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Good Musical thriller
csn_615 December 2009
Dev Anand plays a asst/driver serving a rich man, Shyam babu in Kolkata. A poor man that he is, falls in love with a rich man's daughter( Asha parekh) amid some comical circumstances where both play hide and seek. He borrows Rs.35000 from a mysterious stranger to play the role of an estranged brother in law to a dying rich man in Darjeeling.

What follows is a series of mysterious and baffling chain of events which plunge the hero into a deeper and ever deeper conspiracy. Good melodious songs and taut screenplay and suspense is kept up almost to the end, that makes it worth your time.

A good watch for Dev anand and Mystery film fans!
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Classic case of what could have been
ashtray2526 April 2014
Mahal is based on an interesting premise. Rajesh Dixit (Dev Anand) is paid to impersonate the nephew of a rich man whom he has not seen since 18 years. Desperately in need of money, he accepts the assignment, only to find that nothing is what it seems.

It has the material for a tight, exciting thriller. Unfortunately, suspense scenes are few and far between. I confess that I didn't see the one plot twist coming, but there's little to build on it. Way too much time is wasted on the romantic angle between Rajesh and Roopa (Asha Parekh) and much too often, the flow is interrupted by a song.

With a run time of nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes, the movie outstays its welcome. Nonetheless, it has its moments. Dev Anand is his usual charming self, as is David (as Roopa's father)- the one extra star is for those two. The movie is decent and yet, it could have been so much more.

To sum it up: great idea, poor execution.
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Interesting watch
wwwtruckworthy21 December 2020
Mahal is a really good suspense thriller with a good plot and a stellar cast. The story is a bit underwhelming at times and the direction could have been better but despite the flaws its a solid movie that will keep you engrossed. Dev sahab is phenomenal as always asha jee is good and the supporting actors give full justice to their part as well. Overall a good watch
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