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This is GOOD.
Kenneth Eagle Spirit31 March 2007
When I watched this I had mixed feelings. Being Native American myself (Cherokee) I felt odd about the spot being studied, trespassed upon if you will. And I had thoughts, gut feelings, about the place itself. The documentary is very well done, but its the PLACE thats the subject here. I felt that in opening the sealed rooms, the purpose of the rooms and their having been sealed being unknown to the archaeologists, something that had been meant to be kept there was being released. Without permission or understanding. I also felt that the place had been meant only for a certain time and a specific purpose, which thought was echoed at the end of the film. Understanding all aspects of the thing wasn't important to me. Understanding that it was sacred to a People was what mattered.
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Compelling Mystery
Jack_15157 June 2010
I recall seeing this documentary when it first aired on my local PBS station about 2000 or so and the haunting mystery of the Chaco Canyon people has remained with me since. Redford narration, the soundtrack, and beautiful photography are compelling and blend perfectly with each other. Certainly the people of Chaco Canyon had an understanding of astronomy, architecture, mathematics, and surveying, far greater than other native American tribes. It is our duty as caretakers of this land to ensure that the legacy of the Chaco Canyon people is not lost to ignorance or superstition. This documentary of the invaluable, and respectful, archaeological work done at Chaco Canyon is an important contribution.
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Answers are available to Mystery.
drstorm496712 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I know the answers to the mystery of Chaco Canyon. Extensive research has uncovered and revealed the truth of why the ancient inhabitants of the Americas spent many years working to great lengths to meticulously prepare for an enormously important event. There is overwhelming evidence that such an astonishing event occurred in ancient American History that it took the ancient inhabitants of the Americas many years to painstakingly prepare for this tremendous event. This single event brought about a complete change in the lives of these ancients. The most important occurrences before, during, and after the event were recorded by the ancient inhabitants in a very sacred record. If anyone is interested and will be open minded to the correct answers. Please reply through this forum.
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