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Season 17

13 Oct. 2017
Der letzte Fall
In the nightlife of Leipzig, a serial killer is up to his tricks, who has already murdered three young women. When Tom's daughter Jackie meets a young man in a scene club and ends up in bed with him, she is suddenly threatened with a knife. The last case of Hajo Trautzschke becomes a race against time.
20 Oct. 2017
On a winter morning, Eddy Koch, dressed as St Nicholas, rides by bicycle into a wire trap and bleeds to death. Under suspicion are opponents of a Bicycle Expressway, whose construction is supported by Eddy Koch's company.
27 Oct. 2017
Der einzige Ausweg
The mother of two children, one of them in a wheelchair, was murdered. Suspects are the neighboring huntsman Olaf Schott and the overstrained ex-husband Frank Winkler. The disability of the younger son Noah has strained the family severely.
2 Nov. 2017
Das genetische Limit
Tarik Nazemi, the boyfriend of investigator Olivia Fareedi, is witness to the murder of the fitness center operator Sven Brehme. The investigators find out that Brehme was acting illegally with steroids and he wasn't the first victim among the bodybuilders. Therefore Olivia Fareedi starts to investigate undercover in the fitness center.
17 Nov. 2017
Der kleine Zeuge
Pluto Reiser, organizer of the cultural project "Milchstraße", was shot. The eight-year-old Johnny Michel has seen the murderer but can not describe it exactly. Suspects are businessman Bernd Stokowski and Johnny's father.
24 Nov. 2017
Full House
The 17-year-old Yannick Freese was found murdered. The young man, who still lived with his parents, lived a double life as an online poker player. He stopped his apprenticeship and won a lot of money with illegal gambling.
1 Dec. 2017
Spurlos verschwunden
Carola Müller was an eye witness of a deadly robbery. The offender is quickly identified. But the witness behaves strangely uncooperative. Jan Maybach catches Carola as she fled from Leipzig. It is clear that she lives under a false name.
8 Dec. 2017
Die Brücke
On the way home, Jan Maybach is witnessing a terrible accident. A car drives ahead of him under a bridge. Suddenly a pavement stone hits the windshield. The driver survives, the baby is taken to the hospital, but the wife dies.
22 Dec. 2017
After being beaten by her friend, Liv Gebhardt seeks help from Benni Maybach. Later she is retrieved dead from the Schwanenteich. The investigators find out that the victim possibly had an affair with the diplomat Alihan Vazeh.
29 Dec. 2017
A wealthy pensioner was shot dead. Everything points to robbery. The trail leads the investigators in a boxing club to Moritz Kolp. The boy completes an anti-violence training with Hajo Trautzschke, the former head of SOKO.
5 Jan. 2018
The retired investigator Hilmar Kant was found hanged in his apartment. All traces point to suicide, but Hajo Trautzschke has doubts about the suicide of his former colleague. He continues to investigate on his own initiative.
19 Jan. 2018
Der Sohn
Marco Schneider was found dead in the park. The 38-year-old still lived with his parents, but the family relationship was destroyed because of his pedophile tendencies. Marcos girlfriend Emma Horn knew nothing about it until his death.
19 Jan. 2018
Toy Boy
The opera diva Rosa Bertrano was attacked and murdered in the hotel room. Her younger husband Valentin is tied up on the floor. Everything points to a robbery. The investigators suspect that the robbery was carried out by professionals.
26 Jan. 2018
Aus Liebe
Lana Boyd, a depressed mother, kills her two-year-old child and hangs herself in the basement of the house. Her husband Johann Boyd, a doctor at the hospital, has doubts about the extended suicide.
2 Feb. 2018
Missing in Action
In a bank robbery, the store manager was shot and a large amount of cash was stolen. Looking for clues, Dagmar Schnee and Olivia Fareedi unexpectedly bump into the perpetrators.
16 Feb. 2018
Blinde Liebe
When the jogger Karsten Köllmann was shot in the park, he falls into a coma. His wife Julia Köllmann, who has been blind since an accident, has a good grip on her life, but it becomes clear that the accident has changed everyone's life.

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