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Frightfest 2014: ‘Torment’ Review

Stars: Robin Dunne, Katharine Isabelle, Stephen McHattie, Peter DaCunha, Amy Forsyth | Written by Michael Foster, Thomas Pound | Directed by Jordan Barker

There’s always one film at any Frightfest that feels as formulaic and cliched as your typical Hollywood horror. In the case of this years Glasgow Frightfest it was Torment. A home invasion horror that sees newlyweds Cory and Sarah Morgan head to the country for some much-needed family time where they hope Liam, Cory’s struggling 7-year-old son from his previous marriage, will learn to accept his stepmother. But arriving at their home they discover someone has been living there while they were away. After speaking with the Sheriff they assume the intruders have moved on, however when Liam disappears they discover just how wrong they were. For they must confront a deranged family of killers who have been hiding in the house all along and are now
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5 Reasons You Must Watch The Shrine

Writer/director Jon Knautz has returned to the genre after a three plus year absence. On deck for this talented filmmaker who first gained major notoriety with the sleeper indie gem, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, is a tale of ambitious journalists who find themselves tangled up with a human-sacrificing cult, branded The Shrine. There is some noteworthy talent in front of the cameras, as Aaron Ashmore (The Skulls II, The Thaw), Ben Lewis (Stir of…
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Totally Unrecalled For

I need a Tums the size of a hockey puck. According to Dark Horizons, a deal has been struck to remake Total Recall. Paul Verhoeven’s pitch-perfect adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Effing Ironside, Ronny Cox and the very fetching Rachel Ticotin was released in 1990. When you say “twenty year old movie” it doesn’t sound that unreasonable that a remake be in the works. But Total Recall does not feel dated. I just watched it recently, oddly enough. The action sequences are still rock solid, the performances are great and many of the special effects look great. Yeah, okay, the hair and some of the music cues are a little of their time - but compare Total Recall with something like 2008’s Babylon A.D. and tell me what is a more effective sci-fi actioner?
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