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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language, sexual humor, drug content and campy violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A lesbian scene takes place between White She Devil and Sistah Girl .They kiss each other as White She Devil is in her bra and underwear while Sistah Girl has her bra and underwear on as well and they continue to make out on the bed as they take their bras and undies off and moan at each other then rub their breasts together and kiss with their tongues and start to scissor against each other.
  • A long love scene takes place between White She Devil and Sistah Girl in a bed as they kiss each other and make out as Undercover Brother watches them.
  • A long scene takes place between Sistah Girl and White She Devil as they have a hot shower together.Their breasts are shown pressed together as they tongue kiss and wash each other's bodies.
  • Sexual humor (inferences, inuendos), no sexual content.
  • Two women fight sexily in the shower and kiss while three men watch. They are dressed fully, but some skin and cleavage shown. One woman rips off her pants to reveal a sexy mini skirt.
  • A woman accuses a man of having sex with a "white girl" and a group of men question him enthusuastically about the experience. Someone asks if she had "pink nipples".
  • Talk of cigarettes turns into a suggestive conversation and a woman lets out a sexual moan.
  • A man and woman lay in bed, fully clothed, kissing tenderly.

Violence & Gore

  • A man fights three guards, somewhat slapstick, and not brutal.
  • Two men have a lengthy, exaggerated final fight on a helipad, but it's not bloody or brutal. One of them is knocked off of a cliff and falls into the ocean, where a shark eats him. Not bloody at all, and hard to see.
  • Two men explode after crashing into a propane tank...in a golf cart.
  • A building blows up at the end, and it's a massive explosion.
  • This an action comedy invovling mostly physical comedy with some weapons use. Guns, explosives, knives, hair picks.
  • Use of exaggerated martial arts and Bruce Lee imitations.
  • A man pulls another man's heart out, rips a man's spine out through his neck, then smooshes a man's head with his bare hands and green goo gushes out. It's incredibly ridiuculous, but still qualifies as gore.


  • 2 Fucks (1 obscured), uses of hell, damn, piss, ass, shit, bitch, etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Social drinking, marijuana use.
  • A man smokes/holds a cigar often.
  • A man is high throughout an entire scene.
  • A scene including one very huge, rolled cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scene where a man rips another's heart out, another's spine; and literally smooshes in a man's head. While absurd and silly, can be disturbing and will most likely frighten children.
  • Scene where a man falls over an ocean and is swallowed up a large "Jaws-like" shark. Random and surprising, can be frightening.
  • Two men explode after crashing into a propane tank...in a golf cart.

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