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Awful Thing
claudio_carvalho24 June 2012
The rock singer Duda (Marcelo) forces his record label to make a video-clip in Cabo Frio to release his new album. The director Rago (Júlio Braga) travels with his girlfriend Lilly (Mayara Norbin) to make the clip as a favor to his friend Dr. Fantástico (Roberto Bomtempo). Along the shootings, Duda flirts and shags with with Lilly while Dr. Magalhães (Nick Nicola), who hates rock'n'roll, sabotages the filming.

What an awful thing this "Rockmania" is! I saw this lame movie on cable television and I regret the time I lost watching this garbage. The story is silly and the jokes seem to have been written by a child. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Rockmania"
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