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MPAA Rated R for language

Sex & Nudity

  • Almost none.
  • A few sexual references.
  • A man's bare butt is seen from a distance (played for comical effect).
  • A man is seen in his briefs as he is smearing talcum on his body (underwear included) before getting dressed (his shirt is unbuttoned). Meanwhile he flirts with a woman and then kisses her.
  • As a decoy, two men act with intention to rape a woman. Another man stops them.
  • It is implied that a man and a woman had sex (we see him in bed). The woman cheated on her fiancée.
  • A man touches a woman's butt.
  • A man slaps a woman's butt.
  • Two men stare at a woman's butt.
  • A man briefly mentions that another character screwed his own mother.
  • A man says "your mother is a whore" to many characters throughout the movie.
  • A woman hangs out and sleeps with several different men.

Violence & Gore

  • Mostly played for laughs. Usually it's lighthearted and bloodless.
  • A man is hit by a pullman and dies. We see his funeral.
  • A man falls on another man, and the latter bites his own mouth in the contact. Other people say he might have cut his tongue. We see some blood near his mouth.
  • There is a brawl involving a few men being aggressive towards a man. They push him down the stairs, then hold him down on the floor; they punch, hit and verbally threaten him, and a man cuts him in the face with a key (we see a little blood on the man's face).
  • A man attacks another man with a knife, saying "I'll make you bleed".
  • A man punches another man and threatens him saying "I will kill you".
  • Another fight in a bar involving three men who punch eachother.
  • A man stops two men who were acting as to rape a woman and punches them.
  • One brief boxing match in which a man is quickly knocked out.
  • One intense explosion happens, but the men involved are unharmed.
  • A woman slaps a man.


  • This movie received an R Rating for language.
  • Around 30 uses of "Fuck". "Whore" is said 6 times (meant to be funny). Several uses of "Shit", "Bitch", "Damn" and "Jesus Christ". "Prick" is used once.
  • A few sexual references.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two characters smoke frequently; one of them only cigarettes, the other both cigars and a pipe.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Almost none.
  • The explosion is sudden and intense.
  • A man is hit by a pullman and dies. We see his funeral.
  • Rated R for: Language, Some Sexuality, Some Violence.

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