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One of the greatest video games ever made.
Pepper Anne7 April 2004
I remember when I was about ten or so and having rented Maniac Mansion for the first time. I hated it because I couldn't figure out how to do anything. The command/graphics game play was totally alien to me. And like an impatient kid, I wouldn't bother reading the accompanying booklet. But, things worked themselves out, and Maniac Mansion soon became one of my favorite video games ever.

Maniac Mansion was produced by Lucas Arts for Nintendo. The game was such a great idea and so much fun to play. The story goes like this...

20 years ago today a meteor crashed into the backyard of the Edison family. There's Dr. Fred, his wife Nurse Edna, their son Wierd Ed, Dead Cousin Ted, purple and green tentacle, and of course, the meteor. The meteor is an life form which has hypnotized Dr. Fred into carrying out an evil plot against humanity. For some reason, it all starts with a young blonde cheerleader named Sandy.

Dave is the hero of the game and the valliant (yet sometimes dimwitted)boyfriend of Sandy. Of six friends with various skills, you select two to accompany Dave. Jeff is the light-hearted surfer with no real skills; Sid and Razor are musicians; Bernard is the super nerd who's good with mechanics; Wendy is the aspiring journalist; and Michael is the photographer. So, the simple goal is to get Dave and his two friends through the mansion to rescue Sandy. But it is no simple task, and likewise no simple story, as the plot becomes more intricate based on some of your decisions of how to go about the game. And they usually make pretty funny finales.

Not only were the graphics fantastic (for it's day, afterall it was only 1988), but each character got his own soundtrack which can be heard on the CD player they carried around. Even the villians had cool music.

Now, if you loved Maniac Mansion, I highly recommend the sequel, Day of the Tentacle, which was produced (I think) soley for PC. In that game, you play Bernard and two new friends. And you're involved with the Edisons again, except this time, in a time travelling adventure. Though I will always like the first one best, it is also one of the greatest games ever made.
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A lesson of life. An unique gaming experience. Learn and have fun.
insomniac_rod15 October 2006
A must play for past, present, and future generations!

I can't praise enough "Maniac Mansion". To be honest, this is one of the most important video games and experiences overall in my entire life. I'm from Mèxico and Spanish is my first language, but since I'm four years old I study English and I have a close relationship with American culture for many reasons.

When I was 6 or 7 years old I had a huge NES titles collection until I bought "Maniac Mansion", a graphic adventure game that changed my life. It helped me a lot as an alternate technique to learn English and not to mention that it gave me hours of entertainment and fun. Now, at 23, I remember with nostalgic this title and to be honest, I still play it when possible. I also remember having a crush on Sandy and wanting to be friends with Dave and Syd. When you get that much into the characters, it means that the game really got into you.

This is probably the second best graphic adventure title, besides "The Secret Of Monkey Island". MM is a title for children but it can surely be enjoyed by adults. The plot and atmosphere of the game is sinister but fun at the same time. The black humor used in the most important situations is priceless. You won't get bored. There's something special about MM that makes it an unique gaming experience. I really dig into the characters and their sub-plots, plus their own personal characteristics that may change the course of the game.

The list of actions to perform is also wide and makes you think twice before making a decision. Thus said, the gameplay is just perfect. You get really involved with the characters, even with the villains. It's like you are indeed roaming in the house searching for your friends.

Oh MM is not only a fun experience but it's also scary. I remember being nervous when Nurse Edna or Cousin Ed would run after me, or when I hid in their bedrooms when they went out for some reasons. Also, the dungeon scenario was nerve tensing. From the first moment with the key under the doormat, to the shocking ending, you can't help but feel many emotions. This is an emotional graphic adventure experience based not only on abilities, but on senses.

Overall, "Maniac Mansion" is a unique gaming experience. I can't praise this game more for personal reasons but also I'm objective and this is a must play video game. Among the best video games in history, MM is a title for all ages and I'm sure that it will be considered as a gem by future generations. You can't get better than this game, believe me. Hunt it down, pay the double of it's price, I don't know but please get it. You won't regret.

I am sure that my children will play this video game ,I promise for the sake of MM.
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An Instant Classic
leafs1326 August 2006
Maniac Mansion is a very complex game, with an outstanding plot with lots of twists and turns! I highly suggest it to everyone, especially fans of adventurous computer/video games. The fun thing about it is it's such a challenge. I myself had to go to a walk-through 'cheat' site to help me out. In fact, there is such depth in the plot plots that there are like 20-something ways to beat the game. It's smart and very well thought out. I highly recommend it. The original Nintendo NES game is neat, but check out the newer version on PC - and the 2004 released LucasFan version in 256 bit colour. It's the exact same game, but even more advanced! I also recommend other LucasFilm games adventure games (from the late 80's and early 90's), such as Zak Mcracken and the Alien Mindbenders and Loom. Also try the continuation of Maniac Mansion, entitled Day Of The Tentacle.
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Ahead of its time
David (DMP-2)27 February 2004
This game was awesome. Up to this point in my life, in 1988 and only 6, I had only played nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. which were fun, but the plots weren't half as involved as Maniac Mansion. No game had ever really played like a movie before. This paved the way for the masterpiece of Metal Gear Solid. It's too bad nintendo was so big on censorship, it kind of "PG" rated the game. The game had a lot of realism, but because of the censorship by nintendo it sugar-coated a lot of elements of the game. This is still a masterpiece and turning point of video games. Another masterpiece for George Lucas and it's very cool he made the change to video games. I'm waiting for a re-release and possibly a re-make.
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Nice idea, but it did not entirely work.
Aaron137510 August 2009
I liked the premise of this game and it was rather well done and rather fun. The problem is not really the game itself just the time I played it. I was to young to really figure things out, and there was no internet to look up a walk through. So I had problems doing certain things, could not quite figure things out, and I had no way of finding out the information as no one I knew ever played this game. Which is understandable, this game is a bit unique in its style and game play and most of the people I knew were more into the mainstream type games such as "Double Dragon" or "Mike Tyson's Punchout". This one though intrigued me, a person that likes those out there type of things and this certainly is in the category of out there. Basically, a bunch of teens with different specialties go through a mansion in search of a friend or a couple of friends. What they find is a very demented mansion with radioactive swimming pools and various other things of that nature. It also has a very strange family living there though one of them may prove to be your ally. It was fun, but I was never able to really do a whole lot when I played it then. Probably why I would like to play it again as I think I could figure it out a bit better now. This game also seems to have been one of those games that started as a computer game and was ported over to the Nintendo gaming system. The controls and such just make it seem to be more for a computer. I liked how you could look at everything and interact with a lot of things as well. Just a game that could have been better, but not really that, just a game I should play again now that I can look up how to do stuff and figure a way to win.
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