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Season 10

1 May 2011
Goren and Eames return to the Major Case Squad to investigate the murder of a high-end prostitute who is connected to an unstable, hedonistic fashion designer whose company is about to go public.
8 May 2011
The Consoler
While Goren begins seeing a therapist, he and Eames investigate the death of a bank executive who was in charge the Catholic Church in New York's funds that go to abuse victims.
15 May 2011
Boots on the Ground
After a hacker is killed, Goren and Eames uncover a rivalry between two defense contractors specializing in cyber warfare, and a group of revolutionaries trying to take both of them down.
22 May 2011
The Last Street in Manhattan
The murder of a successful Wall Street CEO leads the Major Case Squad to his unlikely, working-class ex-girlfriend from Inwood.
5 Jun. 2011
Trophy Wine
A man is murdered after presenting a rare wine discovery to a group of potential investors, and Goren and Eames soon discover a long trail of deception and infidelity.
12 Jun. 2011
Goren and Eames try to discover which medical researcher killed a wealthy benefactor the night that he awarded his fellowship.
19 Jun. 2011
A Broadway actor falls to his death, and Goren and Eames soon discover that it may not have been an accident.
26 Jun. 2011
To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap
While Goren and Eames discover that the deaths of twin brothers is connected to a bitter feud over the ownership of a popular website, Goren's mandated therapy comes to an end.

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