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A darkly textured, powerfully suspenseful genre piece.
Narc is convincing, an entertaining, grimy view of the traps of machismo tucked inside a cop thriller.
Taut and well-acted, faltering only when the filmmaker loses faith in the power of his story.
This may be the most uncompromisingly raw police drama since "Across 110th Street," starring Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto.
Chicago Tribune
With such skilled filmmaking and committed acting on display, Narc is far more a score than a bust.
As the most diabolically focused and politically incorrect cop this side of Popeye Doyle, Liotta is a hot prospect for this year's supporting-actor Oscar.
Portland Oregonian
Beneath its frantic surfaces, Narc is terribly ordinary, built on a mystery that will puzzle only those who have never watched a TV cop drama.
Baltimore Sun
Some might find the whole thing exhilarating, but exhausting is more the word that comes to this man's mind.
Dallas Observer
Authenticity and plausibility get gunned down from the get-go, but if explosive shaky-cam ultraviolence and frequent extreme close-ups of greasy whiskers are your bag, this hyperactive wannabe may count as something of a score.
The movie is designed to show off Liotta's acting skills, but pointless mayhem and sheer nastiness crowd out any virtues it might have had.

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