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Mr. You Ge does it again.
zzmale23 April 2004
The literal translation of the title of this movie: Can not be finished, Can not be any closure.

This movie is actually a social satire presented in a semi-comical way, a social satire of some sort.

This movie criticized the problems of the contemporary Chinese society by the personal experience of common citizens, and the cast is perfect: Mr. You Ge is not only good in playing comic characters like Mr. Pei-Si Chen, but he is also equally good in playing role in drama with serious topic, such as To Live (Huozhe), and the combination of the two is not a problem for him.
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Worth seeing, but just barely
pvernezze19 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Feng Xiaogeng is one of my favorite directors, or at least "World without Thieves" and "BuJian BuSan" are a couple of my favorite Chinese films. These films combine comedy and drama in interesting ways, utilize unconventional love stories and fail to provide pat, feel good endings. Almost the exact opposite can be said about this film. The plot seems in large part borrowed from the Danny DeVito/Bette Midler film RUTHLESS PEOPLE, about a couple who kidnap the wife of a rich man only to find he really does not want to pay the ransom. MEI WAN MEI LIAO involves an employee who is so angered at his boss not paying him that he kidnaps his girlfriend from a tuberculosis asylum. But in fact the boss is more than a little ambivalent about paying the ransom. And when the girlfriend finds out, she decides to collude with the kidnapper to get back at the boyfriend. Like I said, sounds familiar. An added touch is that the man actually needs the money to take care of his comatose sister. When the two end up to together at the end of the film, it is not only unexpected but unbelievable. Still, there is enough humor and humanity to recommend this film, but just barely.
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