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Weak Airplane slog
tarbosh2200029 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
During a court martial, Col. John Sykes (O'Reilly), and his cohorts as well, are dishonorably discharged. The Chief Judge Adjutant, General Harlan Prescott (Cord), throws out their initial plea agreement, probably so he could bellow at them and then give them the maximum punishment. Later on, Prescott boards a plane with his assistant that looks exactly like Eugene Levy. Sykes and his disgraced army men board the same plane and take it hostage. Now with complete chaos on board, only one man can come in and save the day: Matt Marshall (Ice-T). But because he gets wounded in a firefight, he isn't as active in day-saving as he should be. That's when spunky flight attendant Kelly Young (Oja) gets into the act. One minute she's serving drinks to obnoxious passengers like Morton (Hytner), the next minute she's killing baddies and flying the plane. Will everyone on board make a safe landing...or will they be overcome with their AIR RAGE?

First came Executive Decision (1996). Then came Strategic Command (1997). Now comes Air Rage, an overlong, unnecessary addition to the plane-hostage movie canon. Over its 100- minute running time, you won't see anything you haven't seen before. Another plane is taken hostage, another strike force is brought in to save the day, another terrorist wants yet another CD-ROM filled with information, and it all seems very, very familiar. The only actual air rage is felt by the viewer as he takes in this repetitive muck.

After we were watching the movie for a while, we noticed Ice-T was nowhere in sight, so we went on Ice-T watch. Despite appearing very prominently on the box art, Ice doesn't show up until exactly 40 minutes in. And even after that, he's not a forceful hero because he's injured and in pain for a good amount of time. If there's a main hero here, it's Kelly the Stewardess. We were happy to see Oja not be put in an ineffectual stewardess role and instead get in on the action. But she's not on the box art. Could it be sexism? Maybe because he was fresh off of fellow plane flick Stealth Fighter (1999), where he was the baddie, perhaps Ice-T was sick of planes and he doesn't care as much this time around. And is it just us, or is it racist that Ice-T of all people leads a Black Ops team where the code name is Blackbird?

Pretty much the only bright spot in this air disaster of a movie is the presence of Alex Cord as the General. His presence is great and his voice is fantastic. He should have narrated the movie. That might have fixed things. As seems to be standard for Fred Olen Ray, while the movie itself is substandard, he gets a lot of great character actors to shoulder the weight of the project. This seems to mitigate the cruddiness of the proceedings somewhat. Jack McGee, Glynn Turman, and Gil Gerard are all welcome faces and they do their best. Even Steve Hytner, immediately recognizable as Banya from TV's Seinfeld, is here and he plays an unlikeable jerk very well. But it's just not enough to overcome the lack of originality here and the boredom that ensues from it.

Pro tip: If you want to watch something like this, but want to see a movie that's actually good and very entertaining, watch Passenger 57 instead.
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Almost perfect.
wkozak22115 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this film. Way more than Executive Decision. I believe you can do more with less. I think this is well done overall. I have a few problems. Alex Cord plays such a hard nosed general I am surprised he didn't break from being so stiff. I am curious if a JAG general can actually wipe out an agreed upon agreement. Also, how did they gun/parts through the X-Ray machine? I wish the commandos got on the plane quicker.
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Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen
sveknu30 July 2005
Words can't describe how bad this movie is. I can't explain it by writing only. You have too see it for yourself to get at grip of how horrible a movie really can be. Not that I recommend you to do that. There are so many clichés, mistakes (and all other negative things you can imagine) here that will just make you cry. To start with the technical first, there are a LOT of mistakes regarding the airplane. I won't list them here, but just mention the coloring of the plane. They didn't even manage to show an airliner in the colors of a fictional airline, but instead used a 747 painted in the original Boeing livery. Very bad. The plot is stupid and has been done many times before, only much, much better. There are so many ridiculous moments here that i lost count of it really early. Also, I was on the bad guys' side all the time in the movie, because the good guys were so stupid. "Executive Decision" should without a doubt be you're choice over this one, even the "Turbulence"-movies are better. In fact, every other movie in the world is better than this one.
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hackraytex30 March 2020
I have just finished this movie and it had my attention from the get go. I caught the tail end of it a few years ago and I glad I got to see all of it this time. I was interested in seeing it because Ice-T was one of the good guys and except for Special Victims Unit, that does not happen often. I like almost everything that he is in.

There were plot twists galore and things I never saw coming until they happened. It was very well written, directed, and acted.

IMHO Kimberly Oja was the star of this show all the way from what I see she hit every mark. I do not understand why she appears to not be in the business since it appears that her last screen appearance was in 2008. Maybe she decided acting wasn't for and she sought another line of work or she did not want to act anymore. It certainly was not because of lack of talent because her performance here was top notch and her list of credits is impressive. I hope that someday she might decide to give acting another try but if she is doing what she likes now then God bless her and good luck to her. Well done Ms. Oha, Mr. Ice-T, and everyone else.
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Everything the other reviews say is true. This reeks.
qatmom3 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There are bad movies that are fun and then there are movies like Air Rage that are just bad.

I only saw the last 20 minutes of this movie, but that was more than enough. This includes the Infamous Blown Open Door, which is fully as absurd as others have indicated. At this point, all you can do is stop, stare, and wonder if the script really, really is going this way, and sure enough, it is! The bad guy is clinging in mid-air, and the flight attendant pries loose his fingers and OFF HE GOES into thin air! POOF! But by this point, who cares? Ice-T is bleeding onto the floor of the flight deck & Ms Stewardess is chirpily learning how to fly and doing it with such ease that any suspense is lost.

Only for Ice-T fans and aviation geeks who like to see just how wrong Hollywood can get it, counting the cringeworthy moments, kind of the way I do when an on-screen lab type says "they ran a gas chromatograph on wool".
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Who Left the Vault Door Open?
HKFAN6 August 2001
Or did Phoenician Entertainment find the key to the vault with every piece of stock footage available? First we had SONIC IMPACT...then SUBMERGED...and now AIR RAGE. I see that this film's working title was "Purple Heart" and you earn one (nothing demeaning to those members who have really earned one) if you can sit through this useless drivel.

What we have is a disgruntled Marine Corps colonel who hijacks a passenger jet carrying the nominee for Defense Secretary. In fact, this colonel has it in for the nominee and he also wants a disk that his is carrying.

We quickly jump to a poor man's Executive Decision as Ice-T (of all people) leads the worst group of commandos to assault the airliner via air transfer from an SR-71.

If you don't get the idea yet, stick with the original EXECUTIVE DECISION and if this is on cable late at night when you can't sleep, do yourself a it because you will fall asleep.
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OK to pass time with
RLARKT19929 May 2007
don't expect much from this film. In many ways this film resembles a film that Doris Day starred in in 1956,title, Julie. In this film Doris,who was a flight attendant,stewardess,in those days,landed the air craft after her derange husband,played by Louis Jordan shot the captain. She did a far better job,more convincing,than Kim Ojah,who took control of a 747 and manage to land it without much help from the control tower. I know a little about 747 aircraft,i use to be a flight attendant myself. Like i said,do not expect much from this film,it was done on a cheap budget. The producers were to cheap to use a plane with the name of a airline on it. Oceanic is one name that several movies have used. The only writing on this plane was the name of the company that made the aircraft.
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Most Hilarious Ripoff I've Seen Lately...
jackburden5 January 2005
Spoilers? Maybe a few details, but nothing too plot related. Not like it would matter with this movie.

Air Rage blatantly rips off the mid-air infiltration premise of Executive Decision. Ice-T leads a team of four "elite" commandos who wear baggy black shirts that we can only imagine must conceal invisible body armor as their idiotic tactics (similar to what 3rd graders use when playing Star Wars on the playground) lead them to absorb a hail of gunfire.

What entertained me the most about this flick was the use of look-alike has-been actors. You'll immediately recognize Cyril O'Reily as someone who once acted in a movie that you really liked, though it was so long ago that you probably won't be able to place it (it was Porky's). Here Cyril plays a decent knock-off of a Bill Paxton character. Most Hilarious is porker Gil Gerard, who's so fat that you will never recognize him as TV's Buck Rogers. Instead of evoking his mildly heroic character past, Gerard gives us a passable performance of the crusty fat tough guy persona, which was clearly imagineered for John Goodman. Finally, Alex Cord gives us a nice hybrid look-alike performance as a Chuck Connors/Kirk Douglas type. In the 10 years since New Jack City, Ice-T's acting has deteriorated remarkably. It's not acting so much as regurgitation of lines that he might have actually memorized.

One of the items that plays into this movie is a CD-ROM of classified information. It's being hand carried, and it's apparently and unbelievably not encrypted, despite the security-savvy aura of Gerard's NSA character. What a joke. I'm severely doubting that the information purported to be on the CD would ever even all be assembled into a portable format.

Despite being in a closed aircraft without silencers, the gunfire is about as loud as canned air, and causes nary a person to flinch, so apparently no foley budget. The assortment of weapons chosen is pretty funny. The flight attendant's use of a coffee pot is about the most realistic depiction of violence in the film. When she takes intuitively to the mini-Uzi pistol, which has got to be one of the worst pistol designs ever, that's just too stupid. A true elite team would carry MP-5s for this type thing or maybe SOCOMM .45s, or even customized Hi- Powers if they were really old school, or maybe something FN 5.7 if new school... The lame-o standard issue 92Fs are totally unbelievable, having lost most of their cool after Lethal Weapon I. The bad guys, supposedly experienced soldier of fortune types, have an assorted mixture of absurdity, like the aforementioned mini-Uzi pistol and a Tec-9 with the infamous non-functional barrel extender that isn't a silencer.

There was one touch of realism on which I would like to correct the other reviewers: The flight attendant and Ice-T did lower the craft to 10,000 feet for "breathable air" before they opened the door. And I also got the impression that the flight attendant was NOT able to get the door closed, that she basically just gave up on that point. As far as the landing, there was no mention of flaps until about 2 seconds before touchdown. Sigh.

Only the Dukes of Hazard eluding Roscoe P. Coltrane at the "pass" could shame this movie for use of stock footage. They obviously chose the incredible (and retired) SR-71 because they couldn't get stock of an F-117. Aside from the fact that they were mothballed already in 2001, let's also forget for a moment that the SR-71 is not a pure stealth aircraft in the sense of the B-2, and that at point blank range... Well, I'm no expert, but I'm having doubts as to whether it would be invisible on Radar.

As others have pointed out, the repeated references to "F-15s" when they were showing F -16s was laughable. Details of the 747 were pretty stupid. No airline would put that few passengers on a 747 to begin with, not to mention everything else that was idiotic about it. Pay attention to the use of exposed electrical wiring.

Wow. What a show. Catch it on Stars or something. Don't pay to rent it, but do watch it for laughs. In contention for worst movie ever, right up there with No Holds Barred, which at least had some originality.
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my weekly paycheck exceeds the budget of this movie..and im unemployed
vman12121 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
ok lets see where do I start, I love watching action b-movies because I like to see what they can do with a low budget, and to get a laugh out of the stolen stock footage and poor acting but this movie takes the cake.

What we have here is a poor clone of Executive Decision.

SPOILERS: Standard plot, terrorists take over the plane, a unit is sent to eliminate them. Predictably, just like in Executive Decision, our hero team uses an air hatch to transfer to the 747. Yet what is the most surprising thing is that they didn't use the Executive Decision footage of that scene, rather it looked like a computer merging since the resolution and color saturation of the 747 far exceeded the SR-71. Anyways back to elite unit of commandos who in a real gunfight would shoot each others heads off with their positioning. They make their way into the plane and attack the terrorists with a deadly barrage of.....handguns. And the battle ensues as the good guys shoot 2 times and hide, then the terrorists shoot 2 times and hide, then the good guys shoot 2 times and hide, etc.. until this intense battle ends when the terrorists decide instead of ducking they will wait for the good guys to come out and shoot them, which they did all at once, yet for some reason there are no bullet holes or blood stains on the commandos.

Lucky for us, our main hero Ice-T is alive and only his leg is wounded, but in his poor attempt to act, he gasps for air as if he had run a 2 hour marathon. But wait.. a stewardess saves the day and they prepare to land. But wait, the bad guy has revived so he gets thrown out of an open door at 30,000 feet and clings at the door while a fog machine covers him with fog to simulate clouds. Yet at 30,000 ft the stewardess leans outside and closes the door without any problems or gusts of wind disturbing her clothes. As if that was not bad enough, it could have been a good scene had she pretended to be "scared" and closed the door as if she was at 30,000 feet instead of a stationary plane on the ground. Whats that called....oh yea...ACTING!

And as we approach the runway with all this turbulence shaking the plane, from the inside it looks as if they're on one of the most smoothest flights. The least they could have done is shake the camera star trek style. I understand that the budget is bad, but this movie is so bad they overlook the smallest details which dont cost them anything. My rating - action:0, comedy:0, unintentional comedy:10. Watch only if you need a good laugh.
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Complete nonsense but very entertaining
johnpaver18 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There is so much wrong with this film it is impossible to know where to begin. What really did it for me was when a five foot two, 110 pound air stewardess beat the cr@p out of a six foot six 240 pound brick out-house of a marine with a kettle! I couldn't stop laughing. But the laughs didn't stop there! I don't think I will be spoiling too much either if I tell you that the same air stewardess throws another marine out of the door after beating him up with that kettle again, and shoots a third one at 40 paces holding a machine gun with one hand. To finish off, our heroine, who doesn't know which bit of the 'plane is the front, makes the smoothest landing ever of a 747!!

Don't ask silly questions as to why a General was carrying highly classified information on his own with no protection on a commercial flight! Or why you didn't know Buck Rogers was in the film until the end titles!

Superb entertainment.
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spoiler alert ... but don't worry, spoilers can't make this movie any worse ...
kazaadude200018 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Besides all of the technical mistakes ....

How about a female flight attendant who's able to kill, all by herself, 4 out of the 7 terrorists (including ex marines), 2 of whom without even using a gun. Then, she lands the plane perfectly. We're not talking about Sigourney Weaver or Linda Hamilton; we're talking about a regular, frightened, yet very well composed flight attendant. :D How about the leader in charge of the assault/rescue squad, having a full-proof (according to the logic of the script) plan of sleep-gassing everyone and having someone from his team fly the plane. Only he decides at the spur of the moment to change plans and instead lead an attack on the terrorists, guns blazing, not knowing where the terrorists are, or how many, and not securing a position of advantage, so that his whole team gets easily wiped out. Yeah, that's using the old noggin. Only later to decide to use the sleep gas anyway. And it turns out useless for all intensive purposes.

Bad as this movie was, though, I couldn't stop myself from watching and wondering, what next? :D I can't help but imagine all the excellent, unemployed script writers thinking to themselves, it's not fair. lol! :D
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lord have mercy
sky_tyler9 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When i come on IMDb boards,I'm always fed up when i see a "the worst movie ever" post.After watching this *movie*,i think that i am soon going to create my own post!!

The opening titles:great,some kind of lame zoom on a gas oven (yeah,focus on the fire=explosions=great action packed movie!!)

The actors:I think that Ice T is a cool rapper,even a nice actor (sometimes, i insist,"sometimes") but the Steven seagal like policeman he plays is...beyond the words. The rest of the cast is...well i don't know where those actors were hired but jeez!!I bet my dog would have been a much better actor than them!!

The plot:Hijacking.original isn't it??

The action sequences:The first shot of the movie is an explosion.I told myself,well, cool!!At least there will be some nice pyrotechnics...I was dead wrong.The rest of the movie is mostly filled with low rent stock shots taken from the Air Force...

The dialogs are hilarious,the music is pure crap,the end is happy( i mean i was happy at the end because the movie was over!!!)

My cousin who was watching the movie was delighted( I'm 22, she's 42...well).I was on the verge of taking the movie and burn it.Maybe next time I'm gonna watch it...(who said never???)
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Top 5 worst movie ever!
masterdrew26 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the 5 worst movies ever made. The plot looked intriguing like that of Passenger 57. But with the latter movie it somehow worked a lot better. The plot has been worked out in the worst possible way. Just a few of the awful moments in the movie, A flight attendant is standing in the opened doorway of a flying 747 and trying to close the door without being sucked out by the 250 mile per hour winds?!? Thereafter the lands the aircraft from a few miles out starting at 8000 feet, thats impossible even for 747 pilots with thousands of hour experience. When on the runway (perfectly straight of course) she is instructed to pull on the flaps, HUH!! Come on flaps are there to ensure lift at low speeds, when on the runway you use thrust reverse on the engines and give maximum power! I can go on and on about little and mostly big mistakes in the movie, but then my reply would become the size of the English dictionary. This is a movie you want to miss, take my word for it!
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Under Siege in the air... without Steven Seagal
Angel-Face20 August 2001
Firstly, I won't tell you WHY I rented this movie, as I'm still confused myself...

Air Rage is much like any movie I've seen where a plane is hijacked. There is of course that one important person on the plane, and the hijacker looking for revenge. The sad thing is, some of the methods to stop the hijackers have already been used in other movies. Are we really becoming so unoriginal so quickly?

Although it's Ice-T (who for some incomprehensible reason makes painful attempts at ACTING while he's not busy putting the "c" back in front of rap) who is glorified on the cover, the movie actually stars the less than amazing Kim Oja as a stewardess who is 'surprisingly' OVERLOOKED by the five hijackers, which naturally comes back to haunt them. As for the rest of the cast, the only person I managed to recognize was Steve Hytner, more commonly known as Kenny Bania from "Seinfeld".

I can't forget to leave out my favorite part of the movie, when a hijacker used about a POUND of PLASTIQUE to blow a lock off a door... BRILLIANT.

The plot was unnaturally predictable.

The script - atrocious. It got to the point where I could say something, which I felt would make a stupid comment, and it would be the next line in the movie.

As for special effects... the only thing special about this movie is that I wasted the cost of electricity to run my TV and VCR for 100 minutes.

And the title - the movie DID take place in the Air. But due to the less than stellar performances, the only Rage in the movie was that of the viewer.

So, if you're in the mood to even pick apart a movie, just because it's bad. Please SAVE YOURSELF, don't choose this.
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i still cant believe
Gosusager9 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I ve finished seeing the movie 10 minutes ago..WoW i still cant believe what i've watched.

This is absolutely the worst movie EVER. If i would list all the flaws in the movie , this review would take me a lot of sentences.( very funny flaws, because of being that bad though)

You got to be Amazed with the skill of the commandos assigned to rescue the plane. they didn't even know how to move.

Ice-t is so bad actor... and the thing i don't understand, is how the production wanted him to be like a hero, but he's a zero..

of course the major flaws will be the landing of an 747, needing only 3 or 4 tips from a guy in transmission to land the plane...amazing.. as well as the dead bodys that had almost no blood at all..

But i strongly recommend of watching this movie, as its very interesting to see how bad can something get
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This movie is so bad it'll teach you to appreciate the good ones
movie-buffalo6 July 2009
I signed in just to comment on how awfully stupid this movie is. Besides being a rip-off of Executive Decision or Air Force One or any other kind of terrorist story, this is the kind of movie that makes you appreciate seeing a movie that can take the same basic ideas and do it well. It's hard to blame the actors when they are given such a stupid, cliché-ridden script to work with. It's bad enough if you groan once in a movie when you encounter an insult to your intelligence, but when you find yourself groaning over and over again, you have to conclude that the director also isn't the brightest bulb in the movie business, nor are the producers for deciding to bring this story to the screen in the first place. The mostly low-rent actors you can excuse for taking on this assignment, because they most likely showed up to get the money and exposure, not that being a part of this joke-of-a-movie is going to earn them any awards or recognition. It may end up embarrassing them for having such poor judgment as to get involved in such a loser. I see no point in summarizing the plot or even in giving any examples to prove my case, for, to do so, would be cruel and unusual punishment that no one involved in this debacle could withstand. Just as studying well-made movies can inspire you how to make a good, skillfully put-together work of art and beauty, the only thing that you can learn from watching this monstrosity is what NOT to do and what does NOT work! Be warned.
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Missed the first 30 min - and thanked God on my knees for that
poeight8 November 2004
To be honest, I didn't like "Executive Decision" - which was obvious the template - very much, but compared to this piece of crap, it looks like a masterpiece of art.

Not only that the people moving in the film (the term actors would be an insult for all other actors) should attend more acting classes, the guy who build the setting hasn't even seen an aircraft from afar. It is so ridiculous, that on a 747 only 3 flight attendance are aboard, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The film is full of illogicalness (e.g.: use sleeping-gas, then don't use it, then use it anyway), which dropped my rating finally to the bottom.

You can have more fun in rearranging you sock drawer or in drilling a hole in your knee and fill it with milk.
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They should have hired a technical advisor.
bobfitz8212 February 2004
One Stinko of a movie featuring a shopworn plot and, to be kind, acting of less than Oscar caliber. But to me the single worst flaw was the total misrepresentation of a jet aircraft, and especially a 747. Some of the major blunders:

1. No Flight Engineer (or even a flight engineer station. 2. Mis-identifying the F-16 interceptors as F-15's (no resmblance whatsoever). 3. Loading passengers into an "aft baggage compartment" supposedly accesible from the cabin - Even if such a compartment existed, placing that much weight that far aft would make the aircraft unflyable. 4. Hollow point bullets that "won't damage the aircraft". 5. The entire landing procedure was so bad I wanted to puke. 6. An SR-71 (of all planes) with a pressure seal hatch 7. Opening a cabin door outward - into the wind - in flight!!

Ah nuts, it was just a truly lousy movie. Gotta make the list of bottom 10 of the year.
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Ughh, where do I start.
jgmandel19 February 2004
This is now officially the worst movie I have ever seen. I don't even know where to start. People who bought this movie would have been better off if the box was empty. If you are the type of viewer who watches action or military movies for technical accuracy, do yourself a favor before watching this film and kill yourself- because half way through, you'd wish you were dead. I'm no engineer- but i'm pretty sure if you open a door to a 747 at 30,000 feet, you wouldn't be able to lean out of it to close it. And I like Ice-T, but he must have been hurting for a paycheck he accepted the lead role for this miserable piece of crap. I want the two hours of my life back.
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Wasn't sure at first.
lsgiles6 June 2004
Wasn't sure when the movie started but as typical for a movie/show starring Ice T, it took off in a positive way (no pun intended). The action sequences were of great quality and believable. This movie kept my attention from start to finish. I can't wait to add it to my collection. I do have to admit that some of my favorite parts were with Mr. Wonderful. >From the moment he boarded the plane the character was constantly rude. From the time he lost his cell phone until Kelly (Flight Attendant) punched him at the end. Makes you think about all the people you see in the airport. If you haven't seen the movie, you should.
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nejko-jelenko7 July 2015
As I am quite into aviation, this film made me want to kill myself. This film is an insult to aviation industry, mockery of pilots and armed forces and an embarrassment of filmmakers and cast. I don't know if I have ever seen a movie with more mistakes, without it being science fiction.

On what planet can they stick six people in a SR-71 Blackbird, have a course of 605 or sth. like that and exposed fuel controls(switch red and blue wire to dump fuel)? I mean come on?! In Dulles ATC tower they supposedly don't have a single radar screen. For the finale; pull the flaps lever while touchdown?? You probably mean spoilers or air-brakes and being aligned with RWY-12, landing on RWY-16?

This movie seems like a cheap version of Executive Decision. I recommend watching that movie instead.
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spencer-hathaway3 January 2007
This is the worst movie I have ever seen. Everyone involved should be embarrassed. Everyone. Ice-T is pitiful, the dialogue is absolutely awful, and hokie does not begin to describe the performances by every single actor in this movie. The plot steals heavily from Executive Decision, but compared to Air Rage, Executive Decision is Academy Award material. I have never been so disappointed when watching a movie. Air Rage should be burned with its ashes locked in a vault never to see the light of day again. Anyone who has seen it should take a shower and wash the stink of horrible movie off of them. The best part of this movie probably comes from the ending, when the credits rolled. This was easily the worst movie I have ever seen.

Ice-T should stick to Law and Order, and the other people in this film should retire early or commit suicide. Either way, they should never attempt to be in a movie again.
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Did anyone think to ask a pilot...?
av8or2336 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
What a complete piece of trash. Plot notwithstanding, when a movie's action revolves around airplanes, you'd think the writers/producers/director (or ANYONE!) would do a little bit of homework as to at least a FEW of the details. The mistakes were so glaring that I was fuming by the end of the movie. Here are just a few: I'm glad I missed the SR-71 sequence - certain to have been worse than the "Air Force One" F-117 spectacle. Commercial airlines usually have their logos painted on the aircraft rather than BOEING 747 – likely the (cheap) use of some Boeing advertising/publicity footage by the director. Exposed wiring connected by wire nuts is mediocre at best for house wiring, much less multi-million dollar aircraft avionics wiring. Airplanes like the 747 rely on pressure alone rather than ship's supply oxygen to maintain breathable air, and if they did rely on an on-board supply, the canister would be far bigger than fist sized. Medical tape is not a suitable substitute for a threaded hose connection. Those were F-16s, NOT F-15s. Mach 1+ (speed of sound) would be difficult to attain on a static engine run up for takeoff (watch the airspeed indicator). "Standard formation" is simply keeping the formation inside one nautical mile, "route" formation is what they were flying - not the most useful formation for an intercept. "Acquiring missile lock" is not likely to get an airline pilot's attention - they have no radar detection or countermeasures. "Wait for my signal" is not inter-flight communication for preparing to fire anything. Depressurization from a door opening in flight is not grounds for an immediate steep left bank. Yelling into a headset does not make it transmit. Magnetic headings are given as "headings" not "bearings," and headings are between 001 and 360 degrees (compasses in the air are just like compasses on the ground!), so turning left (not "port" – that's a boat thing) from a "bearing" of 618 to 502 is just stupid. It is in most cases impossible to just "turn the yoke left until the correct heading is reached" – that sort of thing will result in 360 degree rolls until the yoke is centered again. The likelihood of a flight attendant immediately finding and successfully engaging the autopilot is only slightly greater than the likelihood of her actually landing the jet safely. Airplanes don't stall immediately upon pulling the throttle back, and 747s have more than one little lever to control the multi-engine thrust. Flaps are lowered in increments usually just prior to and immediately following landing gear extension, not seconds before landing (good way to crash). Wheel brakes are required to stop an airplane, simply pulling the throttle(s) (this time a different lever in the movie) to idle will just allow you to go off the end of the runway at a slower speed. Did I mention that those fighter aircraft were F-16s and NOT F-15s? Guess I did… And that's just what I REMEMBER from recently watching this horrific movie.
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