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The drama of an oft-doomed aquatic colony and its personnel, who hate each other.


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Series Cast

Ellis Henican ...
  Derek 'Stormy' Waters (42 episodes, 2000-2005)
Brett Butler ...
  Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn / ... (42 episodes, 2000-2005)
  Jodene Sparks / ... (41 episodes, 2000-2005)
  Debbie DuPree (41 episodes, 2000-2005)
  Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Gabriel Garcia Marquez / ... (35 episodes, 2000-2005)
Harry Goz ...
  Captain Hazel 'Hank' Murphy (31 episodes, 2000-2005)
  Virjay / ... (21 episodes, 2000-2004)
Chris Ward ...
  Hesh Hipplewhite / ... (19 episodes, 2000-2005)
  Sharko / ... (13 episodes, 2000-2005)
Michael Goz ...
  Captain Bellerophon 'Tornado' Shanks / ... (10 episodes, 2004-2005)
Christian Danley ...
  Self / ... (9 episodes, 2002-2005)
  Black Debbie / ... (8 episodes, 2001-2005)
Neal Holman
  (8 episodes, 2003-2005)
John J. Miller ...
  Master Loo / ... (7 episodes, 2000-2003)
  Meatwad / ... (6 episodes, 2001-2003)
Ed Mundy ...
  Phil / ... (5 episodes, 2002-2005)
Molly Charette ...
  Orphan (3 episodes, 2000)
Dave Roberts ...
  General #1 (3 episodes, 2002-2003)
  Access Tonight Reporter / ... (3 episodes, 2002)
  Dick / ... (2 episodes, 2001)
  Master Shake (2 episodes, 2001)
  Self (2 episodes, 2002-2003)
Lisa Michaelis
  (2 episodes, 2002)
  Eskimo / ... (2 episodes, 2005)
Mack Williams
  (2 episodes, 2005)
  Beck Bristow (1 episode, 2003)
Don Kennedy ...
  Admiral (1 episode, 2003)
Lia Redding ...
  Orphan (1 episode, 2001)
Anna Hollingsworth
  (1 episode, 2002)
  Self (1 episode, 2002)
Konrad Leh
  (1 episode, 2003)
Barry Mills ...
  Mickey (1 episode, 2003)
Yvette Prindle
  (1 episode, 2003)
Peter Van Nuys
  (1 episode, 2003)
  Asian Men (1 episode, 2003)
Matt Chapman ...
  Larry Palaroncini (1 episode, 2004)
Marsha Crenshaw ...
  Joy (1 episode, 2004)
Angus McLynn ...
  Additional voices (1 episode, 2004)
Finbar McLynn ...
  Additional voices (1 episode, 2004)
Casey Willis
  (1 episode, 2005)
  Zorak (uncredited) (1 episode, 2001)
  Frylock (uncredited) (1 episode, 2001)
  Brak (uncredited) (1 episode, 2001)

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Plot Summary

Deep below the ocean's surface, looms a vast, magnificently high-tech compound: Sealab. A multi-national scientific station with an annual budget in the trillions, dedicated to the research and exploration of man's final frontier - Sealab's crew is charged with exploring the possibility of underwater colonization. As the Earth's surface, by this time, has gotten just generally crowded, hot, and icky. However, as most government-funded agencies usually are, Sealab is manned by a motley collection of malcontents and screw-ups who were unfit for work in the private sector. They really don't get any research done, but instead spend their time bickering among themselves. Or just plain goofing off. The crew have manipulated their luckless leader, Captain Murphy, into submission, and are content to ride the government clock, raking in fat, hazardous-duty paychecks. Written by Matt Thompson

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Also Known As
  • МорЛаб-2021 (Russia)
  • Laboratório Submarino 2021 (Brazil)
  • 11 min
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Did You Know?

Trivia In "Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui Bunch" there are two scenes that has a telephone with graffiti on and around it. The second scene you see the phone there is some graffiti that says "This graffiti is not different stop pausing". See more »
Goofs In "Butchslap", when Quinn is doing his demonic laughter, his lips move more as though he is speaking rather than laughing. See more »
Movie Connections Featured in AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture (2005). See more »
Soundtracks Theme from Sealab 2021 See more »
Crazy Credits The opening credits of each episode has a different sound effect relating to the episode as the "2020" turns to "2021": In the episode "Radio Free" the sound effect is radio static. In the episode "Happy Cake" the sound effect is an electronic door opening. In the episode "I, Robot" the sound effect is a pneumatic drill. In the episode "Chickmate" the sound effect is a baby crying. In the episode "Predator" the sound effect is a monster growling. In the episode "Lost in Time" the sound effect is a zap. In the episode "Little Orphan Angry" the sound effect is a child coughing. In the episode "Waking Quinn" the sound effect is a zap. In the episode "All That Jazz" the sound effect is a gurgle. In the episode "Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui Bunch" the sound effect is a gong. See more »
Quotes [Multiple Quinns and Stormys are caught in a subspace loop]
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: Hey Quinns, check it out! We built a time machine! Stormy Two is gonna' go back in time, and, uh, fix it all... up, there. Fix it...
Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn: You don't have the brain capacity to build a time machine.
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: You're right. So I guess it's not so much a time machine... as it is a dodge ball connon! Say hello to my little friend...
[the dodge ball cannon knocks all of the Quinns off of the screen]
Derek 'Stormy' Waters: Eat it! Eat it! Get some! Get some!
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