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  • The story he told the inn-keeper earlier about how he planted evidence in a previous case to put a murderer away was the first time he broke the law for the "greater good." And it started a process of chipping away at his integrity that eventually led to him covering up a murder for his own benefit. That original act was the beginning of him losing his way/ his integrity. He is warning her that the same thing could happen to her if she starts breaking the law (disposing of evidence) for what seems like the greater good. Edit

  • His primary weapon jammed. At least that is what the filmmakers intended to communicate. However, for a non gun expert audience the malfunction is not easy to catch, especially considering how dropping the primary weapon on the ground had absolutely no sound effect. This mistake on the filmmakers' part would leave many to believe the detective switched for a different reason, making the character's perception unclear and the remainder of the movie confusing. Edit



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