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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This is a movie fantasy, folks -- like James Bond, without the smarm and martinis.
This is Epps' showcase. He can't cover all the film's flaws, but he'll sure gab your ear off trying.
The strange case of a movie that clunks in every possible way but the ultimate way -- it entertains.
Entertainment Weekly
Something puddles to nothing in this relentless Miami sun.
Village Voice
Glitz and speed help alleviate cavernous plot holes and rote gangsta misogyny, while the gleeful violence, pointlessly sappy lulls, and racial sparring are leavened a bit by capricious auto-critique.
New York Daily News
Those who need little more than a car chase, gunplay, pretty girls and a solid soundtrack will be entertained. And Ice Cube fans won't be disappointed. Everyone else may want to think twice before shelling out hard-earned dollars.
The New York Times
This movie, a chaotic caper film at heart, wrecks its comic tone with some moments of gruesome violence.
The A.V. Club
A witless, bloody, unpleasant mismatched-buddy movie.
Chicago Reader
The whole movie feels stiff and awkward whenever the actors stop chasing each other long enough to talk.
The unnecessary nastiness, even sadism, of much of the violence also bears mentioning if you're expecting more of the benignly cartoonish silliness of Cube's lone directing effort, "The Players Club."

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