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gnasher10016 March 2003
The usual quality of BBC police dramas is questionable. They are either depressing (e.g. Messiah) or just plain awful and unbelievable (e.g. Mersey Beat). In Deep gets the mix just right. It doesn't go too far with gadgets, action, abilities of the main characters etc.. but has the right amount to keep you enthralled without going into "yeah - right" territory. I didn't believe Nick Berry could pull it off (I loathe Heartbeat) but he produces a great performance every episode.

The stories are written very well, with twists and turns, humour, drama and action. It is split into two episodes per story, and the suspense that grips you between episodes means that you are sat in front of the tv well in advance to make sure you don't miss it.

If you haven't seen it yet. Do so.
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Best Show Ever
angel_of_fantasy1315 November 2004
I have never liked cop shows. They do not appeal to me at all. I don't find the story of two cops, going undercover as bad guys to catch the real bad guy very gripping, but this show is different. it has two very likable main characters, who are played extremely well by Nick Berry and Stephen Thompkinson. The stories are constantly changing and the characters are always developing. It is funny, scary, thrilling and above all a really great show. The writers, directors and editors DO NOT NEED TO BE CHANGED AS OTHERS HAVE SAID, and the NICK and STEPHEN belong in their roles. it is one of the most enjoyable T.V show out at the minute and i definitely would watch the news to see the last part to it.!
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Very good undercover cop drama
ROK20 February 2001
Well the first episode of this new series has finished and i for one really enjoyed it. It puts a newish twist on cop dramas. The two leads Nick Berry [ Eastenders, Heartbeat ] and Stephen Tompkinson [ Drop the Dead Donkey, Ballykissangel ]have proven themselves elsewhere and seem to gel well. The stories ( this first one at least ) seem to have enough surprises to keep you guessing right to the end. Even though the BBC do seem to have an unfortunate habit of showing too much as a trailer for the second episode at the end of the first, and seem to re-cap 85% of the first at the start of the second.

In the first story Nick's character has to investigate his old Squad, which is now run by his Wife's best friend's husband who is also a close friend of his. "Garth" Tompkinsons character, gets involved with the lives of the Prostitutes he's using to try and get information on a Madame who is running them.

All stories mix and leads to a stage where almost everyone is under suspicion of something and your left guessing till the very end what the outcome will be.

Check this series out. It deserves to run for quite a while...which probably means it'll be cancelled after one season, as seems to be the norm these days for anything that dares to be innovative or different from the diet of soap operas and makeover shows that fill 80% of the schedules these days.
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First class series. 'In Deep'.
toucan2921 July 2008
Wow what a brilliant series. 'In Deep' is a first class cop show. Here in Australia we have just found the DVD sets and bought them all. Far better than all the other cop shows around. The two stars Nick Berry & Stephen Tompkinson are excellent in their roles and the stories are quite complex. We couldn't stop watching them until we had seen them all. If you haven't seen them yet - then do so! You won't be disappointed. Great action, good actors, and good stories.I have seen 'The Professionals'(years ago) and loved it, BUT this is much better. I just wish there were more episodes to see. Series 1-3 so far! Great television. Each story is in 2 parts, which make for an 2 hour in-depth storyline. There are also some really good supporting actors in it too. Best show for years!!Well done BBC.
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The Professionals, but without the charm of Bodie and Doyle
modius24 April 2003
I'm not a fan of either Nick Berry or Stephen Tompkinson - and regardless how much the BBC tries to ram down the throat that these two guys shouldn't be messed with - I just don't buy Nick Berry as a hardman. I don't care how much melodramatic music, lighting or story they pump into the script I just smirk as an unshaven Berry tries to con his way into every eb of the episode's bad guy.

To its credit, the writing isn't bad but the idea's been done many times before - such as "Thief Takers", "99-1", "The Knock" and the inevitable comparison to "The Professionals", which I find quite bemusing.

Sure there's action sequences, stunts and the bravado of these Bodie and Doyle wannabe's - but somehow I just don't care about the characters as much as I want to. I care more about Berry's family and Berry's view on fathership than what he does to sting a drug baron.

Anyway, its not bad for what it is. Another Professionals type show. Shame it doesn't have the charm of Bodie and Doyle, but then again - not many shows have.

I don't buy Nick Berry has a hardman, I'm sorry - but I don't.

Overall: 4/10
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