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MPAA Rated R for language and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A little bit
  • A man quickly strip his clothes, we see his whole backside. It's during an intense moment so you only see him for a second.

Violence & Gore

  • Its a bloody Movie
  • A German is held at gunpoint, we see him reach for a knife. A gunshot is then heard but you do not actually see him get shot.
  • A woman looks below her bed and sees a lifeless foot. We later see it is a dead body, pieces of wood were inserted in his mouth to hold it open and his lifeless eyes are open. Some blood is on his face.
  • Blood spot spreads from a white sheet which is wrapped around a dead man
  • We see a man fall into the water, when he resurfaces we see him have bashes on his face, which is bloody.
  • A man bashes his hand against glass and drops of blood are seen.
  • An explosion occurs offscreen, many crisp bodies are seen.
  • A man gets impaled in the stomach by a metal spike.
  • A man bashes his head, we see blood covering his head and around his body.
  • A man shoots a dead body multiple times.
  • A man shoots himself in the head, we see the bloody side of his face, he shoots himself again before falling to the ground.


  • .
  • 9 uses of f*ck, both in a non-sexual way. Three instances of mild profanity including sh*t and d*cks.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • .
  • A boat above drops explosive barrels below, which explodes near the sub.
  • There are plenty of intense moments, including some frightening moments involving jump scenes where we see a ghost's face.
  • We see a ghostly face appear in a window.

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