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The whole thing's a technical foul
Steve Pulaski18 June 2013
Boy, am I glad that I didn't watch Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights during the holiday season. I would've been more morose than when I watched Bad Santa two weeks before Christmas last year. But after viewing that I was morose in the kind of way that is a tad more welcoming than hurting. If I had seen this film weeks leading up to Christmas, I'd feel slightly contemptible and sad inside.

This is a cynical, depraved film that, even worse, has no reason to be so cynical and depraved. It's expected of Sandler to include scatological humor and slight-offensiveness in his films, sure, but it's unexpected of him to include such derogatory representations of his own culture and unnecessary rudeness in the time of the holidays. I can only imagine the stunned reactions of parents that were lured into this with the appeal of Christmas images and holiday sweetness on TV only to be met with one smarmy, laugh-free punch after another. It's so rare we get a film that deals with a holiday aside from Christmas during the December month; did the one Hanukkah film we get have to be directed by Adam Sandler? He voices several characters in the film, one of them Davey, who he also resembles, a Jewish man in his mid-thirties, deeply loathing of the holidays and all the cheer they bring to people. After being convicted of public drunkenness in yet another offense, just when he's about to go away to prison, Whitey Duvall (voiced by Sandler, as well), the local youth basketball coach, offers him a job as a referee down at the gym to which he accepts. Whitey is a short, kind old man, who lives with his wife Eleanor (also voiced by Sandler), and whole-heartedly believes that Davey could do right if he put his mind to it. The problem is Davey doesn't have any ambition to do right and consistently puts everyone around him down because he himself can't be happy with the cards he has been dealt.

There's only so many times I can watch a man belittle and harass a sweet older man until it becomes nearly unwatchable. The constant abuse Davey brings to Whitey's life is mean-spirited just for the sake of being mean-spirited and rarely results in a laugh or a smile. Davey's attitude, alone, never sparks any particular laugh either. There's a big difference between someone who adopts a sour attitude because of past life experiences that have scarred him and a person who adopts one purely out of choice. Davey has one event in his life that happened at a young age that was supposed to spawn this cynicism and disgust for human happiness and holiday cheer. That was years ago and you think the anger and hostile would've worn off with the passage of almost two decades. Not a chance. He remains as mean and as nasty as if the event occurred yesterday.

The film is also a musical, which isn't as awful as that sounds. Some songs, particularly "Davey's Song," are kind of infectious in their contempt for the holidays. "Technical Foul," the song Whitey sings when he's introducing Davey to all the rules of his own, is a cute little anthem as well. However, none of which allow Eight Crazy Nights to surpass its codger attitude to everything it sets up. But it feels even more insincere when the film abandons its mean-spiritedness for the fluffy, Hallmark-card cuteness that it feels obligated to tack on in the last act of the film to show Davey really has come a long way as a human. I would've had more respect for the film had it stayed true to its inherently grumpy roots.

Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights is an unhealthy film for the holidays. A cheap, trite ordeal, at only seventy-six minutes, it's an obnoxious pictures that gives a new meaning to the word "humbug." It's a blatant ripoff of A Christmas Carol, and tries to justify its mean-spirited qualities as the formula for a "reformation," change-of-mind story that we've seen time and time again in better, more tolerable films.

Voiced by: Adam Sandler, Jackie Titone, Austin Stout, and Rob Schneider. Directed by: Seth Kearsley.
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keithD-411 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I had no choice but to watch this movie at a friends last night. I have no problem with toilet humor and crude can sometimes be funny. But watching deer defecate (does this count as a spoiler!?) and then happily eat frozen human excrement is not funny. And in a movie about a jewish festival....Old Whitey's voice is intensely and constantly irritating as is his sister's, but I guess that's just personal opinion. There were one or two funny moments, one song near the end was amusing, but this still genuinely ranks as one of the worst movies of all time. The actual animation wasn't bad, which is about the best that can be said for it. A waste of the animators' talent and energy. Truely apalling.
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Out of 'toon: Sandler's 'Nights' stinks
gregeichelberger24 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Originally published on Dec. 6, 2002:

If there's one thing worse than an Adam Sandler film, it's an ANIMATED Adam Sandler film, and the newest Columbia release, "Eight Crazy Nights," is certainly no exception to this rule.

And despite some allusions to Dickens' tale of redemption and forgiveness in "A Christmas Carol," this story is vile, depressing and mean-spirited with absolutely no redeeming value but to give the normally intelligent viewer a terrific migraine.

The title refers to the eight nights of Hannukah and is about as respectful to the Jewish faith as a Yassar Arafat speech in the West Bank or Adolf Hitler's Nuremberg Laws.

Plot has Sandler-voiced Davey Stone, a bitter alcoholic (can you feel the Holiday spirit?!) sentenced to community service by a judge with as much sense as Lance Ito.

This punishment, which involves him as a referee for youth basketball games is like putting Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of a Boy Scout picnic. In this position, Stone is sheltered by another ref, Whitey (also voiced by Sandler), a small, goofy old man whose kindness is repaid by being shoved down a hill while using a porta-potty.

Sidesplitting so far, isn't it? Another scene we're supposed to laugh at is when Stone insults a pudgy boy by making fun of his breasts. Comedy like will most likely appeal to drunken idiots or college frat guys with absolutely nothing better to do.

Another problem with this film is that with each rotten insult, each lame joke and each failing gag is that the viewer - if he or she has ANY brains at all - actually feels embarrassed to be in on it. In other words, there is nothing even remotely humorous about this horrid dung-heap.

And Stone, even though a cartoon, is such a revolting, nasty, unsympathetic lead that one feels nothing but open disdain for his character. Even the script's lame attempt to justify his behavior by making his parents die on the eve of Hannakah when he was a kid, does not illicit one bit of positive emotion at all.

To make things even worse, the picture is sprinkled with several Holiday song parodies, including a new version of Sandler's "Hannakah Song," making it one of the worst musicals since "Grease 2" and "Newsies." Like any number of Sandler movies (with the possible exception of "The Water Boy" and "The Wedding Singer"), intelligent dialogue is substituted with maniacal outbursts and acts of bizarre violence, while comedy is replaced with vulgarities and just plain stupidity.

Then, there's the artwork, which features Stone drawn to look just like Sadler, but other principal characters inked like poor versions of Yoda, while several of the star's stable-mates, including "SNL" alumni Rob Schneider and Kevin Nealon, among others fill up the non-talented vocal cast.

All in all, "Eight Crazy Night" is about as cheerful and watching an embalming and is a film that only Ed Gein would enjoy - although he might have had better taste than that now that I think about it.
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What's wrong with this movie?
yabuturtle4 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously, what's wrong with you people? So what if Adam Sandler plays a bunch of other people? It was still very entertaining. This movie was beautifully animated and had pretty funny scenes. The songs were pretty catchy too. If you think this has a lot of toilet humor, then you haven't seen nothing yet. There are movies with a hell of a lot more toilet humor than this. And there are holiday movies far worse than this. There's nothing wrong with toilet humor anyways. It's only bad if they overdo it, and to me, they didn't overdo it in this movie. You people who don't like it are all acting like this is Adam Sandler's worse movie ever and you're wrong. It does have pretty good comedy, and it's nice to see a holiday movie with a little more adult humor for a change.

It also shows why real people might be grumpy around the holidays. ( Like Davey Stone hearing about his parents killed on Chanukah). And it shows that people in real life can really be mean to one another for no more reason then the way the look or sound or act. (Like Whitey for example). This movie has it's morals and comedy and it can even be a little sad sometimes. Seeing Davey go from a real good kid to a real jackass was kind of sad to see. Luckily, he realizes that it's not right to do what he's doing and he changes his ways. I just wish I can see people in real life change their ways, too.

The bottom line is, this is a good movie. I don't know why it got such a low rating. It's just appalling. Like Mr. Chan would say " Sound to me like you are all on crack! " In my opinion, that was his best line ever. Anyways, see this movie!
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Don't waste your time or your money on this...
Drewboy-28 December 2002
The animation looked pretty good - the police car was up to date at least. But the plot line in this sophomoric stinker was the worst I'd ever seen, with only one possible exception. The rating should have been an "R" and it wouldn't be the first for an animated feature. Insulted my intelligence!
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funny movie (i'm no sandler fanatic)
bmmcdonald26 November 2006
I saw this movie a year or so ago on television. I had never even heard of it before but when I sat down to watch it I thought it was a pretty funny movie that did a good job of capturing the holiday spirit. I see that there are a lot of sandler enthusiasts on here who think this movie sucks because they have to compare this movie with all of his other work. I don't think I would even place a movie like this in the same critical category as his other films. With that being said I thought the movie was original in perspective and outright hilarious. Whitey Duvall makes me laugh every time I see his odd shaped feet and hear his squeaky voice. This film has a pretty mature sense of humor and wouldn't be suitable for small children but if you have teenagers i think it's great for a family laugh.
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A great movie with a good theme
phpierce30 December 2005
I totally disagree with the other review. This movie may not be a movie that is suitable for children, but I don't think that was the intention. This is clearly an adult style holiday movie. Meant for someone with a sense of humor. If you are a fan of Adam Sandler this a typical Sandler classic. I absolutely recommend this movie to any adult with a good sense of humor. The antics and situations that Whitey is put through will make you laugh and cry. Until this movie I didn't think a cartoon could pull on your heart strings, this one does. If you listen to the movie and besides the comedy you get what the message is, then you will think that it is a good holiday movie to. So give it a chance and you won't be disappointed.
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I can't even say "Eight Decent Jokes"
Electrified_Voltage23 February 2008
"Eight Crazy Nights", or "Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights", a crude animated film, shows comedian Adam Sandler in cartoon form. I'm no die-hard fan of his, but I think he can be funny, so I recently decided to check out this film, despite a lot of negative reviews. Well, guess what? Now I agree with those negative reviews. I'm sure this film had potential to be a decent comedy (like some of Sandler's live action films), and a good, touching holiday adventure as well, but it didn't really turn out to be either of these things, unfortunately.

Davey Stone lives in the town of Dukesberry, New England. He is now in his early thirties, and is a nasty alcoholic with a bad reputation. Twenty years ago, he was basically the opposite, but something went horribly wrong! Now that he's so uncouth, he is known to cause trouble, and one December night, the first night of Hanukkah, he is arrested for leaving a restaurant without paying. He is sentenced to community service as an assistant referee for a youth basketball league, working for the head referee, Whitey Duvall. Since that was not Davey's first offence, he will be sentenced to ten years in prison if he breaks the law again! As the days of Hanukkah go by, and Christmas draws near, the good-natured Whitey tries to change Davey's ways, but is there any hope?!

Adam Sandler provides the voice for Davey, who looks just like him, as well as the voices for Whitey and his sister, Eleanore. Personally, I found Whitey's voice maybe not quite irritating, but close, and I think I found Eleanore's voice fairly irritating. Those voices, however, certainly didn't ruin the entire experience for me. The main problem with "Eight Crazy Nights" is that as a comedy, it's pretty lame. I do not recall ever laughing, and recall smiling only a couple times, one of them being when Davey tells his car not to stay up too late. Whitey having seizures - not funny! Whitey covered in fecal matter - not funny! Reindeer licking ice and feces off of him - not funny! People laughing so hard that they shoot out snot while reindeer outside laugh so hard at the same joke that they shoot out feces - not funny! Some of these gags put a puzzled look on my face, or grossed me out a bit! The film is somewhat touching at times, especially around the end, and if it weren't for that, I think I would give it a lower rating than the already low 4.

I have no problem with the premise or animation here. Like I said, the main problem with this film is the lame humour. I'm certainly NOT irked by all crude, tasteless humour. Since this is a case where that kind of humour is used in animation, I feel I should mention that "South Park" has made me laugh hard numerous times! However, when crude humour is not funny, it can be frighteningly bad (like when those hacks, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer do it), and that is sometimes the case in "Eight Crazy Nights", or if not, it sometimes comes very close! Knowing that Jon Lovitz had a voice-over role in this film, I am reminded of Jay Sherman, his character in the short-lived cartoon series, "The Critic" (a good show, in my opinion), and the character's catchphrase, "It stinks." I really think that catchphrase, though simple, is a good one to use to describe this movie. Without a doubt, "Eight Crazy Nights" marked a low point in Sandler's career.
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8 wasted dollars
ashspicefilms5 December 2002
People on this site are complaining that people who don't like it are simply upset because they don't like it's stupid or gross humor. I am here to dispell that fallacy. The very vulgar Baseketball is a work of art in my opinion. I cracked up at the obscenity-laden Jay and Silent Bob strike back. The brainless Kung Pow brought tears of laughter to my eyes. Even a lot of Sandler's jokes and songs on his CD's are pretty funny. The reason I can't stand this movie is not because of the nature of the jokes, it's because it's a terrible movie! When leaving the feature (sadly I witnessed the whole thing) I apologized to the people I went with for picking it. Next we conversed on how hard it must be to make a movie that bad. I really wish I trusted my instinct to walk out during the opening sequence. Those were 90 something minutes I could have done something infinitely more entertaining and time-efficient, like relaced shoes, walked in circles, stared at a wall, etc...
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Obviously, many people missed the point completely.
Javin24 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If you're not an Adam Sandler fan, you will not like this movie. Period. If you claim to be a fan because you like one or two of his movies, don't bother. If you've followed his career since Saturday Night Live, and have always been a fan, you will absolutely love this movie.

This movie is classic Sandler. His first animated feature, Adam was obviously having a lot of fun with this one and the humor is right along the lines of Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison, the very movies that rocketed Adam Sandler into the success he is today.

If you can see the humor in a midget seizing while saying, "This is the happiest day of my life," deer laughing so hard poop shoots out their backsides, and classic Adam Sandler songs like those he got his start with (if you know and love "Lunch Lady Land") this movie is for you.

This movie is chocked full of one-liners, and senseless humor that is 100% Adam Sandler, and absolutely hilarious. There's surprisingly a plot hidden in there that's actually interesting enough to get you involved, but watch it for the classic Sandler fun.

If you like classic Sandler, I can't recommend this movie enough.
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Now Here's a Funny Holiday Movie!
g-bodyl6 March 2010
I wanted to watch this movie in the past because I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and I love all his movies and his gross-out humor. Let me tell you now that this movie is 100% gross-out humor. If you're not a big fan of that, you'll hate this. But, this movie has gotten so many negative reviews. But, I finally saw this movie and I really liked it.

Adam Sandler plays 30-year-old Davey. His life goal is to make everyone in his town miserable as possible. But he finally gets caught and was sentenced to community service as an assistant basketball referee under Whitey whom has been there for ages.

My favorite character is Whitey. His voice sounds so childish but hilarious. I felt like Davey needs a nice kick in the behind. I felt sympathetic for Whitey.

Overall, this is a really funny musical. My favorite song is Chanukah Song Part Three. I can't see why this movie has gotten so many negative reviews. I rate this film 9/10.
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Hot Garbage served on a sweltering day.
LilOwens16 July 2014
Yes eating garbage would be a more pleasant experience than this ridiculous turd of a movie. Sandler plays the role of an incredibly juvenile and self loathing man, that is just a rehash of his angry boy who refuses to grow up character from his other movies. He also doubles (horribly) as an elderly loser who is constantly the butt of the joke amongst the towns folk. Yet again he triples as the loser's homebody sister. The jokes are mean spirited throughout, and you are expected to go from laughing at the old loser to feeling sympathetic towards his goal of a patch of recognition from the town on a moment's notice. Sandler, his writing and directing team, as welll as the animators, all put in phoned-in performances. This is easily the worst effort and result of Sandler's career. Yes, even worse than the boat movie he did before his time on SNL.

Whitey, the old loser sums up this movie, and Sandler the best...., "You're a freaking degenerate!"

Yup, he sure is! The meanness of this attempt at comedy isn't remotely funny, and the haphazard turns are high melodrama. Avoid, and even tho the movie is animated it is not for children, due to the jokes all being rooted in either feces (literally), or humour coming at the expense of people's dignity.
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I'm sorry, I thought this was suppose to be a comedy!!
kippardue_luvr212 December 2002
Ok, there were very few slightly funny parts of the movie, but for the most part all the laughs are in the commercial. I think Adam Sandler is a comedic genius, but his work fails in this movie. His character is practically the same as in his past movies, except only animated. The thing that I did enjoy about this movie that made me give it a 5 rather then something lower was the music. I actually thought the music was pretty cool and fun. For the most part, if you want to see a true Sandler masterpiece, I don't recommend this film.
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This is a tough one
mOVIemAN5627 December 2005
Okay a viewer can watch this and see it in one of two lights, not both. Either a person can watch this and say, 'that was the cruelest and most disturbing thing I've ever seen' or the other 'That was kind of weird but portrayed a message.' Okay I know what you are saying, a Sandler film with a point, NO WAY! But no, this movie does have a message of Christmas (or Hanukkah) and works out quite plainly if you pay attention.

The story goes like this. It's the holidays and Davey (Voiced by Adam Sandler) is a mean-spirited, spiteful young man with a criminal record. His past was perfect until his parents died when he was 13. Now he's back in court and about to be sentenced to jail when a kind-hearted, old man named Whitey (also voiced by Sandler) who offers to the judge to have Davey perform community service as an assistant referee for youth basketball.

Davey thinks he's going to get off easy until Whitey begins to try and reform the young man. Davey does some horrible, and almost unbelievable things to him but Whitey is ever kind and optimistic and even offers Davey a home once his burns down. Slowly Davey begins to change from a troubled young man to a kinder person. But all the while, memories form his troubled past continue to plague him and cause him to be angry. The whole time, the movie keeps you guessing if he'll overcome the anger that built inside of him with the help of Whitey or be engulfed in it.

The whole film I absolutely hated Sandler's character. He was more than angry, he was deranged and just plain mean to the old man who tries to help him and couldn't help but think 'man this guys horrible.' But after a second viewing I realized the film was trying to do something. The film echoes a cry for being kind and how good triumphs over evil, in the case of the film Whitey overtaking Davey's anger with kindness and changing him. By the end of the movie I had gotten some good laughs from it and really felt better and realized how I should act around the holidays.

Pretty much the film juxtaposes the two most opposite characters and shows what kind of affect they'll have on each other. It shows how when a person is kinder, they may not be as popular, but they'll be happy, they'll have friends, and they'll be set for life. This movie isn't a classic in anyway.

The film has some great laughs, the deer are great throughout the film along with Whitey's brother, Elanor (also voiced by Sandler)and will keep you laughing until the last five minutes. The humor is a bit crude in some of the scenes and some of the antics Davey performs are cruel and terrible. But in the end , the film shows how a person should be during the holidays, how kindness is always the better choice, and how the past shouldn't haunt a person.

Eight Crazy Nights. Starring the voices of: Adam Sandler, Jackie Titone, Austin Stout, and Rob Schneider.

3 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
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Great animation cannot save this turd of a flick.
TheOneManBoxOffice13 August 2016
Before I decided to write this short review (in the summertime, no less), let me tell you that I have seen this movie not once, but twice. The first time was when it aired edited with commercials on Comedy Central, and at that time, I didn't like it. Then I watched it when it was available for streaming on Netflix (which it isn't anymore) in its unedited form. I still didn't like it. I think you get the gist of what I think of this holiday travesty of an animated motion picture.

I'm not an Adam Sandler fan by any means, though I will admit he's had some good films earlier in his career. I know a good movie when I see it. This movie, on the other hand, was made at the time when Sandler started to throw farting and "number two" jokes at the audience. That, and the case of this film, our main protagonist is probably one of the most unlikable movie characters ever conceived for cinema (but not as much as Jar Jar Binks, let's just say that). In "Eight Crazy Nights", Sandler plays a character named Davey, a public drunk who pretty much hates everybody and has constantly gotten himself into a lot of trouble, to the point where he has a criminal record longer than Santa's naughty list. In other words, he's a total jerk. He's then put on probation under the supervision of a retired basketball referee named Whitey (unfortunately, also played by Sandler), who has a voice that'll make you envy the deaf. There's more to why Davey is like this, because later in the film, Whitey explains how Davey's life went spiraling downhill, but the question is, would you care after seeing what kind of crap (literally and metaphorically) Davey pulls off on him?

I'll give credit where credit is due. The animation is indeed well-done, as it was done by those who used to work at Warner Brothers' animation department on films made in the late '90s like "Cats Don't Dance" and "The Iron Giant", but all of the good animation that was used in those movies has all gone to waste on a Happy Madison production that is not funny, disgusting at times, and is just downright mean-spirited all around. I know what you're thinking: What about "Bad Santa"? Well, here's the thing, "Bad Santa" was funny, and even though the main character was also an jerk, he wasn't insulting or unlikable, and you can sympathize with him.

If you're an Adam Sandler fan and still believe that this movie is funny, more power to you. The film is available on DVD cheap as chips if you don't have it, but as for me, this film has no welcome place on my DVD shelf.
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yayatrw16 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all this is NOT a kids movie. I'm very disturbed to find out that my boyfriend let his 5 yr old watch it. It's laced with sexual comments and cartoon boobs flopping all over the place. That would have been fine, if this was intended for adults and was funny on any level at all. It's not. In summary, it's just a horrible movie. Watch anything else. Even looking at my wall I could have thought of something and laugh once an hour. The winy voice of the referee, just sad. Making fun of someone because they are short? Are we not trying to get AWAY from bullying. The advertisements in the mall, OMG!! Please stop putting commercials into my movies. I see them everywhere, leave the movie alone!!!
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A massive waste of resources
b-dynamite27 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I cant believe i watched this sh*t it was boring and poorly conceived it is Adam Sander's second worst movie the only funny bit is the chick with three breasts removing her patches and giving them to whitey and the plot is totally screwed i cant believe i wasted a whole $4.99 on hiring it from the video store i watched it with my friends after the movie finished they smacked my face into the wall and said 'That movie was sh*t you retard' and i lost five friends over the movie it is almost as bad as going overboard which sucked as well i ended up nuking it in the microwave and refused to pay the video store for the damages please do not watch this movie it is horrible and i doubt you could keep awake through it.
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Yet another crude waste of time
Agent1011 June 2003
Why did Adam Sandler think this was a good idea? Clearly, this was one of the worst animated films to come out in years, and this badboy was up against the likes of `Balto 2' and `The Penguin and the Pebble.' Davey seemed to embody everything Sandler wanted to be: a drunk loser with great basketball skills and killer abs. Pathetic. Very few things about this film is worth commenting about, especially considering the lack of legitimate jokes and story this movie possessed. The only reason one would watch this slop was the little short film about Meatball before the movie started.
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I Agree With Most People Here - This Is Horrible
ccthemovieman-118 June 2007
I like animated films and I usually laugh at Adam Sandler....but this was a very unlikeable movie and I am not surprised in the least that it bombed at the box office. Many times Sandler goes too far with his bathroom humor but he really goes overboard here - and in an animated film, no less!

It's about an obnoxious 20-something-year-old guy in a small town who slowly is turned into a nice person and sees the good in the Hanukkah/Christmas season. Well, that sounds good. It also has some nice colors, as animated films tend to boast.

However, after 20 minutes of listening to this high-pitched horrible voice of the old geezer in the picture, who is a key figure, and Sandler's aggravating character, this was just too unappealing. I never wound up finishing the film, to be honest. I was not going to wade through an hour-and-a-half of this crap.

Oh, yes, by the way, later the old man has a seizure and that is played for laughs. Is this movie sick or what? I'm just glad I didn't get stuck going to a theater and having to walk out. It was much easier just putting the disc back in the box and returning it to the video store, to get something with a little more class.

Sandler hit an all-time low with this project. I think he's a good enough comedian without all the below-the-belt material and I wonder why he has to resort to that stuff all the time.
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"It's a Sandler" (Slang:phrase: meaning: Garbage, worthless)
them4227 November 2002
Someone stop him. How can people indulge this man.

The story:

Davey Stone (voice by A.S.) is a disgusting person. He insults others, mocks them and basically spends his time being a jerk. Why is he like this? There is a reason . . . but we don't care. No one cares. And the reason we don't care is that the story is so lame, the characters are so cruel and stupid and the humor is so juvenile that you lose interest after five minutes.

This is a disgrace. Movies are expensive - this is an insult.
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A waste!
bigounets6 November 2003
Just watched the DVD and was very disappointed. It could have been a nice holiday movie for the whole family but the unnecessary crudeness only makes it a vulgar adult animation that only teenagers would appreciate.
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Why Adam Sandler? WHY???
Flou_Likes_Movies24 November 2004
Why Adam Sandler, did you take a part in this movie? This was, put simply, the most stupid, gross movie I have even seen. What possessed you to do this movie? Seeing you in "The Wedding Singer", I thought you had great potential, but now I've lost faith after seeing you in so many stupid movies. This movie had so much toilet humor, excrement everywhere, and no plot (no good one at least). I saw this movie because it got a mediocre review, and I thought it might just be the commercial that was bad and showed the stupid moments of the film. I was hoping it might get a little better. It just got much worse. Please, relight that spark of hope I once had, now burnt out, and get a good part in a movie again!
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I hope this movie is tolerable with English sub-titles, but I doubt it.
CriticalEric14 December 2003
Hopefully some horrible mishap in Tokyo involving English-language-challenged Sony execs can be blamed for the release of this most hideous example of mega-packed consumer-product-placement and lamely poddy-humor that would probably bore even the most attentive 2-year-old audience. Never before have I seen a musical dedicated to the underlying human principle of consumerism, with an emphasis on the good hearty American values that apparently originate at the local Shopping Mall.

I want those two hours of my life back.

Sony Pictures employees with any shred of self-respect should quit now in disgrace. (Even WBFA and Disney have never sunk THIS low.)
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This Film is Funny
Andrew Mackay4 June 2006
I saw this film at the cinema twice and both times my friends and I were in pain from laughing so hard. There are laughs to be had throughout the entire film, the songs are great, the story is good and there are some great quotes.

O.k so it is an Adam Sandler movie, and I know he has his detractors, but he isn't gonna change for you guys, because he has plenty of fans of his work who like watching screwball, goofy comedies. I personally think that this is one of his two best films (the other being Mr Deeds, it was a good year for him)and if you like Adam Sandler I am sure you will agree that this is a great film.

Watch it, laugh, don't think too hard about who might be offended by it and get on with your lives. R.I.P Meatball.
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Not the Ideal Hanukkah Movie
EmperorNortonII7 February 2004
"Eight Crazy Nights" is the first animated Adam Sandler movie, and the first holiday movie to focus on Hanukkah. While it does have some laughs, I think Hanukkah deserved better. This seems like one of those movies that went out of its way to be outrageous. For the most part, "Eight Crazy Nights" is a combination of scatological humor and saccharine sentiment (well, about as much as you could expect from an Adam Sandler movie!). In the end, if you want to see a politically incorrect holiday movie, you'd do better to watch "Bad Santa."
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