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interesting concept, beautiful graphics, but somewhat confusing
ooutland19 July 2002
sacrifice can be at times a very inspiring game, filled to the brim with detail and creativity. it has a cartoon edge that gives it a MORE believable feel, in the same way animated sci-fi feels more real at times.

the storyline feels original, even if it is somewhat basic: you are a wizard who has left your destroyed world and is looking for "work". work comes from the 5 gods who rule the lands, and you can chose which one you would serve with your skills (the gods cannot directly affect the land, so they employ wizards to do their bidding). at the same time, one of the gods is planning to overthrow the others and upset the balance.

graphically, the game is still beautiful today (two years after it was made). its use of 256 bit textures allows for an amazing view of the landscape. spells have been worked so that you feel the power behind them, but aren't so powerful that you would think your target, you, and the rest of the planet should have been become extra crispy by that fireball you launched (which is becoming more and more of a problem).

however, there were some problems with glitches. numerous times the boss couldn't be killed, and you cant tell if its because you didn't do something, or the game just had a glitch. also, while the game tries to allow units to be controlled by afar, the inability to angle around anyone other than the wizard leaves many times where no one knows what's happening on the other side of the world.

overall, the game is fun once you play by their rules. learning what those rules are is the hard part, and may lead to glitches in the scripting. that doesnt completely stop sacrifice from being fun, however, and you could end up finding something just short of an experience in surrealism.
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