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Gorgeous, but leaves you wanting more
kmberger17 September 2001
When you sit down to view Blood: the Last Vampire, the style and setting of this gothic noir anime grabs you instantly. Using a mixture of animation cells and computer-generated backgrounds, this is an effortlessly stylized visual breakthrough that hopefully will launch future endeavors in the style.

The problem with this particular film, though, is that it is far, far too short. At just over forty minutes filmed length, the story of a strange girl called Saya that seems to be some sort of vampire slayer barely gets the ball rolling on the enigmas behind this girl, the organization she works for, and the beasts she vows to slay before fading into the end credits. This makes you sit back, blinking at all the dazzling visual beauty that went into this well-crafted film, and wonder, 'what next?' Hopefully, there will be further adventures of Saya and the dingy, grimy world she lives in, each as well-designed as this one was, though with much more payoff.

All in all, worth looking at if only to see what the future of animation might look like.
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Great Film, But A Little Short....
GuyCC8 September 2001
When I picked up the DVD, it said on the back 80 minutes, so that's what I expected. Instead, I ended up with a 45 minute film. The other 35 minutes has been reserved for the "Making Of" and the trailer (Actually, the "Making Of" was only 20 minutes. Where did the other 10+ minutes go?). That said, "Blood: The Last Vampire" is very much like a roller coaster: Very fast, a lot of fun, but over before you know it.

The first three minutes drew me into the whole story very quickly. It has an impressive beginning, a moderately slow-paced lead up, but once the action starts, it becomes very, very cool. I guess that's why after the last battle, I was expecting more, and when it started rolling credits a few minutes after "officially" revealing Saya's history, I was expecting this new (but obvious) information to start adding into the story and her character. In the age of 2-3 hour epics, the abruptness caught me off guard.

But enough harping about the short film aspect. This is an enjoyable film to watch for its pacing, visuals and sound. The music was very dark and atmospheric, and I thought the voice acting for Saya was good. The CG in the film leads to some very cool effects, but as strange as this sounds, some of its realism (especially with the plane scenes) offsets the animated look. It was an unusual combination of "CG realism" and animation.

All in all, "Blood: The Last Vampire" is worth a watch. It has a lot of really good things going for it, and I'll definitely show it off to friends. Recommended
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Poor Development of the Lead Character
claudio_carvalho2 October 2013
In Japan, the vampire-hunter Saya, who is a powerful original, is sent by her liaison with the government, David, posed as a teenage student to the Yokota High School on the eve of Halloween to hunt down vampires. Saya asks David to give a new katana to her. Soon she saves the school nurse Makiho Amano from two vampires disguised of classmates and Makiho witnesses her fight against the powerful demons.

"Blood: The Last Vampire" is an animation of 48 minutes running time with the tormented and skilled samurai Saya. The story is too short and has a poor development of Saya, especially for those that do not know the character. I saw the movie "Blood: The Last Vampire" (2009) a couple of years ago and the character Saya is better developed. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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well done
tunaspam5 March 2006
This movie is wonderful. Even though it is short, it didn't really need anything else. Mamarou Oshii and his team did a wonderful job at simplifying a potentially aspiring story into great characters and great animation. At first i wondered why the film was so short but the more i thought about it the more it made sense. The film didn't really need any extra story to it. It fits nicely into the package it comes in. They paced it so well that it didn't seem like it needed anything more. The animation was very good as well, Oshii really knows how to use his animation to relate to people. His characters look like normal people, they (for the most part) act like normal people and they have a great deal of time and emotion put into them. His characters were also developed well. Some argue that there was not enough background story in the film but there really didn't need to be. It seems that, Oshii likes to put mystery around his characters. He doesn't give you every little bit of information on them he lets you wonder and examine them so that you can draw your own conclusions about who they are. I highly recommend this movie.
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A good show that leaves the audience wanting more.
theshape795 September 2001
What can I say, but I really loved this anime film. All 48 fricking minutes of its short, well made, coolness. The story of what I was able to peace together, involves Saiya some sort of immortal vampire hunter who might just be a vampire herself, even though thats left to the audiences imagination since the bulk of the story involves suspense with well done action sequences. At the start of the film shes sent off by her boss and his cronie to American Air Force base where there seems to be an infiltration from three confirmed vampires. She then sets off to exterminate them while trying to save a school nurse who seems to be the target of the vampires attention. What follows is then is one long sequence that makes up the rest of the film as Saiya and her boss battle the three vampires while trying to save the life of the nurse. Then its over. Just like that. No resolution to little plot details, like the origins of Saiya, or how she came to work for the orginization that she works for. You never really understand the point of the vampires beyond the fact that they're the villians and they bite peoples necks to kill them. Or for that matter why Saiya acts the way she does at the end of the film. Looking back at what I liked about this film, I think I would have to rank this as another digitally animated film from this year, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Unlike that film though, which left the intrigued viewer wanting more from the story. This film just leaves you wanting more story period. The direction, the animation are all top notch high grade stuff. Its just at the end, you leave yourself feeling as this has been nothing more than a well made tech demo. Well I hope its not, since I'm praying for a longer sequel to be made soon.
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Should've been longer...
yucel81x2 September 2003
"Blood: The Last Vampire" is impressive and not impressive for a number of reasons. The reasons it is impressive is...well, quite obviously the animation is worthy of mention. Taking digital animation much further than in "Ghost in the Shell," this film is probably as state-of-the-art as animation can get these days. They even made alternate takes and angles for use in the trailer, giving it a more live action feel. The visuals are intense, the music is effective, it should be a massive hit, right? Wrong, and for the reasons it's not impressive, which are unfortunately too much to save it. The first's too short, not even lasting a full hour. Obvious not meant to be a full-on movie, but it should've been. The story is weak, but only because it's not developed beyond a concept, as opposed to a drawn out plot. The concept is Saya is "the only remaining original" vampire, and the government contracts her to hunt down vampiric demons. We have little or no back story, no explanation of how Saya is the only original, no explanation of the people she works for, or why she seems to hunt her own kind...or even if they are her own kind. There's so much missing from the story, that one wonders if the workload was really worth it. Bottom line, the plot could've been simple, but it should've been drawn out. MORE, give us MORE! Now, on the other hand, if this were a pilot episode to a series, it might be more tolerable, but with the expenses and effort put into just this one 50-minute feature, it seems unlikely. "Blood: The Last Vampire" WANTED to be better than it was, and SHOULD'VE been better than it was. Alas, somebody forgot that what makes a good anime is not just the animation but the story as well, the main thing that distinguishes anime from most other forms of animation.
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unfulfilled potential
nickthegun20 February 2003

I love a story to be fleshed out. I like to know about origins, motivations and characters. And Blood offers just enough to be thoroughly intriguing yet little enough to frustrate the absolute crap out of me. The 'pure' vampire thing is a pretty good angle. I want to know more!

That just about sums up Blood for me. Everything it does it does well. Great concept, animation (especially CG) and voice work. There just isnt enough of any of it. At about 48 mins it just barely scratches the surface. You expect another chapter in Saya's mission to directly follow. But you get the credits instead.

If this ever fulfilled its potential I think the producers could have an anime milestone on their hands. As it stands Blood is great and frustrating in totally equal parts. >
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Great concept, cool stuff, too short
winstonsmith_8411 February 2002
This movie feels rushed at the end. On my DVD, I thought maybe something was wrong. Maybe it skipped a few scenes? But nope. The movie finishes on a note, like most anime's do, which leaves you hanging. But this leaves you hanging, really hanging, saying.... OK, so what is the point of this movie??

This movie had some awesome scenes, great animation, and lots of potential. I loved the vampires, I loved the girl main character (although the tough girl thing is overdone in anime). But it lacked a theme, feel, and.... well.... ending. Too bad, could've been spectacular.
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Great but short Anime!
sandspider110 February 2004
Blood is a great anime and it is great to see digital animation. The story is good aswell as the charcters but it is definitely too short and it ends just when you get into it. I also like the fact that it mixes english and japenese. I definitely recommend this to anyone and especially anime fans who haven't seen it.
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Over-hyped and nothing great
xamtaro13 June 2009
Standing at 48 minutes long, Blood: The Last Vampire is cornucopia of pure violence, bad a55 combat and suspenseful monster slaying action. It has exceedingly smooth animation combined with highly detailed artwork, appealing character designs(a far cry from the cutesy big eyed girls in most anime) and awesome fight choreography.

However, look beyond the "wow factor" and there is little else that this film offers.

In terms of plot, it is very straight forward and predictable with few story twists. The characters are typical action movie stereotypes with the main character of Saya being seriously under-developed. It is very difficult to emotionally connect to any of the characters at all. There is no sense of peril in the fights due to Saya being characterized as some unbeatable monster hunter extraordinaire. Although the actors do their best to bring out as much emotion from the characters, the flat dialogue falls squarely on the shoulders of the writers. I do, however, applaud the decision to record a mixed language dialogue(western characters speak English, Asian characters speak Japanese) as it enhances the realism of the setting.

To top it all off, The pacing of the movie in erratic and it shows in the more subdued scenes of conversation where things get really boring. Lump that together with a huge let-down of an ending and you have Blood: The Last Vampire.

Sure, this anime is famous. But we have to look at what made it famous and it definitely was not its half baked story or 1 dimensional characters. I bet It was only the animation.

An anime film with good animation only is not a good anime film. There has to be a balance and sadly, Blood: The Last Vampire does not have that balance. A bloody over hyped waste.
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Yokota High School - details are fairly accurate
bobjones6815 August 2005
I work at Yokota High School where the film is supposed to have been set and noticed that many of the details of the Gym, the location of the Nurse's office even down to the Nurse's room number are very accurate. Many things are different, of course, but it was interesting to see what real features made it into the movie. There are no rumors of vampires at the school. Although, the base security forces who patrol the school building off hours have said they have seen strange illuminations (ghosts?) in some of them at night. I've worked there since 1997 and it would have been nice if anyone at the school would have been notified about the writer's visit to the school and about the making of the movie. Not too many students or faculty even know about the film. It would have been too cool to show it at the base theater at Halloween !
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Whose crazy idea was this!?!
Enchorde28 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: On a school in an American military base in Japan, suddenly a girl, sent by a mysterious organisation, appears and starts to kill man-eating demons (that disguises themselves as pupils). After some fighting and an anticlimactic end fight, it ends.

Comments: Why? How? Who? Those are the questions that never get answered in this movie. Those are also the questions that need to be answered if you are to have any success telling a story. You need to explain, at least to some small extent, give a hint, who the main character are, what they are doing and a reason why. You need to establish what or who the antagonists are. You can do this at the start at the movie, unravel it as it goes or reveal the shocking truth at the end. You need to answer those questions! If you don't, you get a real crappy story. This one did.

The trivia section of this movie states: "This was originally supposed to be a three episode OAV series, but due to a lack of time and money, only the middle segment was animated and given theatrical distribution." This is about the only thing about the movie that makes sense, although it is not stated anywhere near the actual movie. Because my feeling was exactly that it felt like I had missed the beginning that established and explained the characters and the plot. And that there was no real ending. Which is exactly what seemed to have happened.

The animation is interesting, switching between "normal" and 3D. Mostly the quality of the animation is good, most characters beautiful work. But what does that matter when the story is all but non-existent? Nothing.

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Very good anime Warning: Spoilers
Very good anime film, even if it was too short, it had an incredibly good animation and a interesting story, with a great atmosphere, a lots of thrills and excitement.

The main character is particularly interesting, being some sort of atypical anti-hero which is also likable and fascinating at the same time.

Like "Hellsing", this short film managed to keep a good level between the tension, the thrill, the actions, and even some little bits of humor, with a wonderful animation quality and nice music.

This film actually left wanting to see more about the story and the characters. Too bad that neither "Blood +" or the live-action movie had this level of quality. Anyway, this film is a must-see, specially for those viewers who enjoy mature and dark anime.
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An anime only about action not screenplay
batuucan6 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It is a too short anime which has got an awful scenario. It is a short anime because they could not find anything longer. If you say: "I only want to see blood and action." Watch it. Otherwise, it will disappoint you. It is starting with a good scene, you think that the man has something. Than you understand nothing. Is it a vampire or not? The school kids are vampire. Our hunter shoots them and everywhere become bloody. Where do these bloods went? Or when vampire kills people in bloody ways, does nobody understand and why ate not they doing anything when they saw a school girl with a sword? It contains many illogical things.
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Overproduced and poorly written
Selanit12 October 2003
The animation was pretty good in places, but it lacks any kind of consistent style. Some of it was very noire-ish anime-style animation, and this was cool. Some was computer-generated and photo-realistic; this too could be cool, but didn't fit with the previous style especially well. The scene with the jet taking off, for example, looked more like a piece of live footage that had been "animation-ized" after the fact.

The plot was poorly developed. The characters remain two-dimensional throughout -- we have: one bad-ass chick, two cookie-cutter government agents, three toothy monsters, a school nurse, and assorted extras. The school nurse was the only one who even came close to having a third dimension (her christianity and the fact that she got more screen time than practically anyone else helped). Yet even the nurse spent most of the film in shocked-and-helpless-disbelief mode.

If it had been twice as long and better written, this might have been a good film. As it is, it's like an unripe peach -- it looks tempting, but the result is disappointing.
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It's 46 minutes long!
Manga craftily fail to mention this on the cover and I was very let down when the movie faded out to the end titles merely 40 minutes into the film. I liked where it was going and it could have gone further but it just ended! What's the point in a 46 minute long movie?

What I don't understand is if Saya in the movie is a vampire then how can she go out in the daylight? Is she like Blade in some way? I didn't get this at all.

The CG animation looked wonderful and the 1.85:1 anamorphic picture on the DVD makes it even better. It also has a decent Dolby 5.1 track (the language is in both English AND Japanese-not either). But there is no point in buying this. Rent it. Blood: The Last Vampire is cool, but not worth buying.
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An impressive short anime film
Tweekums28 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Set in 1966 demonic creatures known as chiropterans, that look human till they change to a bat-like form, are hunted down by Saya, apparently a school aged girl, who works for two American handlers, David and Louis. After an introduction where she hunts down a target on an underground train Saya is given her next mission. She is to find and kill two chiropterans that are attacking people at the school on the American Yokota Air Base. Here she discovers the two creatures and manages to kill one; the other gets away and must be hunted down… to make matters worse she has to help protect the school nurse who witnessed these goings on and it emerges that there is a third creature there.

This short anime movie throws us straight into the action and deliberately doesn't explain everything that is going on. We are told that Saya is the 'only remaining original' but it isn't until almost the end that that it is revealed what she is. This serves to make her character more intriguing. The story is interesting and when the action occurs it is exciting and fairly bloody. The animation is good and has a suitably dark look; there are none of the cute characters often associated with anime. If there is a fault it is the way the ending implies an ongoing story and we don't get to see that. Overall I'd certainly recommend this… just be sure to make sure the subtitles are switched on; most of the dialogue is in English but a fair bit is in Japanese and on my DVD the subtitles didn't automatically play.
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I really like this!
Irishchatter30 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Although I have to agree that this film was very short and rushed but honestly, you will love the action in this! If you are the person like myself who loves vampires, you would find it enjoyable and excited on what you want to happen next!

It can be creepy at times like for example, a person becomes a vampire but before they do,they talk quietly to themselves as if they were planning on how they will get their victims successfully. You really would get a lump in your throat!

I think Saya is so brave for putting up with these monsters and trying to save the world from them. She really is such a little warrior, I'm glad I got a chance to get go know her. I hope there's other good movies like this!
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A badass guy watch....
royadityax11 July 2015
Watched #Blood....

This is an A rated anime about a vampire works for government secret service killing the daemons which survive on human blood....

The movie has badass action sequences and brilliant animation. You will really like the badass poker faced serious chief character Saya. The short film simply increases your hunger and you will be wanting more.... The screenplay and direction is also top notch....

The only down side is that it is a short film.... 45 minutes is too less fir a movie of this calibre. The movie depicts an incident and ends with many unanswered questions and the thirst of more! More ! MOre ! MORe ! MORE !....

#mustWatch for every anime and action lovers and all the guys out there.... p.s.... I'm not talking about Disney movie lovers....
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I wanted to love this film.
Morbius_Fitzgerald25 February 2014
Okay, when it comes to anime I'm generally a fan of Yoshiaki Kawajiri and spin-offs from other live action films. So I bought this film because I really had high expectations for it. I wanted to see what would happen. This film could've been on par with the Vampire Hunter D series, I am that serious but the makers try everything to ruin the experience of Blood: The Last Vampire.

Saya is a vampire hunter who looks like a young adult, she is called in to an American air base in Japan to hunt and kill vampires. A suicide occurs and it turns out that that is the work of vampires covering their tracks and its up to Saya, the last original vampire, to find and kill the vampire causing it.

Now when it comes to ruining the experience of this film (yes, I'll get to that first) this is a vampire hunting film without explaining anything about the vampire lore they've set up. If they followed the traditional vampire lore, it would be okay but it doesn't. Both Saya and the vampire she's tracking are seen in direct sunlight, the "mutated vampires" have this "other form" and it looks like Karel Rupert Kroenon from Hellboy. Does it try to explain it? Nope.

My other biggest complaint is the time limit. This film is only 40 minutes long. Now this wouldn't be so bad but I hear there is a TV show, (Of which I will check that out) Why not release this with the show? An average time limit for an action show is 40 minutes per episode.

Onto what I liked, the animation is really well put together and has a nice organic flow-through, the voice acting had no faults and the story, while basic, is pretty well executed.

So overall I'm giving this a 7/10. I really wanted to love this film but unfortunately, I couldn't get into it with the movie's two biggest problems glaring at the viewer. I'd say check this one out but if you're like me, don't expect too much.
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By far the best overall anime movie.
shadikn327 December 2011
The sound effects? Surreal The Audio Quality? Great The visual arts? Outstanding.

Story line? Was interesting enough that i could watch the whole thing.

Now looking back i can say i'm disappointed that they left us hanging like it there was going to be a sequel.

Still want my favorites and i make my friends watch it.

I love it. It's kind of like a real movie.

I can't think of anything i change.

They could've made more movies afterwards though.

It's a must see anime.

I only like real stuff but this is pretty close to being real life.

Even though it gots vampires or whatever they are.

Beautiful Art. The sky scenes. The fences, the sun reflection and the characters. Even the prostitutes.
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Amazing animation, but the movie itself wasn't that good.
dei_579124 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie out of curiosity, because it reminded me of Blood+. I notice they pay very, very much attention to detail. There are some scenes, like the beginning part with the train, that I was amazed by. It was so realistic, so detailed. But later in the movie, when Saya was staring at the nurse lady, why was she doing that? At the end, when they find out Saya was a vampire, why was she killing the monsters? That's why I didn't like it much. There was no explanation of what was going on. Really.

BUT, if you really want to know what's going on, I suggest you watch the anime series Blood+. It's a lot like Blood: The Last Vampire. I think it's the same story. There's a lot of explanation in it, and it IS on Netflix. ...Thanks for reading my worthless rant.
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The first, second and last film in a trilogy?
JoeytheBrit11 August 2009
Japanese animation films aren't usually the kind of thing I watch - I think some bozo at my rental firm must have confused this with the 2009 live-action version - but I decided to give it a go anyway. While I can't say I was pleasantly surprised by this film, I had no problem sitting through its brief running time.

Apparently, this film was intended to be the second in a trilogy. Why they made the second film first God only knows, but presumably shortage of funds was the reason why this is the only film out of the three to be made. Because of this the film starts a little abruptly because it's assumed the audience are familiar with the central characters. Apparently Saya, a schoolgirl, is a one-of-a-kind demon hunter who is having a few issues with her taskmasters and rather reluctantly chases demons to a school on an American military airbase.

The animation is a strange hybrid of CGI and hand-drawn that doesn't really work, although having said that, some scenes stand out for their impact, and there are some decent attempts at making this more than just another animation. The direction is quite imaginative - if derivative - but the basic weakness of the plot ultimately lets the film down.
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A quick bloody ride.
evilresident09712 May 2009
I saw this movie one day on Encore by chance and I say this is what got me started into anime. Sure the story's simple(some vampire chick cutting other vampires called chiropterans down to pieces) and it's really freakin' short, but I found a lot to enjoy about it. The animation is nice and slick and the action is well done. And of course, it's pretty bloody. But why else would they call it "Blood"? They even made a spin-off called "Blood+" which is also very good. Unfortunately it'll now get skewered into probably another live-action disaster. I saw the trailer for the adaption and I'll tell you, "Dragonball: Evolution" looked Oscar worthy compared to it. So savor the sweet, sweet flavor of "Blood" while it still lasts,cause you all know Hollywood's gonna destroy it.
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Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant
Billy_Crash4 May 2009
Like the riveting "Ghost in the Shell", "Blood" is proof that visually stimulating anime and a solid story are as good - if not better - than any live action film.

The story is simple, straightforward, yet solid. With minimal dialogue, the action speaks for itself and carries Saya's tale wonderfully.

Many complain the movie is too short, and it is by general film standards, which dictate feature films should be nearly 80 minutes or more. Maybe the animators, whose work is bold, beautiful and brilliant, ran out of funds, but I'd like to think that the story was good enough to be told in a mere 48 minutes without shoehorning garbage into the tale as useless filler that would only detract from the narrative.

This is clearly one of the best anime films of all time. Besides horror and vampire fans, it's a great movie for anyone who loves a quality driven story. Don't miss it.

(In 2009, a live action version of "Blood" has been released. So far, the response has been exceptional, but I have yet to see the feature.)
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