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  • No. In practice, the Queen has no power, acting merely as a ceremonial head of state with most of his/her powers exercised by the government. In theory, she has certain powers - to refuse to dissolve Parliament, to appoint anyone she likes as Prime Minister, dismiss a Prime Minister and his/her Government, to refuse to give the Royal Assent to a Bill, and to refuse the "Queen's Consent", where direct monarchical assent is required for a bill affecting the prerogative, hereditary revenues. But the idea that the monarch can arbitrarily seize land from its owner is fictional.

  • No, Johnny English is derived from a series of Barclaycard advertisements in which Atkinson played a bungling superspy named "Richard Latham". Bough's character is also carried over from the ads (although played by a new actor), and many jokes are recycled from the advertisements into the film.

  • Yes, Johnny English Reborn (2011) was released in 2011.


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