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m0rpher5 August 2003
I love this show! It's great. I bet that those people that do voices for Disney characters are happy about it too. Almost every main Disney character I can think of appears (or has appeared) sometime in this show.

The jokes are pretty funny, and the cartoons they play within the show itself are great too. The animation is neat, and so are the stories.

I recommend this show to any Disney fan. :)
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Weird. VERY weird. Not bad, mind you, just... weird.
San Franciscan3 September 2002
This will sound unrelated when I first mention this, but there's a reason why I briefly provide this fact: before I ever saw this cartoon, I had slipped in a bathtub and banged my forehead against its rim.

I was alright, but I would spend the next couple of days or so lying groggily on a couch with the TV on with an ice pack on my head. During the first day of doing so, Toon Disney just happened to be showing a 9-hour marathon of a cartoon I have never seen before called "House of Mouse". Since nothing else was on and I couldn't move, I watched it.

For the first couple of hours or so, I couldn't help thinking, "Is this a hallucination brought on by my accident or am I *really* watching this?" Hence the reason I mention my injury.

I got that thought wandering through my mind simply because the show seemed so... strange. Not bad, mind you, it was certainly fun to watch. Just... strange.

It basically strikes me as being a sort of combination of Mouse Works and "Cartoon Planet" from the Cartoon Network during the mid-'90s. Its cartoons, more often than not, are brand new ones with surprisingly fresh gag ideas and genuinely funny moments. But for some odd reason, the whole thing still left me hollow.

Part of that reason, I think, is because the show is advertised as "so many Disney cartoon stars in one place!", yet that concept only turns out to be fancy window-dressing for what is otherwise an essentially yet-another-run-of-the-mill cartoon anthology, although the cartoons it features are done very well. The idea is not explored anywhere near as much as it could have been, which is a genuine shame.

Also, this cartoon has one speed: fast-forward. It whizzes by to such a degree that a lot of the images simply do not "read" (for those of you who aren't familiar with the term, we in the animation industry use the word to refer to how easily the human eye can register what's being shown on the screen) too terribly well. It's not as bad a problem as it was in the atrocious "Cool World" (a film still guaranteed to give first-time viewers a massive headache and nausea from mental overload--and no, I don't mean that jokingly, I'm being serious), but it's still a bit much.

Even so, the show is better than many of the cartoons currently being offered elsewhere. It's a disappointment that its main idea isn't explored more thoroughly, though--I personally think that they should dive into the other characters' interacting and all much more thoroughly and effectively and not focus so much on the actual cartoon shorts, otherwise everything else comes across as gimmicky filler. Also, some new cartoon shorts starring the actual characters *in* the audience as opposed to merely Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc. would be a refreshing change of pace and much more entertaining.

As it currently is, "House of Mouse" is sort of like eating a large cheap sweet roll when you aren't able at that moment to enjoy a full breakfast--it isn't particularly tasty, isn't particularly healthy or satisfying, but it just sort of temporarily fills you up a bit for the time being until you get to eat the real thing.
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Original Disney characters last stand
Boricanator29 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the early 2000s, I was already leaving childhood and entering the teenage years. Already you could see Disney's deterioration with the lack of original Disney cartoons been shown or new series and movies with the characters appearing. Then with Lizzie McGuire coming along, I thought Disney was doomed for sure.

This show was a really nice surprise. Even though it integrated modern aspects of society like cellphones and the internet, it stayed true to the original Disney spirit. All the characters(Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy...etc.) acted as they always had, so it felt as if you were continuing their stories from over 50-60 years ago. This show even presented some of the old shorts and integrated them as part of the past of the characters.

In addition to the old shorts, they made new shorts in the show that, although modern, stayed true to the innocent, fun and sometime educational old school Disney. We had episodes like Goofy going through 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s fashion with a narrator explaining everything much like the original Goofy cartoons talking about how to dance. We saw Donald Duck again having issues with his nephews and pretty much everything in life. Pete's story of trying to shut down the club was very in character with his general sleazy nature from the old cartoons and Goof Troop.

Lastly, this show ingeniously integrated all the other characters of previous movies and series from Snow White all the way to The Emperor's New Groove.

It saddens me to write this, because this shows success in making such an accurately canon Disney show with all the original characters, it basically makes it the last stand for the original Disney characters.

I saw one episode of the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". I saw enough. The magic is totally gone. These are not the same characters we've known for the past 60 years. The stories are gone. The magic is gone.

Farewell, guys. You've had a good run. I guess good things must come to an end.
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Great Show, Make Another Spin-Off
RSMskatr16 May 2004
"House of Mouse" was a good show. I really thought it was cool how they made new Mickey Mouse cartoons, and showed classic ones. I loved the Disneyland tie-ins (Pirates of the Caribbean, Autopia, etc.). Anyways, it's time they bring back a new Mickey Mouse show. There were some problems with it, though. The theme as a dinner theater that shows cartoons is a bit odd. The writers of the show obviously weren't very original, as they named the city "Main Street," which is obviously a rip off of Disney parks. But, all-in-all, it was a pretty good show. It revived Mickey. Kids today probably have never seen any older Mickey cartoons, so they don't really "know" Mickey Mouse. This show created a new generation of Disney fans.
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Terrific New Show!!!!!
signs93310 February 2001
The previous reviewer appears not to have seen the show, and based their opinion on descriptions of the show. There are many new shorts, and the House of Mouse scenes are very funny and smart. When I first heard about this new incarnation of "Mouseworks" I was concerned it would just be a commercial for Disney movies on videos, but the writers and animators have really made the premise work!
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Great show!
DanMat628819 August 2003
I think it's a very funny show bringing back all the classic characters, making them the crew of a lively nightclub, and making all the memorable new Disney stars the audience.

Mickey hosts the show, Minnie keeps everything backstage running smoothly, Pluto... I forget his job... Donald is the greeter, Daisy seats people, Goofy is headwaiter, Gus is the chef, Max (one of the newer characters, but still...) parks cars, Clarabell works with "word on the street", and Horace runs the cartoons.

Before the "House of Mouse", I never heard of characters like Clarabell and Horace. And when I heard that they were around before (though the other comments posted here) I was quite surprised. And I agree that it was great of Disney Studios to bring them back.

And, of course, let's not forget the new member of the Disney family, the spunky, enthusiastic talking microphone, Mike! Something I really wish is that they'd give this guy his own big break.

I love hearing lines like "Hit it, Horace!" and find it hilarious when Horace pulls out a sludge hammer or a boxing glove extender thing to, literally, well, HIT IT!

The things I don't like about the show aren't the crew's fault. Those characters I don't like are just who they are to make the show interesting. I don't like Mortimer Mouse at all. He's a jerk and a snobbish pig! And, Pete, lay off trying to shut down the House of Mouse! Though, I do wish PJ would make an appearance some time.

Well, over all, I give this show 2 ears up! (Pardon the quote from the episode "The Mouse who came to Dinner")
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Innovative idea stretched out too far
policy13414 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There once was a time when the Disney cartoons made me nauseous especially the short films. Though some of the Donald Duck and Goofy cartoons had their zany moments for the most part they were a pale shadow of the brilliant Warner Bros. shorts. Most of the time, especially when you look at the old Mickey Mouse and Pluto shorts, they were for children and only a few times was there any adult subtext like inside jokes and references to adult movie stars like Edward G. Robinson and Peter Lorre. No, I'm not bashing Disney and I will say that had it not been for him the cartoons today wouldn't have been so advanced as they are today. But although he was a technical innovator he had a one-dimensional approach to what made entertainment. So how do I see a major difference from the Disney cartoons of the past and todays. Well, when you look at a show like House of Mouse, you see more elaborate references to all things popular. From product placement to spoofing old movies and cartoons even Disney's own. One thing that is completely different is the pace, especially of a show like House of Mouse. The 20 minutes fly by without you even noticing it whereas the old cartoons dragged on forever in my opinion. Overall I will say that House of Mouse has some good moments but they are really the intervals between each cartoon Mickey presents and the only thing that I can say is pure gold is the voice-overs who come alarmingly close to the voices of yesteryear. Only Daisy and Minnie's voices are completely different, but maybe it's because I can recognise the voice of Tress MacNeille and Russi Taylor being the total Simpson freak that I am. So as said a good idea but I can see why it only lasted one season.
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Very original concept, that comes so close to capturing the spirit of the original cartoons, and almost succeeds
TheLittleSongbird29 December 2009
This show is in general terrific, I like it very much. What I loved most about the show was its concept, resurrecting all those Disney gems and expanding on those that never made it to film it was very original. House of Mouse comes very VERY close to capturing the spirit of the original cartoons and almost succeeds. But as another reviewer says, it doesn't quite, as the cartoons done under Disney's supervision are truly brilliant and cannot possibly be surpassed. That aside, the animation is absolutely great, the theme tune is catchy, the humour is funny and memorable and the story lines are fresh. Mickey(marvellously voiced by Wayne Allwine) is the most ideal character for the role of the host, and is joined by his friends Donald, Goofy and Minnie. Of course they could have expanded more on its show's concept, I would have loved to have seen more on the guests. I loved the guest appearances from the likes of Pete, Snow White, Ariel, Jafar, Jiminy Cricket, Lumiere, Captain Hook, Timon, Cinderella, Piglet and Cruella DeVil. But what made the show was the cartoons themselves, they showed my old favourites and ones I'd never seen prior to watching this show. All in all, great show. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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So Many Disney Characters All Gathered Under One Roof!
Dawalk-123 May 2009
First of all, this is one of my all-time favorite Disney animated shows. Although my only quip is that I kind of wish that the Mickey Mouse Works shorts and the featurettes from the '30s, '40s and '50s would've been dropped as intervals for what took place during the club scenes/segments, and that the latter were the bigger focus, and emphasized more. Since that's mainly what many people prefer to see a lot more for the aforementioned apparent reasons and some of us could care less about that. But I think the series is a lot better than the direct-to-video/DVD movies. Anyway, this isn't the first time various Disney characters have been shown together, from not only the shorts, but the full-length features. That title would go to 1938's Mickey's Polo Team. But this cartoon marks the first time this many characters have been assembled in this convention by that point a few years ago. Who knows when and if we'll ever see anything like this again in the future. But should another project that involves the crossover of this many Disney characters ever be made, I hope it'll be better and they get more screen time with nothing to interfere with that and them the next time around. But the show's most defining (and I think best) as well as signature, and probably most memorable moment/highlight is the part in the episode "Ask Von Drake", in which the professor duck performs a song naming the clientele there whom we've gotten to know over the decades. I wish that Disney didn't come up with and stick to that 65 episode rule, and that this one lasted longer. I too believe it had potential and limitless possibilities, if given the opportunity to grow more, so much more could've been done I agree, not all Disney shows even made it that far to 65 and this is one of them.

What else I love about it: The theme song "Rockin' At The House Of Mouse", which is performed by rockabilly singer/swing revivalist Brian Setzer is great and among my favorites. I've seen all the episodes except "Clarabelle's Christmas List", "Pete's Christmas Caper" and "Mickey And The Culture Clash". Though there are a few flaws, notably with some certain Mickey Mouse Works shorts, but I don't think that there are too many of those within them. As for the plots of what happened in the club, I'll save my critiques for individual episodes which are what would take for me to cover them. The concept of the show may be somewhat odd, I guess I agree to a certain extent, but it's still great for playing the game of "spot and point out the Disney characters". For the previous reviewers who aren't feeling this show and wrote that Looney Tunes are better, I'm partial to both and it's cool if y'all prefer one over the other more, but don't hate on Disney just because it isn't quite as wacky as the Warners/Looney Tunes stuff. Disney had wacky moments, albeit to lesser degree, on rare occasions. But the great thing about both of them is that they have there own unique qualities of what they're typically known for and that's just fine. So I don't mind nor do I see what's wrong with not being as wacky. On another quip, I wish more characters from various t.v. series made appearances and were included. I'm guessing or speculating here, but while some with then original characters who hadn't already been established yet could've appeared (e.g. the Gummi Bears cast), others that had established characters mixed with those who came along later (e.g. the Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers cast), perhaps just would've been somewhat too difficult, complicated and confusing, considering the continuity or should I say alternate universes involving the previously established featurette/full-length feature characters. Or the writers simply wanted to focus almost exclusively on characters from the films. That's only my hypothesis.

Despite some of the flaws of effort that had been put into this series, I say that it's still worth checking out and shouldn't be passed. As it provides great entertainment with the jokes of characters making references to their renowned quotes, catch phrases and such for example. Master of ceremonies Mickey and doorman Donald make a great team as co-owners of the hotspot. Maitre d' Minnie makes sure things are going in tip-top form. Head waiter Goofy is at times clumsy as ever with the food deliveries. As for the others' responsibilities at the club, I'll just let y'all check it out and find out for yourselves, if y'all can. One more thing: No one ever seems to have mentioned this but me elsewhere, but it's apparent that the main reason why this show was created was to commemorate and nearly coincide with the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney's birth. And I think this was a great and the perfect way to honor him.
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Jesper Brun6 August 2017
I laughed hard several times watching this show. The way Mickey and co. interact with the other characters from all the Disney Animated Classics is just hilarious.

The cartoons are also pretty good, but the whole concept of running the venue "House of Mouse" is what makes this show great.

The reason it does not get full ratings from me is because the setting of the show limits itself to only that place. If the makers of the show put in some more episodes with extraordinary events which take the whole setting and crew to unexpected residents.

It was just a thought, because everything else is great.
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Great Disney show here.
mwcrunner29 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best shows that Disney Channel has to offer. I can still think of other great Disney shows on Disney Channel besides this like DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, Tailspin, Gargoyles, and all these new Mickey Mouse cartoons premiering. This show includes a lot of favorite Disney characters like Aladdin, Hercules, Tarzan, Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Bambi, Simba and Nala, Timon and Pumbaa, the Genie, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Mulan, Chip n Dale, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, PLuto, Goofy, and of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Also a fact about Mickey and Minnie is that in all the cartoons they've been in they've never actually been seen getting married, but Walt Disney in real life said that they actually are married just like Walt and his wife Lilian were. One of the best sketches in this show is Goofy's extreme sports. Also 2 of Mickey's greatest foes Pete and Mortimer are in this show and Mickey always stands up to them. All the other Disney villains are in this show too except ones from most recent Disney films like the Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia. One of the very funny episodes of this show is when Mickey and Minnie visit Topsy Turvy Town and everything there was all Topsy Turvy lol. Great Disney show here for all Disney fans.
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Surprisingly funny
busterbunny198330 October 2003
First off, this might be a good time to mention that in general, i hate disney. It is probably because of the bad taste left i my mouth from when, not too long ago, they showed the old Disney crap from the '70s.

I avoided this for a long time, but found it is a lot funnier than one would think. I would have to say that this is definately MUCH better than the original, and if you still don't like disney because of the old 1950-90 crap, you should give this a try.
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Very funny!
Snoopy130 January 2003
Hilarious, clever, and wonderful! The best new cartoon on right now.

I am an adult who recently caught this show on Disney. It's a great show...the good old classic characters with a modern spin on it. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a kids' show. I highly recommend it to any Disney fan.

And whoever said that Looney Toons is better than this is lacking brain cells! This cartoon is actually witty and intelligent.
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Suprisingly funny (spoiler)
Tricer144731 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this show while channel surfing and decided to check it out. Here;s the lowdown. Mikey owns a club where the animated Disney characters go to for entertainement. I know this sounds lame and alot like 'Yogi's Gang (should be gag ugh) but is very good. This show is really very funny. Example Mr.Toad goes crazy on his bike and runs right through Corella Deville's table. Response. "I'LL MAKE SHOES OUT OF YOU.'' Bottom line: nice animated show and its funnier than the corny sitcom, ''Even Stevens' and that thing known as "Lizzie McGuire
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what a great cartoon show!
kramrueb15 May 2002
This is one of the best cartoon shows Disney has made! (But nothing can top the Disney Afternoon shows) It's so much fun watching all the characters together. The jokes are hilarious and the new cartoons are great. The ones with Donald and baby Shelby are soooo funny! What a great show and revival of classic, lovable Disney Characters!
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A perfect TV Show to bring all your favorite Disney characters together
wesjordao55717 February 2002
This show is great. It brings every Disney characters together in one big show. The show has ended now, I think. And if it did, it was probably just showing for Walt Disney's 100th bithday. Well, I think it was great, and I hope they would continue this show and add more of the new chareters (example: Atlantis, Emperor's New Groove, and whatever other disney movies there are in the future).
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While the cats away.......
brinksnirvana18 June 2001
This new show is not just a rehash of Mickey Mouseworks, as I had previously thought. It has new shorts and it is also a great premise, all the wonderful characters in one room, what could go wrong. Nothing does go wrong. For the first time ever the cartoons border on reality, one episode mentioned the fact that there would be many broken bones suffered in that short. There are some great one-liners and some handy references to modern culture, splashing pumpkins. I wasn't quite ready for Mouseworks to go, but I will be destroyed if this little beauty leaves the air. Donald is still the best character, with Goofy not too far behind. We all love Disney, so succumb to this cartoons advances. Depending on your age it is actually better than "The Simpsons."
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mrsnawahine10 May 2001
I really enjoy this show! I won't say how old I am, but let's just say I'm "young at heart". I love Disney animation and have a little one of my own. She watches "House of Mouse" with me every Saturday morning and she enjoys the animation as well. It's a lot of fun to watch, and I really enjoy the nightclub scenes. The shorts are wonderful, too. Where else can you see new animation of Classic Disney characters? Check it out and judge for yourself....
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Don't bother!
television-13 February 2001
This show is nothing but a re-tooling of Disney's Mickey Mouse Works with every character from all of Disney's animated movies. Mickey, Goofy and Donald own a club where all the stars of other Disney features come and watch re-runs of Mickey Mouse Works. Walt Disney Television Animation should be ashamed of wasting so much of the company's money on animated series that don't make sense!
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Horrible, Like All Mickey Mouse Cartoons.
The-Flaming-Pig13 September 2002
I may be 1 of the 16 people on earth that hate Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Disney Cartoons (Omit: Shrek, Monsters Inc, Recess and some of the Good Ones) But, these old Mickey mouse cartoons are just dumb. Noone I grew up with liked them or thought they were the LEAST bit funny. And they still make shows, thinking that they STILL have funniness and wit that they thought they had when they started. Maybe it's me, and lots of others like Mickey Mouse cartoons, So dont listen to me if you dont want to, But I ALWAYS, ALWAYS thought bugs bunny and that crew were hilarious! I grew up laughing at how Coyote Blew himself off the cliff again and again. Even the Video Games Stunk. Now they have a 'live show' with all your favourite Disney Stars. I never HAD any favourite Disney stars until Toy Story came rollin along. These just aren't funny. Yes, These Mickey Mouse cartoons may be safe for your kids, but it sensitizes them and kills and, if little, sense of cartoon humor and violence they may grow on. Give 'em a Bugs Bunny vs. Yosamite Sam Cartoon. Sure it's full of cartoon violence, Guns, TNT, Extreme Beatings, Pain and the Frequent act of falling off cliffs. But, THEY ARE FUNNY!!!FUNNY!!! Your kids will love them. Disney tried to capture that humor, but they got a high-pitched half-mime, Half-Mouse like creature with 'Magic' That influenced Generations. I cannot name anyone I know that grew up with disney that has ANY sense of humor. They think tripping and falling down is a friggin' laugh riot. Dont feed your kids this garbage, give em Bugs! Yosamite! Daffy, Not Donald! Sylvester & Tweety and of course: Coyote + Roadrunner.
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A fun new spin on Mickey
studioAT13 October 2016
'The House of Mouse' was a fun idea. It allowed a new generation of kids to get to know the characters of Mickey, Donald etc., while also being an opportunity for Disney to air new Mickey Mouse cartoons.

It's also nice how characters from other Disney films are the guests at the theatre, and the interaction between them and Mickey etc. all is always one of the highlights of each episode.

I remember enjoying this show when I was a kid because it was so different from other shows on TV at the time. You'd also see a character in the background and go "oh, I like them. What film are they in?" and then go and rent the video.

I enjoyed this show.
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Cancall it, it's Crappyly made
tommypezmaster6 June 2007
This is an horrible crap, with poor drawings & voice acting and not so much humor. I think Kirby Right Back at ya! is a loooooooooot better than this terrible and famous cartoon. I don't like to watch that poor Voice acting, I recently saw an episode and I couldn't stand it. It didn't made me laugh a bit, I was not pleased to see this so called "classic", which every American loved when kid. And in the place I live nobody liked it more than Kirby. And Kirby Right Back at Ya! has less score because many persons think it needs work and hates him, but no one hates the show that made Mickey Mouse look bad. Disagree all you want I don't care a bit! Because definitely is not good at all. I don't like this thing.
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