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Season 18

14 Sep. 2018
A young man was found stabbed in the park. On his phone, Tom Kowalski discovers photos of his daughter Jackie taken shortly before the crime. Fearing she might be the culprit, Tom decides to hide the phone and investigate on his own.
21 Sep. 2018
Falsche Hoffnung
Presumably, the life coach Martin Becker should be killed at his book launch by a poisoned drink. But his colleague Sven takes the glass and dies. Suspected are Johanna Reisch and Becker's missing son, who suddenly appears in his life.
28 Sep. 2018
Gefährliches Vorbild
Heavy gunshot wounds characterize the body of a young man. The murdered Sammy Kessner was once considered a model student, but has increasingly slipped into crime. He was involved in arms trades over the Internet, in the Darknet.
5 Oct. 2018
Nie genug
Anne Fiori unexpectedly stands in front of Rettig's door and asks for his help in the communal garden. There they make a terrible discovery: a half-decayed corpse in the raised bed.
12 Oct. 2018
Lawyer Mark Wolters drives at night over a country road on which Ina Zimmermann's son Paul is traveling. Distracted by a flirtation with his colleague Katrin Berg, there is an accident. Wolters commits driver escape.
19 Oct. 2018
Nein heißt nein
In the course of a covert investigation against a drug dealer, Olivia Fareedi receives information about a possible rape, but she can do nothing at first.
26 Oct. 2018
Stich ins Herz
A body was discovered that has a deep puncture wound in the place of her heart. A short time later appears another dead woman, who was also killed with a targeted stab in the heart. The investigators are dealing with a serial killer.
2 Nov. 2018
Der Schattenmann
Markus Teuber was found murdered in front of a gay club. His partner Jens Rose is convinced that only their homophobic neighbor Bernd Uhlig could have been the culprit. The investigators find out that Teuber led a double life.
9 Nov. 2018
Der Fall Wendt
After the birthday party of the famous publisher Wilfried Wendt, his daughter Nicole is found dead. Shortly before, she was appointed the new managing director of the publishing house. For Wilfried Wendt his son Kai is the culprit.
16 Nov. 2018
Hinter verschlossenen Türen
Police Officer Sven Schlüter immediately alerts his colleagues at night when he finds his wife dead in his house. Defensive injuries indicate a hard fight before she died. The investigators find out that the victim had an affair.
23 Nov. 2018
For a shooting, influencer Nike Gold travels to Leipzig with her manager Doro, daughter Maggie and bodyguard Tatjana. At the airport, an unknown person attacks them. The knife attack misses Maggie narrowly, but Tatjana takes up the chase.
30 Nov. 2018
Die Intrige
The journalist Aleksander Gretzky kneels beside his dead partner. He still holds the murder tool in his hands. The case seems clear, Gretzky admits the murder. But gradually, the investigators come across inconsistencies.
7 Dec. 2018
Das Chinesische Licht
After a lunch with Prof. Rossi in a Chinese restaurant, Hajo Trautzschke is fainted and kidnapped by two dropouts from the Nazi scene. Prof. Rossi suspects bad things and informs the SOKO team, which immediately initiates a search.
14 Dec. 2018
Die falsche Muse
Tied up between her own works of art, Roberta Neuhaus is found strangled. Presumably, it is robbery, because a valuable painting is missing. The first lane leads to the convicted art dealer Nicolai Blago.
28 Dec. 2018
Das Vogelmädchen
In the course of the lawsuit against the dubious building contractor Hans Woitek, a partner of the defendant crashes to death. Apparently Tiedemann should be silenced in order not to bust the mafia structures in the industry.
4 Jan. 2019
When the paraplegic Peter Hoffmeister finds his wife murdered, he tries to take his own life, but Jan Maybach can thwart the suicide. Rettig provides a first clue: Julia Hoffmeister was registered in an escapade portal for married people.
11 Jan. 2019
Mein Kind
A petty criminal is found shot dead. Shortly thereafter, the CEO Sasha Bettenrot confesses. His motive, however, gives the case an unexpected turn. It turns out that the son of the family Bettenrot is the victim of a kidnapping.

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