The Scorpion King (2002) Poster

Michael Clarke Duncan: Balthazar



  • Mathayus : Live free.

    Balthazar : Rule well.

  • [after getting inside the city gates] 

    Mathayus : All right, that was the easy part. Everybody know what to do?

    Balthazar : Cripple the guards.

    Philos : Ignite the powder.

    Arpid : And try not to get killed.

  • Balthazar : Where do you think you're going with my horse?

    Arpid : To Gomorrah. Nothing we can say will stop him.

    Balthazar : Without your sorceress?

    Mathayus : She returned to save the lives of your people. I won't let her face Memnon's wrath alone. Step aside.

    Balthazar : Akkadian, you're riding to your death. If I let you ride alone...

    [pause. Balthazar grins] 

    Balthazar : what glory would there be left for me?

  • Balthazar : Watch yourself, Akkadian

    Mathayus : No need for concern, Miss.

    Balthazar : Ohh, he's gonna pay for that.

  • Balthazar : Who dies first?

  • Queen Isis : Your judgment is clouded!

    Balthazar : My judgment keeps all of you alive!

  • Mathayus : [after catching their fee]  As long as one of us still breathes, the Sorcerer will die.

    [they turn to leave. Balthazar pulls Mathayus's kama out of a pole] 

    Balthazar : Assassin!

    [Mathayus turns, Balthazar throws the kama. Mathayus catches it] 

    Mathayus : Him... we'll kill for free.

  • Balthazar : [as he crushes Takmet's hand]  Balthazar: "If I am not a King, why are you on your knees before me?"

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