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8 Jan. 2006
The death of a car salesman leads Logan and Barek down a convoluted path involving two sisters, extortion, and a lawyer in love.
15 Jan. 2006
Goren and Eames pursue the people who killed a banker so they could loot his apartment.
22 Jan. 2006
Logan and Barek pursue the trail of a serial killer when a body drops from the sky into the ocean near J.F.K.
12 Mar. 2006
Proud Flesh
A powerful media magnate's son is found murdered under bizarre circumstances.
19 Mar. 2006
When a secret service agent is murdered, Barek and Logan look at clients of her lobbyist husband.
26 Mar. 2006
Wrongful Life
A young man is killed while trying to steal evidence in a wrongful life lawsuit.
9 Apr. 2006
Dramma Giocoso
Logan and Barek work the murder of a young violinist, pushed to her death at an opera house.
16 Apr. 2006
The murder of a bridesmaid after a wedding leads Goren and Eames to the men she and a fellow bridesmaid had drinks with, and the cab driver who brought the women to a cheap hotel.
23 Apr. 2006
The Healer
Detectives Logan and Barek investigate claims of voodoo, when two sisters are found wrapped in plastic cocoons and asphyxiated.
30 Apr. 2006
Cruise to Nowhere
A gambling cruise patron is found washed up on shore.
7 May 2006
To the Bone
Detectives Logan and Barek discover a string of homicides are being carried out by former foster kids.
14 May 2006
On Fire
Detectives Goren and Eames investigate a string of church arsons while Deakins is accused of bribing a beat cop with a promotion in order to clear Detective Logan.
14 May 2006
The Good
Detectives Logan and Barek suspect a wealthy murdered couple's drug-addicted son, but as the investigation progresses, they have second thoughts about his guilt. Deakins looks toward the future.
19 Sep. 2006
Blind Spot
When a murder case bears eerie similarities to a serial murder case from the past, Goren's reclusive profiling mentor comes in to help the investigation. But nobody realizes that Eames may be the next target.
26 Sep. 2006
Tru Love
After the death of a plastic surgeon, the detectives begin to look into his questionable background and find out his son may have his own unsavory shortcomings.
3 Oct. 2006
Siren Call
After an inebriated teenage girl is murdered, Goren and Eames turn the microscope on a small town, but accusations against a local advertising big-wig and resistance from the local police complicate the investigation.
10 Oct. 2006
Maltese Cross
The murder of a fireman, stabbed 22 times, ends up in a brawl between NYPD and FDNY, leading to a hearing before the Commissioner for Logan and Wheeler, and a possible repeat killer.
17 Oct. 2006
When a prominent historian is found dead, the prime suspects include his unfaithful wife and her lover, and his deadbeat brother who owes millions of dollars in crooked financial schemes.
31 Oct. 2006
A man confesses to murdering a young beauty queen, but his story doesn't add up. But the investigation into how the confessor received confidential details of the crime could lead Goren and Eames to the real killer.
7 Nov. 2006
Country Crossover
The suspects in the murder of a record producer include a disreputable nightclub owner, an eccentric bouncer aspiring to be a rap star, an ambitious young singer who may have been having an affair with him, and her jealous husband.
14 Nov. 2006
The War at Home
The police commissioner's daughter, an Iraq war veteran, disappears on Thanksgiving Day. Goren and Eames have been assigned to the case, but Goren is preoccupied with his sick mother.
21 Nov. 2006
Logan and Wheeler discover that the recent murder of a former child star has links to an Albanian mob.
28 Nov. 2006
Weeping Willow
Logan and Wheeler investigate the cyber-kidnapping of a popular female video blogger--something that many people suspect to be a hoax.

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