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His journey, their battle, our future.
The new girl... friend or foe? (season 8)
It was only a matter of time until.....Lois (season 4)
A world in turmoil. Heroes on the rise. (season 8)
Metropolis wants to know: Who is the Red-Blue Blur? (season 8)
Kneel Before Zod! (season 9)
The Final Season Begins (season 10)
Clark's darkest hour... (season 9)
Will they be able to fight the darkness? (season 10)
The last daughter of Krypton... (season 7)
Destiny is Now. (season 10)
This season, Superman will rise. (Season 10)
A small town on the edge of innocence... A young man on the threshold of destiny. (Season 1)
Every town has a story, Every story has a beginning. (Season 1)
A young man driven by a unthinkable destiny, a future enemy hidden behind the face of a friend. (Season 1)
Every family has a story, Every story has a beginning. (Season 1)
One town's tragedy becomes one man's journey. (Season 1)
A fate unforeseen, A future unimagined. (Season 1)
Out of the blue, something unexpected, something extraordinary. (Season 1)
Watch. Wonder. Enjoy. A legend grows up in Smallville. (Season 1)
Before the legend...before the icon...there was a teenager named Clark Kent. (Season 1)
Fate brought him to our world. Destiny is calling him home. (Season 3 finale)
Every superhero has a beginning...
Before he was Superman, he was just a young man with extraordinary abilities.

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