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Bill Saveley unclogs this film... and keeps it flowing!
Vance DuMoy9 August 2005
This movie is pretty darn good. When those guys showed up? Man, that was about the hardest I laughed in 1996. But Bill Saveley? As the plumber? WOW. Dear Bill, The rest of the cast called, they want the show back: as in, you stole it.

Ootherwise, I'd say that he did a fine job of snaking the drain. I don't know if I would have used copper routing wire myself, but then again I am old school.

Yeah, I'll admit. I am a plumber and only interested in plumbing roles. (Plumbum is Latin for iron, and most pipes used to be iron, thus plumber.) Bill Saveley pretty much captures my lifestyle choice. Do yourself a favor: buy a tasty milkshake. And then see this movie. -Vance
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