Ararat (2002) Poster


Charles Aznavour: Edward Saroyan



  • Raffi : But he thinks Turkey was at war with Armenia. Doesn't it bother you that he doesn't get the history?

    Edward Saroyan : No, not really.

    Raffi : I mean why didn't you explain to him that we were citizens, we were Turkish citizens. We had a right to be protected.

    Edward Saroyan : Are you driving him home?

    Raffi : Yeah.

    Edward Saroyan : Huh. Take this.

    [hands him dollar bills] 

    Edward Saroyan : Buy him a bottle of champagne. Let him think that he has done something special.

    Raffi : Something special? I'm sorry, Mr Saroyan, I don't think I understand.

    Edward Saroyan : Young man, do you know what still causes so much pain? It's not the people we lost, or the land. It's to know that we could be so hated. Who are these people, who could hate us so much? How can they still deny their hatred? And so hate us... hate us even more?

  • David : [takes out pomegranate]  You can't bring this in.

    Edward Saroyan : [endearingly]  Please.

    David : No fruit or vegetables, that includes pomegranates. it's on your form.

    Edward Saroyan : I like to eat the seed of this fruit. One each day. For luck.

    David : I'm sorry, that's not allowed.

    [Mr Saroyan takes out his penknife and cuts the fruit open] 

    David : What are you doing?

    Edward Saroyan : This way, I don't need to bring it in. I eat it here, at the gate of your country. Look

    [takes a bite and nods agreeingly] 

    Edward Saroyan : So, I bring luck in my stomach. Will you try it?

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