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(1955– )

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Season 1

Fly My Kite
It's storytime with their neighborhood Granny, only to be interrupted by her son-in-law who tries to get rid of her!
Exchanging clothes with a group of orphans who are running away, the kids end up on a train headed for Chicago. A Travelers Aid attendant Mr. Henderson (Dell Henderson) is assigned to transport the children to catch up with the other orphans who had to leave on an earlier train. The kids annoy every passenger in their car and cause Mr Henderson much grief and embarrassment by their bad behavior. Three year old baby Spanky punches the face of every adult who is near him . Things come to a head when Stymie accidentally releases a monkey in the baggage car and the monkey...
The Kid from Borneo
The Gang pays a visit to the famous "Wild Man of Borneo" only to find that he has followed them home!
Hi' Neighbor
The gang decides to build a fire engine to take on the new kid but soon find themselves downhill without brakes!
Washee Ironee
The neighborhood rich kid wants to play football with the lower-class neighbor boys, but his mother won't allow it.
Shrimps for a Day
See the orphanage kids get a party day thanks to the caring and concern of a wealthy woman and her husband!
Sprucin' Up
See the boys of the gang get serious about hygiene when they clean up to impress the new girl in the neighborhood.

 Season 1 

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