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I loved it!
Little Willow24 June 2002
I just have time for a quick post, but I'd like to say that it was great. I had two favorites, Anthony Head was AWSOME! But Amber Benson was even better! She has such a beautiful voice! She is beautiful too! She looked and sounded AWSOME!!
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Karaoke! Love 'em, they tried!
Lo-Baby23 January 2001
I loved the Rocky Horror Picture Show the first time I ever saw it, and that fact hasn't changed all these years! Richard O'Brien's brilliant story has so many different characters and genres, it's almost impossible NOT to find something in the movie to which one can relate. It was great seeing Richard, Nell Campbell, and Patricia Quinn together again.

Eric McCormack and Jesse Martin were PHENOMENAL. McCormack's Frank N. Furter was the closest to Tim Curry's as I have ever seen, and even his blocking was perfection. A big round of applause to him. Jesse Martin has a beautiful voice and was a real pleasure to watch (as if he wasn't already). I'm not going to mention the other performers but to say, "Good for them for being part of this 25th anniversary celebration of this wonderful movie." Would I have been happier if all the stars had the singing ability McCormack and Martin are blessed with? You bet, but we can't have everything. Besides, it WAS karaoke after all, and the rule for karaoke is that someone somewhere (if not most) is going to be awful, but who cares? They're having fun, and we're playing along. Sit back and enjoy this one. The storyline is very abbreviated, but if you're watching this show, chances are you've seen the movie and already know what's going on.

May The Rocky Horror Picture Show live on to infinity! Let's do the Time Warp AGAIN and AGAIN...
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I was there
RHPSvegas11 April 2006
Okay, I'm only writing this because I'm bored. I was there, I'd been doing Rocky for about 2 years at that point. To the ignorant person who said that the crowd was full of "teenage heathens who know little-to-nothing about Rocky Horror" that is the most insipid comment I've ever read. The crowd was full of people who'd been doing Rocky for most of their lives, including people who started the cult back in the 70s! The show itself was lack-luster and few of the celebrities actually knew what they were doing. Erick McCormack and Jesse L. Martin, however, gave stellar performances. Wallace Langham was an embarrassment to all Eddies. Seeing Pat, Richard and Nell perform Time Warp live at the end was spectacular though.
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greatest musical ever!
sccrstar903 September 2005
Rocky horror picture show was so incredibly awesome, everyone had amazing voices, and the blocking was wonderful, I do musicals at school every year so i know personally how difficult it is.I would love to perform this musical at school but because of the costume, we can't. but this was truly an amazing musical. It will live long! All the characters were so different but they all worked so well together.rocky horror picture show sets the precedent for all comedy/sf/"horror" musicals. it has wonderful actors. I loved it the first time i saw it and i've seen it at least 23 times, and i still love, i can't help but sing along to every song. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW IS AWESOME!
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Just about the stupidest thing ever aired on TV...
actionpro15 August 2004
Lame and embarrassing; those two words correctly sum up this anniversary special. It is hard to imagine how this "gala" was supposed to be some sort of tribute; it is, in fact, garbage. The fact that this project was given a "green light" shows us, once again, that VH1 will prostitute all that is known about quality programming for the sake of a few bucks.

Highlights include:

Minor celebrities making complete idiots of themselves.

Gratuitous shots of the crowd of teenage heathens who know little to nothing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The end credits (the best part of the show, no doubt).

Thankfully, this "show" quickly became victual for the Bad Television Programming gods and will more than likely never be seen again. Now, if the gods would just do something about Family Matters...
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