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Oh no, it wasn't that bad!!!
maartenvankrimpen11 January 2005
Why are all people who are not a teenager so negative about this movie? This is a funny, soapy romantic comedy which is just fun to watch. I really liked this better than the stupid 'Volle Maan', which was way to serious. Georgina Verbaan plays Janet, a girl who is insecure and a bit dumb, but with a good heart. She goes with her sister and two of her sister's friends on a holiday to Spain. There she meets Rens, a runner from a local dance-club, the Costa!. He asks her if she could dance with them, because there's soon an important MTV-dance-contest which they have to win because of the free publicity. Okey, the acting is not brilliant and the storyline is not too deep, but what's the big deal? It's a movie with all the ingredients of a successful summer movie. You see Costa! at moments you don't want to think about anything, you just want to have a nice time. And Costa! really succeeds in that.
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Boba_Fett113825 February 2003
This might very well be the worst movie I've seen in my life. Normally I don't watch movies like this, however I was forced to watch this at school. What a torment!

The story is as average and boring as it can be: Boy meets girl at the Spanish coast, boy and girl fall in love, but the love between the two seems impossible and everyone and everything is against their love. At the end of the movie the film becomes some kind of weird kung-fu movie were the guys in white fight the guys in black. Awful!

The action is so bad that it makes you laugh. The dances in the film that I think are supposed to be cool are so simple and laughable that even I can do them! And Georgina Verbaan is possibly the most irritating person i've ever seen on screen.

Johan Nijenhuis is on his way of becoming the Dutch Ed Wood. His movies are so bad that they make you laugh.

Victor Löw however gives a surprising good performance and Daan Schuurmans also acts OK.

So please for your own sake don't watch this movie. However if you like watching soaps this might be very well worth your time.


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Quality descends to below zero
Michiel Waaijer9 March 2001
Ok let's start with saying that when a dutch movie is bad, it's REALLY BAD. Rarely something with a little bit of quality comes along(Lek, Karakter) here in holland but not often. Costa! is about 4 girls going to Spain to go on vacation, party, get drunk, get laid (u know the drill). It's also about the world of Clubbers or Proppers. Pro's who're trying to lure the crowd into their club.

I'm not sure how long it took to write the script, but i suspect somewhere between 15 minutes and 20 minutes because you're watching a bunch of random scenes for 90 minutes long. Nothing, and i mean nothing is believable in this movie. It's almost too riduculous for words what happens with the storyline. Suddenly the movie transforms into a sort of karate action thing. With a one-on-one fight with 'the bad guy in black' and cliche car chase scenes trough a watertank-car (can it be more cheesy). Also the words character-development and casting are unfamiliar to the makers.

After having seen "Traffic" 3 days before this, i fell from sheer brilliance, from a piece of art to this. This is film-making at it's saddest. And don't start about low budget. Because even with a low budget you could write a better script. It almost seems that the film-makers were too busy partying themselves to make a decent movie.

Anyway the chicks in the water at the end made it up a little bit, but for the rest of it, don't waste your money on such garbage.
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People forget who they really are
God-1319 March 2001
"Whenever you feel like critisizing anyone, just remember that all the people in the world haven't had the same advantages that you had". Maybe this Scott Fitzgerald quote is quite familiar to Costa!

The film sets out in one of Spains favourable vacation settings, Salou. Especially for senior high-school sudents this place is recommendable. Youngsters go there to party, get drunk and getting lot's of girls.

Main characters in this feature are the 'proppers' of discotheque Costa. Proppers are people who work for a discotheque and try to get other people coming to their party's. Therefor, there is a lot of competition with other discotheques, such as Empire.

The film starts out in the Netherlands where three girls prepare their vacation to Spain, one of them HAS to bring her little teenage sister(Verbaan). The film guide-lines us through the 'dirty-dancing' journey of Verbaan and one of the proppers(Daan Schuurmans). Despite this, the relationship between Daan Schuurmans and one of his female-colleaques(Katja Schuurman) is also notable.

This romantic new of age DIRTY DANCING takes you through one and a half our of pure entertainment. Don't be prepared for a clever script and dialogue. Just expect a funny slapstick typical dutch movie, to see with your friends...In Salou people forget who they really are, that's what the story is all about...Don't forget that!
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Love it
sarahvanhove1512 April 2007
Costa! is actually one of my favorite movies...

it just makes me feel good every time I see it. Okay, the acting isn't all that and its a real chick flick but it's just a funny, relaxing movie!!!!! If you're a girl (or boy) who loves to watch a movie without having to think too hard, just relaxing then Costa! is the movie for you!

I saw it with my friends in the theater when I was 15 I think and maybe its because of a nostalgic feeling that I still love it, or maybe it's just my taste in movies (I'm a Dirty Dancing,The Notebook,... kind of girl) ... anyway, enjoy the movie!!!!!
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The Summer of all Fears (DVD)
leplatypus8 March 2010
Sea, sex and sun are the dreams of millions but they left me flat. So I expected to watch a dull movie even tough it casts Katja Schuurman, my favorite VJ since her host at MTV "So 90's".

The first ten minutes proved me right. It looks like it's a sequel because the characters aren't introduced. But after, I was wrong.

It's a very paced movie with a solid script. Behind clichés, there are some values as backbone: love is from the heart not the eyes, friends stand together, the social unrest of dutch youth which is champions in vacations and terrible losers back home!

Personnaly, I found the "ugly" character pretty sympathetic and original It's a pity that Katja plays a bitch because she has too much to give!

As I found the DVD while my Belgium stay, I can't see the following show here in France so I recommend it anyway!
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Feeling great
Eltredor22 April 2001
I've seen this film a few weeks ago, just because else we had to wait 2 hours before The Exorcist -Director's Cut- was about to begin. So we went to Costa for 90 minutes. I have to say, it was a really feeling great movie. Ok, nothing happens, nothing looks like REAL, but hey, it feels like you're on vacation yourself. Not a spectacular movie, but fine to me, and by the way, i liked it more than the Exorcist after.

Costa! 7/10
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I'm ashamed for my beloved Holland
donmarrkos16 March 2005
Proud as i am of being a Dutchman, i'm truly shocked by flicks like these. Why? why this cheap acting? Why this storyline that just sucks? why a dozen sequels? why o why? they add a lot of hot Dutch chicks in an effort of saving this movie from redemption, and guess what? all the underaged breezergirlies in Holland go and see it. I was forced to watch it at a party. all the girls were going crazy when Daan Schuurmans entered the screen, all the guys took a another beer and grumbled... But the thing that really bothers me, is the fact that this kind of flicks are the only sort of movies Dutch filmmakers can produce... (apart from "Van God Los" and "Lek") This doesn't prove our superiority to other countries.. It doesn't add anything to our imagination... It just F**ks up the brains of little 13 year old girls... Johan Nijenhuis, I hope you will burn forever!
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The movie you are not supposed to like, but I did!
soeberdodan3 April 2001
As my brother always says, "you are not allowed to like a film like this". But who says life has to be taking so damned seriously? This was 95 minutes of pure entertainment. Okay, lots of teenagers just loved it, but I sat next to a guy who only came in to the theater to watch the trailer to "Lord of the Rings", and even this guy couldn´t help liking this film. He just kept that grin on his face all through the movie. No wonder this film is breaking records in the Netherlands, where it already secured itself of a spot on the TOP 10 list of Dutch films of the last 20 years. (It even beat HANNIBAL in its second week of release.)

Enjoy the dancing and the fun Ugly Duck Becomes Beautiful Swan story. Enjoy Verbaan´s clumsiness, enjoy La Schuurman´s beautiful body displayed on a giant screen, enjoy the jokes and, if you have ever been with a bunch of young people on holiday, enjoy all those instantly recognizable moments. I did.
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A really nice summer movie
marsja4 August 2003
I saw the movie in the evening and outside it was 28 degrees celcius, this movie is a very nice movie for such an evening, very romantic, very much action and very good actors. I really liked the easy story and I hope I can see Costa 2 soon!
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best dutch film i have seen in years
timvdm10 April 2001
It is a typical Dutch habit to dislike anything that comes from Holland. I guess we are too much of a Calvinist country to be able to enjoy anything that we made ourselves. That is why we chased away people like Paul Verhoeven who's films were completely slaughtered by the Dutch critics.

Johan Nijenhuis' film Costa! is a very entertaining and masterly constructed film that is aimed to please. In a genre (romantic comedy) that was not made before in Holland, combined with all the local Dutch stars you can think of and an American-like marketing campaign it is one of the best Dutch films I have seen in years and can be compared with the likes of Coyote Ugly and She's All That. It's result on the Dutch audience equals that of films like Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing.

Hopefully the Dutch film industry is finally growing up.
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Lots of fun in an original feel good movie.
plaatjesmaker24 March 2001
The audience left the theater with a huge smile on their faces and that´s why this film can proudly bear the title Feel Good Movie. Costa! feels like a 90 minute mini vacation to the Spanish coast. The film is incredible popular with teenagers and twenty somethings. I liked this Coming Of Age story because I could identify with the proces that three lead characters go through: They escape from peer pressure and realise that they can live their life according to their own standards. Actress Georgina Verbaan steals the show as the clumsy Janet. She is Cinderella, picked on by her older sister and friends, but rescued by the handsome prins. But the prins comes in disguise because he is a plugger: a guy who has to talk beautiful girls into visiting his disco (and his apartment afterwards). I enjoyed the beachscenes, the dancing and the music, and the other storylines, because next to the lead story are numberous other stories about love, friendship, growing up and persuiing your dreams.
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Gazza777 October 2004
This has to be one of the WORST movies I have seen. I tried to like this movie but they managed to mess up practically every individual aspect that pertain to this film! Cheap dialogue, no character development, no tension, not enough story to pull you in, no action apart from some REALLY cheap scenes. It seems they tried some things on the set and said to each other "hey this looks rather cool, why not put this in there" after which the director probably said "Yeah....YEAH this is genius!" and got back to snorting coke or something. When it comes to acting I think the only person that TRIED to make the movie worked is Daan Schuurmans but in the end it is all for nothing. Cause this movie SUCKS!! 2/10
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RamonT2 June 2002
If you like soap-series, you might like this film. I recommend this film to fans of Dutch soap-series like GTST, Westenwind or even American stuff like The Bold & The Beautiful. If you don't like that stuff: stay away from this movie. It has the same kind of visual style, the same quality of acting, direction and writing.The film was a big hit at home territory, but wasn't sold anywhere else outside Holland and Belgium. Pretty strange for a commercial film like this.

Maybe it says something....
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Forget all your sorrows
Janbouli12 December 2001
Actually the only reason I wanted to see this was Georgina Verbaan the hottest girl to hit the screens, just wait till the rest of the world sees her. Now if you're looking for a flick with depth, dialogues and great acting forget this, but if you want to come out of a cinema with a feeling of "hey lets go and have some fun cause I feel great"then this is your movie. Lots of speed, romance, good looking actors and actresses who will have you smiling all the time.
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