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13 Sep. 1986
Teen Wolf's Family Secret
In this pilot episode, Scott's Grandma comes across the old family album; Scott's ancestors likewise turned into werewolves during a full moon. Scott runs into Pam on the way home from school and Mick, Pam's jealous boyfriend, threatens Scott. Scott's family album becomes mixed into Pam's pile of books; the family album is in the back seat of Mick's car (which looks very much like a 1986 Camaro). Scott, with Stiles' help, attempts to retrieve the family album before all his other friends discover his family's secret.
20 Sep. 1986
Grandpa's in the Doghouse
Pam's sheepdog, Daisy, wanders into nosy neighbor Mrs. Sesslick's yard and starts harassing her cat, Ballard. Mrs. Sesslick chases Daisy with her broom, and after Daisy breaks Mrs. Sesslick's front screen door she calls the dog pound. Grandpa also starts chasing Ballard, and when Mr. Conroy, the dog catcher arrives, Grandpa bumps into him and both Conroy and Grandpa lose their glasses. Conroy mistakenly puts on Grandpa's glasses and takes him to the dog pound, thinking Grandpa is a dog. It's then up to Scott, his family, Stiles, and Boof to rescue Grandpa from the ...
18 Oct. 1986
Up a Family Tree
Scott Howard thought life as a werewolf could'not get any worse but things are about to get even hairier when it's time for the yearly family reunion at his house and trying to keep his hairy family secret from neighbors and unbeknownst friends becomes really tricky especially when Stiles thinks it's a good idea to show Scott's attractive cousin Eva around Wolverton on the night of a full moon and things get worse when Mick starts to show interest in Scott's cousin when he's meant to be dating Pam, but things get resolved when they manage to secret themselves away ...

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