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a brilliant, modern look at the lives of teenagers
sizzlepepper19 November 2003
If anyone remembers Degrassi, Edgemont is the new Degrassi, only focused on

a smaller cast of characters. The premise is the same: no one set main

character, and a bunch of teens interacting at school and dealing with issues in serious and comedic settings. The show is realistic and reaches out to

teenagers and adolescents -- there are no 'adult' characters on the show

(teachers and parents are not shown). This allows the series to maintain its

unique focus on the kids of A.C. MacKinley high. The show takes place in BC,

Canada, but its concept can be universally translated by any North American

teen. Kristin Kreuk, from Smallville got her start on Edgemont, but there are some other great gems of actors to be found on this show. It is definitely worth taking a look at.
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Ok, so I was wrong....
JBoze31315 February 2001
This show is actually really good. Honestly, it's one of the shows I never miss now. After watching the first episode again, I saw a lot of good things happening, and it looked as tho the show had potential...so I watched again, and now I have seen all five episodes that have aired. This shows IS original, contrary to what I said in my last comment. The characters are likeable, and you can't help but totally get drawn into their lives. The story with Jen and Mark is really interesting, even tho for some reason, I find myself wanting Laurel to break it all up. Each episode has a moral of sorts, and two of the characters say a little something about that particular lesson at the end of each show. The acting is fairly good, can't see anything wrong with it, and when you keep watching the show- the sets and props, etc work really well. It all comes together very nicely, and I'd probably give the show a 9/10 so far. I'll keep watching...
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most excellent
Manji10 December 2001
Ok, ok don't let anyone fool you because Edgemont is one of the best "teen" shows around. Boasting a stellar cast, mostly representing Canada, the topics and storylines tackled on this show are timely or entertaining (or both). Some of the weirdest characters I've ever seen inhabit this little show that has me begging for more each week that I watch. The most bizarre aspect of the show is the absence of parents.teachers, this show is about kids without the muddling and meddling of adults. If Edgemont was a real high school, I'd quit university just to attend one season, um, semester to get even a glimpse of the characters in action.

Awkward situations seem intensified by the way the show is filmed. They may not flex a strong budget, but that's what makes the show so much better. You're there for the characters if you like this show and I know I'm not alone, I've run into quite a few other Edgemont fanatics who feel the same way. Long live Weirdo Canadian Teen Dramas!!!
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Edgemont, not Hollywood teen drama crap (Possible spoilers)
5847231 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I hate all teen dramas (O.C., Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell). But for some reason, I like Edgemont. It reminded me exactly of my Junior High School in the way things ran. From the queen b type (Annika, to the fake punk girl (Kat), to the girl that gets herself pregnant (Jenn), it was just like my school. If you want an accurate view of a Canadian high school or middle school, Edgemont is it. It never tries to shock people with outrageous material, but deals with serious issues in a responsible manner. Shannon is a lesbian, but she is afraid to tell her family and friends. Instead of having some big lesbian kissing scene (like a Hollywood show would do), her sexual orientation is revealed very subtly to her friends. The O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210 were about rich kids, and shows like Saved by the Bell were about high school the way parents thought (or hoped) it was like. Edgemont is a slick, accurate view of school and is not run of the mill. Open your mind, and the show will grow on you.
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This show is more brilliant than it initially lets on
sizzlepepper23 January 2004
This show is startlingly realistic and the acting by far exceeds that of most cheesy teen dramas. By no means is this your regular, run-of-the-mill teeny

bopper show. It is poignant and compelling, and also unique in that it centers its story solely around the students of A.C. MacKinley High, and does not crowd the show with parent or teacher characters. Watching these teenagers interact is

genuinely engaging, if you can get past the rather obvious inexpensive nature of the show's set(s). Still, this gives it almost an honesty - it feels as if this show is truly centered around teenagers lives as they would express themselves, and

not some silly contrived adult depiction.
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The Best Teen Show!!
Angel-Marie8 September 2001
Edgemont is the best!! It doesn't need Britney Spears or N'Suck to be a great show. This pinpoints a real high school not some fake high school where celeberties are featured frequently. So if you want some airhead show about nothing you tuned into the wrong show.
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On the Edge of Adulthood
hellraiser719 November 2017
This show looking back on it is another of my guilty pleasures but all the same still has sentimental value for me and it's one of the only teen shows that I can actually watch and hold up for me, as opposed to most that had their time but just fizzled away from my interest and life. Watching it not is even more interesting as it's kinda like looking at passages in a journal, knowing I use to be there.

I remember seeing this show when I was a senior in high school, this was literally the last teen drama show I've ever seen. It's kinda ironic on two counts from part of the show's theme which was about teens ascending toward adulthood to my current high school status which meant leaving high school soon and being on the edge of adulthood.

Yeah like most teen dramas it kinda plays out like a soap opera, however to me this was one of those dramas done right and unlike most soap operas this one doesn't suck because it does several things right for me and makes the show kinda unique.

From well rounded characters that actually are a little three dimensional but actually feel human; they all have their typical dilemmas personal and professional but they deal with them as best they can.

The other advantage is the show is a bit of a comedy, it doesn't take itself too seriously, at times the show and even the actors were a bit self aware of this. From the limited set pieces we always see, the number of areas the characters venture you can't help but think wow Edgemount High must be the smallest high school ever. I also always wondered what was the town of Edgemount like. But then again this show like most soaps had a limited budget where we literally were watching a stage play so what do you expect. Yet this just added to the comedic nature. Certain bits of dialog and situations are a bit stretch but not stretched to the point of ridiculous, more like it's funny because it's true even we might have done some stupid things or at least heard about them.

The music is also really good it has some songs choices you may be familiar with that are oldies but goodies but also correspond with the time of this show. But the big advantage are in the story and character arcs throughout the show, what makes them stand out are they they do actually add up to something and their straightforward. There is an occasion twist or two that I honestly didn't see coming but like I said it only happened on occasion, it's not frequent where most shows I feel have abused that practice. The twist aren't stupid because there is actually weight to them, they actually add more to the story and it's presents an obstacle for the characters but it's actually moves the character development along as it's part of their lesson in growing up and doing/being better than before.

I really like all the characters, surprisingly this is one of those rare occasions there is a show where there is not one bad character or one I absolutely hate (in my book anyway). Other interesting fact is most of the actors in this show are sci-fi alumni, you might have seen them turn up in a sci-fi series or two.

I'll just pick out two characters that are my favorites since there is so many and I actually on some of the actresses; which makes the decision a little harder; but like I said two, no more no less.

Laurel (Kristin Kruik): Yeah, I've seen "Smallville" (liked it at the time) but this show is where it started for me for this actress. I just had the biggest crush on her she was just so pretty and hot. But I just love the character she plays; she's relatable on one count as she's interested and in a field that I'm involved with also which is the entertainment/media field she has big dreams there and constantly struggles to do more there. But I mainly love her for that sense of warmth and maturity, she is just a person that is easy to talk to that you can easily be friends with. She also kinda passive aggressive which is another thing I can relate to, I really love that she not afraid to exercise some aggression which shows how strong and independent a person she is.

Gill (Richard Khan): This guy is just a really fun character whom I can also relate a little to. But his nature the guy is a geek but he's never really sees or feels he's one, which is why it doesn't show much. He's a man with big dreams and ambitions from certain big projects like making a movie or play, finding love, to the common pursuit of coolness. But it's funny because most of the time it always ends in failure either because he tries to hard or just does too much. Like there was this revolving arc for a while on this play he was trying to produce, direct, write, make and act much like Jackie Chan and his movies; the result well lets just say it was theater history. However despite what happens in the end he never gives up, he's tries again or tries something else to get what he wants in life which is true about all of us.

So if your a fan of teen drama shows and are interested in vintage classics this show is worth checking out. In such a small place and space as Edgemount a lot can happen.

Rating: 3 stars
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Where's Britney Spears?
Rio-78 June 2001
I keep waiting for Britney Spears or someone from N'Sync to walk onto the set of this pathetic so-called show. Honestly, I cannot believe this show would last long. High school teenybopper shows ara a dime a dozen these days, and this show is no different. Take a bunch of stick-skinny, highly sexual teen characters and place them in a high school atmosphere: what do we get? A lot of teens mouthing off to each other and talking about who slept with whom. I remember 'Fifteen' and 'Welcome Freshman' from my younger Nickelodeon days, and at least those shows had some body and plot. The only episode I saw of Edgemont was a major turn-off, and I hope I never have to see it again. I regret what we are teaching our teens these days...
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Fits the market it was made for
Piglet-443 August 2018
I am writing this in hopes of countering one of the reviews I read that admitted they only watched one episode. Condemning a show on a single episode (especially one that later survived 4 seasons) is ridiculous and small minded.

If you are going to bad mouth a show... have the courtesy to watch 3 or 4 episodes at least. The pilot is often shot a year in advance and the actors have little background to work with. I try to give a show at least 5 or 6 episodes to find their groove before I start getting really critical. Thats why we have TIVO!!!!

A good portion of the cast went on to bigger and better things (Smallville and BSG!!!) so that tells you there was talent here. If you are watching it now... most likely on streaming or some other binge-able format ... you can fastforward some of the bits that dont work so well at first and will be able to give it a proper chance to develop in later episodes.

Cheers mate!
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JBoze31319 January 2001
Only one episode has aired, so maybe this is premature, but from the episode I saw, this show doesn't like very stellar. It is on Fox Family as a brand new original series, so you can't expect much if you ask me. The actors are decent at best, and a lot of the stuff makes it look like a very cheap production. It works for this format of show, but it still looks cheap. The story might progress better, but for now, it seems to be uninspiring and unoriginal. Looks like most series aimed at high school kids with nothing better to do. We'll see if my opinion stands tho......
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A good teen show
lilant25 November 2001
I like this show but to bad they dont air if here anymore. I seen a lot of show but this is one of the best I seen in a long time. I seen this on cable for the first time and it blow me away. This is a serious teen show for kids and grownups. So if you see this show one day you will like it.
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odd-design12 January 2014
i was watching the news and this came on after it....the camera work is trying way to hard to be creative, it ends up making one dizzy.

the script is done by monkeys watching reruns of melrose place, i'm pretty sure.

and the acting is done by the same monkeys.

there may be a law in some states about showing this to children, i could be wrong but it has the ability to stunt knowledge retention. in some ways i think they show this type of programming to promote stupidity amongst young adults, because if they get creative, that could be dangerous.
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