall you should go and get the total experince that is Conker, who has come a long way from a boring racing game.
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Fun Multiplayer
gangstahippie10 March 2008
Rated M for Graphic Violence,Language,Crude & Sexual Humor

Conker's Bad Fur Day is a very fun N64 game.The funny thing about this game is, Conker was a kiddie character.He was even in the game Diddy Kong Racing.But Coker's Bad Fur Day is not for kids.There is plenty of blood,violence,sexual humor and swearing(though it is bleeped out).The multiplayer is the best part of this game.You can play as four characters in different stages and just kill the hell out of each other with various different weapons.Its very fun and I still play it.If you like violent video games, then you should play Conker's Bad Fur Day but parents, don't buy this for your kids and then complain about it.
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A game of light-hearted fun and hilarity
Luca Elliot Sanderson1 August 2014
Conker's Bad Fur Day is the best N64 game in the world, screw Mario 64, play Conker's Bad Fur Day, the game follows Conker the Squirrel having a drinking contest, then when he had a horrible hangover, he immediately appeared on a distant planet where he must get back to his girlfriend Berrie. Then he must fight Great Mighty Poo and Panther King.

The best thing about this game is the controls that works fine, good audio and voice acting, pretty graphics and non-stop humor, this game is really the best game in history. The only problem in this game is the camera that doesn't focus probably, but this sexual-violent funny game can make you change you mind,


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A fitting crowning on the Nintendo's 64 life
Masticina Akicta15 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Ah what a game! One of the best graphics on a Nintendo 64 combined with great audio just great audio. Very nice music great work in voice and the casting of the characters. The influences that made this game it captured time like a capsule. Nintendo is not known to be the platform with the grown up games. And originally it would be a cutesy children game. Luckily for us grown ups that like bad potty humor, crude jokes and innuendo they choose different. And oh my what a game! It is relative short and finding a cartridge is not easy. They are quite expensive (guess why!) but the moment you put the Cardridge in your N64. Start up the game you are reminded that this game is special. In the first screens already a Nintendo 64 logo is cut open with a chainsaw. To be replaced with a shiny Rare logo by Conker. Oh yes! You read that good this is not your average game. Followed by a scene heavily influenced by A Clockworks Orange, a rather sickening movie.

Followed is a game full of sexual innuendo, poop jokes, insane character and Funny references. Play it! Play the original if you can because it is so much better. Worth putting good money on the cartridge. The only sorrow the original is well cartridge based. And expensive..

It is worth a 10 just for being what it is. A great game not for children.
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10 out of 10
Bleeding-Skull24 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I heard about Conker I thought it was going to be an E game (everyone). Of course I was wrong, this game changed from E to M (mature).

When I was younger I hated every M game, so you could expect what I thought about this game, but I was curious of knowing what happened in this game.

Well, you must know that soon I played the game I changed my mind, I loved this game. I didn't knew how to play so I saw one of my friends playing it, and I couldn't stop laughing with the movies, then the Multi-Player was so cool.

Conker is of those games that you cannot stop playing because there is something that doesn't let you turn off your 64. For example, if you are bored of playing the first player mode you can play the Multi-Player.

Thanks to the many options of the Multi-Player you can spend many hours playing every Multi-Player mode, for example, War Mode, you must choose between being a Teddy or a Squirrel, and the coolest thing of this is that you never know who is going to win, and that you are essential in your team.

Rated M for Mature Humor, Profanity, Extreme Graphic Violence and Use Of Alcohol.
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The Last of the Truly Great Nintendo 64 Games. (May contain spoilers)
mattbowyer_8419 December 2004
I know this is an old game (Three years old to be exact),but I've finally been able to play it,and I want to give my opinions.

Conker's Bad Fur Day was one of the last games for the dying N64,and one of the greatest. The story is rather simple:After drinking the night away at a bar,Conker wanders around with a nasty hang-over,and now has to find his way home. Along the way,he meets some of the craziest characters in the history of gaming.

Now,keep in mind that this game is definitely not for everyone. It may look cute,but it's also very naughty. The gore and sick humor earned this game a mature rating. Some of the most insane and disgusting things in game history are here. Still,there's a deeply satisfying,challenging,and hilarious game lying within it's mature exterior. Part of the humor is the several film parodies in the game,including the Terminator,the Matrix,and Saving Private Ryan. The humor in the game is unequaled. Not since Armed & Dangerous have I laughed so hard while playing a game.

Graphics:Unrivaled on the N64. The colors and landscaping fit the tone of each world,showing the true graphical strength of the N64. The environments are enormous and varied,from an Omaha Beach-style level,to a haunted castle. Conker is animated with a lot of detail,as well as the other critters he meets.

Sound:The audio is handled with the same care as the graphics,with top notch sound effects,and the voice acting has a lot of unique,British style humor. The music is very well done as well,it's real music,in mp3 form.

Gameplay:The controls are responsive and simple to master. The only issue here is the camera. Rare could've addressed and fixed it. However,you can rotate the camera.

Lastability:The single-player mode is strikingly short,but who wouldn't want to go back and play it over and over again? The multi-player is also greatly entertaining,and adds a lot of longevity,with several modes based off of moments in the game. The best modes are Beach,Total War,and Heist.

Final Words:The N64 is long gone,but Conker is one of the many reminders of that lost era of gaming. Despite the rather "adult" content,this game earns its place among the greatest of the N64,alongside Legend of Zelda:TOOT,and Super Mario 64. If you're 17 and over,or if you have parental approval,buy this game,play it,and love it.
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Possibly the Best N64 Game EVER
JW_Deeks8 February 2003
This was one of the last best N64 (Nintendo 64) games out there and can still top almost all if not all of the GCN (Nintendo Gamecube) games out there. I haven't ever actually played the 1 player mode, but I know I'd pay th 80CDN for this game JUST so I could play the multi-player mode. It's made by Rare (who know makes titles exclusively for the XBOX, including the Banjo-Kazookie and Conker franchises) and so it has much of the same style of gameplay as Perfect Dark or Goldeneye, two of the best games out there even today.

All that I can say is that this game is worth trying your best try when it comes to going out there and getting it.
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A Swell Platforming Time
brandonbales31 May 2002
This game is a whole lot of fun for fans of platforming games like Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie.

The tone of the games is usually "mature" (re: fart jokes, drunkenness [which is very different, you must admit, for a game found on a Nintendo system]), so some might see it as purile, but it's always entertaining - simply because they always commit wholeheartedly.

The games is broken up into seemingly unrelated parts that can sometimes confuse as to their purpose, but, in the end, the whole is more than the sum. This is achieved by the legendary Rare with consistently varied and exciting gameplay.

If you're still looking for a good time for your good old Nintendo 64, you're sure to find it in Conker's Bad Fur Day. It truly is a technical marvel for the aging system, and it's a always a zippy little ride.
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