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12 Jan. 1990
Super Bungle
Zippy won't share any of the toys with George. Geoffrey puts Bungle in charge, who pretends to be Super Bungle from the planet Bearton. He goes to the planet of Too Many Toys to battle the evil Zipoid and his henchman Mr. Geoffrey.
19 Jan. 1990
George and Germs
George is very concerned about germs. First when Zippy wants to eat an apple, then when Bungle cuts his hand picking up a shard of a broken vase.
26 Jan. 1990
Geoffrey Learns French
Geoffrey receives a letter from his friend Michelle telling him she's coming over from France. After teaching Bungle, George and Zippy some French words, they all decide to make up their own languages: Bungelese, Gourgian and Zippydippian, until Geoffrey tells them to concentrate on more French instead.
2 Feb. 1990
Family Pressure
The dripping tap inspires Bungle, Zippy & George to make some music. But Geoffrey turns the stopcock off and gets out to get a new washer.
16 Feb. 1990
Bungle is all of a dither because a Very Important Person is coming to visit. He instructs Geoffrey, George and Zippy to tidy up and dress nice, but won't tell whom the VIP actually is.
23 Feb. 1990
Wrong Day
Zippy, George and Bungle are sure today is Geoffrey's birthday, so they wrap up a present, bake a cake, make decorations and invite a special guest.
7 Sep. 1990
George has a pen friend named Georgina. Geoffrey is helping his friend Bob with his car. Bungle meets new neighbour Dawn and becomes her special friend. Only Zippy has no one to play a game of football with.
28 Sep. 1990
Geoffrey and Bungle have decided to change around some furniture. Zippy would rather go on a picnic. Geoffrey explains how paint can change into different colours and flour can become paste. But rain outside means no picnic for Zippy.

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